In the Kurhaus Binz: try Kurhaus Torte!

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The first floor in Café Glashaus is only accessible to hotel guests

Particularly delicious in Café Glashaus: try the Kurhaus cake

We had already at our first trip to Binz in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Heard about the Kurhaus cake that is served at Café Glashaus in Binz and how good it is supposed to be. It's just that we didn't find time to visit back then. Since we are staying at the Travel Charme Kurhaus Binz this time and the cake was recommended to us again, this makes us curious and we decide to try the cake instead of lunch.



Yummy! Try the Kurhaus cake

Try the Kurhaus cake in Café Glashaus

During our tour of the hotel the day before, we were able to take a look from the gallery into the Café Glashaus. We were impressed by how inviting it looked, with its glass roof and wall of windows. These protect it on the front and back from the elements outside. They also bathe the two-story room in lots of light and sunshine and invite you to take a coffee break on the comfortable wicker furniture. The wrought iron railings on the gallery bring summer and the sea into the building with their colors blue, yellow and green. A space that tempts you to stay longer. So definitely try the Kurhaus cake!


Try the Kurhaus cake
Try the Kurhaus cake in Café Glashaus in the Kurhaus Binz


We are here at lunchtime, so we have the cafe for ourselves at first. But that changes quickly as soon as we sit down. More and more guests come in from the Binzer Promenade to be pampered here. The Café Glashaus connects the old Kurhaus and the former Kaiserhof, the neighboring building, which meanwhile also belongs to the Travel Charme Hotel Kurhaus Binz.


Tastes wonderful! Try hot sea buckthorn juice and Kurhaus cake
Tastes wonderful! Try hot sea buckthorn juice and Kurhaus cake.


Try the Kurhaus cake with tea or sea buckthorn juice

We each order a piece of cake. How often in that spa I drink a pot of Darjeeling tea on the Baltic Sea. Petar is curious and tries a glass of sea buckthorn juice, which is served warm. The combination tastes wonderfully fresh, and that's what it looks like, right? Don't miss the Kurhaus cake and a visit to Café Glashaus during your visit to Binz. It is worth it! And not just because of the good cake.


The first floor in Café Glashaus is only accessible to hotel guests
The first floor in Café Glashaus is only accessible to hotel guests. You can also try the Kurhaus cake here.


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In the Kurhaus Binz: try Kurhaus Torte!

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