The GHotel Living in Koblenz – a modern feel-good hotel

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GHotel in Koblenz

The GHotel & Living in Koblenz

There is much that we can think of when we think about it GHotel Hotel & Living in Koblenz * thinking of staying two nights on the way back from Rotterdam have spent. First of all, the hotel is centrally located just a few steps from the main train station and bus station in the city of Koblenz. Furthermore, it is perfect for those who use public transport Rheinland-Pfalz arrive and the city at the Deutsches Eck want to explore.

Park GHotel Living Koblenz

In addition, the GHotel Hotel & Living Koblenz is convenient for car travelers like us, because we can park our car in the underground car park of the main train station and have direct access to the hotel from there. We really appreciate it, especially when unpacking and packing our luggage in rainy weather like we had. It is also very customer-friendly that we have the parking ticket validated at the hotel and thus receive a favorable parking rate. All in all, we find the service of the GHotel & Living Koblenz very accommodating.


Functional and modern furnished room in the GHotel Living Koblenz
Functional and modern furnished room in the GHotel Living Koblenz


Service in the GHotel Living Koblenz

But this is just one of the things that we like so much about the GHotel Living Koblenz. In general, the service at the GHotel is exceptionally good: the hotel staff is very friendly and helpful. It doesn't matter whether it's the ladies and gentlemen at the reception, the chambermaids or the waiters in the breakfast restaurant - we are always helped with a smile and a few friendly words. The accommodation is in line with a good business hotel and is better than we would expect from a hotel of this category.

For a three-star hotel, our room on the sixth floor of the GHotel Living Koblenz is well and functionally furnished. A modern bathroom with a shower with a very wide shower head that makes you feel like you're more in the rain than in the shower is one of the nice touches that make our stay at this hotel so enjoyable. In addition, there is free Wi-Fi access in the hotel's lobby and bar area. However, we prefer to use our USB stick so that we can also use the Internet in the room. With a fast connection that makes our work as travel bloggers much easier for us, this is another plus that we really appreciate.


Breakfast room in the GHotel Hotel & Living in Koblenz
Breakfast room in the GHotel Hotel & Living in Koblenz


The GHotel Living Koblenz is a feel-good hotel

From our window in the GHotel Living Koblenz we also look over the roofs of Koblenz and see the chain of hills rising on the other side of the Rhine. Below us is the city's large bus parking lot, from which we can reach the sights at Deutsches Eck within a few minutes. At the breakfast buffet we sit down at the window front and look out under old deciduous trees. We watch the buses coming and going in front of the hotel and enjoy the quiet atmosphere.

The other guests at GHotel Living Koblenz, who have breakfast with us, seem to enjoy themselves just as much as we do. They come from all over the world: among them are a young Japanese woman, apparently with her mother, an American businessman with his secretary, who is already using his breakfast to talk to his German business partners, a Dutch couple who are passing through the south, and other guests who get their breakfast from the extensive buffet. It is also interesting to note that the G in the hotel's name stands for Garni, as the GHotel only serves breakfast. However, there are a couple of restaurants to have dinner near the hotel - across the train station - just a few minutes walk away.


GHotel hotel & living Koblenz

Neversstr. 15 / Station South
56058 Koblenz
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The GHotel Living in Koblenz – a modern feel-good hotel

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