Hygge living in autumn and winter

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Hygge living

Hygge living in autumn and winter

The Danes have always practiced it. Hygge living. When the days get longer and the temperatures get colder, they feel most comfortable at home. Eat something good with family or friends by the fireplace. take time for each other Enjoy the peace away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This is Hygge Living. Of course you can also make yourself comfortable. Here we suggest a few ideas how you can Autumn and turn winter into feel-good months.


Cosmeas and autumn leaves
Breathing fresh air in autumn is Hygge Living


Get some fresh air in autumn and winter

Use the autumn and winter sun for walks and hikes in nature. Wear warm clothes and let the fresh wind blow around your nose and enjoy views of the landscape. Slip into yours Winterstiefel and trudge through fall foliage or go on a winter hike and look for icicles hanging from the trees. Meet up with friends for Wintergrillen. Treat yourself to a mug Mulled wine. Or have a snowball fight with your family.

Bring the feeling of Hygge Living into your home

Decorate your apartment so that you feel comfortable. We equip you with pillows, cozy blankets and decorations that create a hygge living feeling. You can find a few examples of this here. You can order these accessories on Amazon.

These decorations bring a hygge feeling into your home

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Spending hygge time on the sofa

If you live hygge, you can enjoy the fresh winter air with a walk in the forest or by the sea. You look forward to the comfort of your own home all the more. We love spending time at home on cold days. Preferably with a good book, conversations that make us happy, or simply relaxing on the sofa for a few hours. The best way to do this is to snuggle up in a blanket and dress warmly.

Tea time is hygge living

Hygge Living is making yourself comfortable at home with a book, light music and a cup of tea, enjoying a good meal and talking to the family: The Tea time belongs to us in autumn and winter. Often it is the simple things in everyday life that make us happy - hyggelig, as the Danes call it. According to the happiness researcher Meik Wiking, it's all about conscious experience and enjoyment. Especially in the current time you should press the stop button from everyday life and try to create little happy moments that you will remember fondly.


Tea time is hygge living
Tea time is hygge living


Taste nature with tea blends

It can help to address your senses as well as possible. So not only see, but also hear, feel, taste and smell. This works particularly well in nature: Get out in the fresh air, listen to the twittering of birds, walk over moss, sniff wildflowers. At home you can make yourself comfortable on the sofa - and taste nature with a tea mixture. Well-being and a good mood appear as if by themselves. For example, the tea blends take care of it Winter tea * and Berry sledge * for moments of happiness. (Advertisement)

These tea accessories provide a Hygge Living feeling at home

It's not just the types of tea that are important for you to enjoy your tea. For the Danes, the trappings also play a role. Tea with rum or with kluntjes (candy canes) tastes even better when you drink it from cups that are pleasant to the touch. If there is also a teapot that provides a cozy atmosphere, the tea hour is even more enjoyable. It is even more beautiful when you create a hyggeline atmosphere with candlelight.


You can find hygge tea accessories here

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Enjoy the scent - forget the stress

There is a large selection of herbal teas, so you can vary your Hygge Living according to taste preferences and mood. The scent of the tea mixture exudes comfort Hygge * (Advertisement). The composition of fragrant ingredients such as cinnamon, lemon balm and chamomile, cloves, lavender and orange blossoms make stress and hectic stress easier to forget. The tea tastes particularly delicious with waffles with fruit or a warm cinnamon roll. In case of bad weather or after a day full of challenges, one is also suitable Halali * (Ad) Herbal tea with sage and honey.


Hygge living in autumn
Hygge living in autumn (c) Photo: djd and Goldmännchen tea


Take time for yourself

The hygge living feeling can also come about by doing things for which you normally don't have enough time. For example paint or do handicrafts, rummaging around in old photos or sharing fresh ingredients and spices with the family in the kitchen conjure up delicious dishes. Good conversations arise naturally.

For example, we started cooking together. We try out new recipes from the countries we get to know on our travels. This is how our recipe collection comes into being regional recipes from all over the world. But we don't just take time to cook. We remember the experiences on our travels and revive them in conversations. We have spent many a relaxing winter day doing this.

I also like to rummage around for books that are set in these countries. With a warm blanket * (Advertisement) I then snuggle up on our sofa over my legs and reminisce about them Provence or others Destinations.

Get more tips for Hygge Living

Are you looking for additional tips on how to implement Hygge Living in your own home? Then consult these books for advice. You will definitely find more tips there.


Hygge guide

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Hygge living in autumn and winter

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