Beautiful hikes on the Moselle

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Hiking trails on the Moselle

The Moselle region is a fascinating landscape stretching from the French border to the Rhine. The Mosel meanders through vineyards and dreamy villages. In this idyllic setting, you can experience nature and culture up close on hikes along the Moselle.

For many, hiking is an ideal opportunity to explore a region intensively. The focus is not only on outdoor exercise, but also on encounters with the country and its people. Along the Moselle you have countless opportunities to discover this area on foot.



Together with other travel bloggers, we would like to introduce you to hikes along the Moselle. We present you with a selection of recommended routes that are characterized by their scenic beauty, cultural significance or special experiences. Whether you are an experienced hiker or a curious beginner, there is something for everyone here.

With our help you can get to know the Moselle region from a new perspective. This is how you might discover hidden treasures that are off the beaten track. Be inspired by the variety of hiking trails and plan your next hike along the Moselle.


Hiking along the Moselle through the vineyards of Alf
Hiking along the Moselle through the vineyards of Alf


Beautiful hikes on the Moselle, which we explored

The Moselle region is known for its rich history, first-class wines and culinary delights. In order to experience these aspects in a special way, we recommend a hike along selected paths. We explored the following hikes on the Moselle ourselves. We describe these hiking trails in more detail here.

First of all, start your journey of discovery with the hike to the Prinzenkopf. There you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Moselle and at the same time feel a touch of history. The view of the cannon railway near Bullay and the Moselle near Plünderich are particularly worthwhile.

Then we were drawn to the vineyards near Alf. During this hike you will gain insights into the traditional wine production of the region. You will pass numerous vineyards where the wines of the region mature. You can then try them in one of the restaurants in Alf and get to know and love the variety of Moselle wines.

Next, you should also be able to master steep slopes for the Würzlaysteig, because the path leads along alpine paths through the Würzlay vineyard near Lehmen. However, the effort of the ascent is rewarded with impressive views of the vineyards.

Finally, we recommend the hike from Maifeld to the Ausoniushütte. On the way you will pass the Ausoniushütte, a cozy rest stop that invites you to stop. Here you can enjoy regional specialties while letting your gaze wander over the surrounding landscape.


Starting points for hikes on the Moselle

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Travel bloggers recommend these hiking trails on the Moselle


Moselle hiking trail in Luxembourg
Moselle hike in Luxembourg Photo: People Abroad


The Dream Loop Wine and Nature Trail Palmberg in Luxembourg

The Palmberg wine and nature trail dream loop is a beautiful circular route on the Luxembourg side of the Moselle. It is around 9 km long and moderately difficult at 300 m. You should plan around three hours for this. The hiking trail starts in the wine town of Ahn and leads up into the vineyards, past rock structures. You then hike along forest and meadow paths on a high plateau before descending back down into the valley. The section through the narrow Donverbach valley runs along a stream.

Here you hike partly over large stones and cross the stream bed, whereby there are small bends and turns to cope with. Finally, you reach the starting point of the tour again in Ahn. The circular route is very varied, because it offers a beautiful view of the Moselle and the vineyards, as well as a section through a shady brook valley. The hike can be combined with a wine tasting, because in Ahn and the surrounding villages there are numerous wineries where you can stop and buy wine.

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Hiking trail on the Moselle - the dream loop Ehrbachklamm
Hike along the Moselle – the dream loop Ehrbachklamm Photo: Katrin Bachmann, Before We Die


About Before We Die

The next two hikes on the Moselle come from Katrin Bachmann. She describes herself as an adventurer, travel photographer, Caribbean lover, free spirit, summer girl and quite often – way too often – with messy hair and dirty feet. You can find her travel adventures on her blog Before We Die.

The dream loop Ehrbachklamm

The hike through the Ehrbachklamm is another award-winning dream loop hike. Geographically, it is more likely to be assigned to the Hunsrück than to the Moselle region, although it is actually only a stone's throw away from the Moselle. The Ehrbachklamm is considered one of the most spectacular gorges in the region and should definitely end up on your to-do list.

This circular hike has indeed earned the name Traumschleife, because the 9 km route not only leads through the almost 2 km short Ehrbach Gorge, but also through the mystical forests of the Hunsrück-Moselle region. You also pass many great vantage points, my personal highlight was the Peterslay view at the very end of the tour.

It starts at the Traumschleife Ehrbachklamm hiking car park in an anti-clockwise direction (you can of course also go the other way around, but I think it’s nicer that way). The hike is considered to be of medium difficulty because there are some uneven paths and short passages with safety ropes that have to be overcome, and it can also be quite slippery along the Ehrbach. In my opinion, with a little sure-footedness and the right shoes, this is easily doable, even with a dog and child.

A total of almost 300 meters in altitude must be overcome, plan about 4-5 hours for this. There are only small detours along the route to stop for refreshments.

Here you can find more information about the hike on the dream loop Ehrbachklamm.

For example, you can stay overnight in Brodenbach*.


Castle Eltz
Hikes along the Moselle to Eltz Castle Photo: Katrin Bachmann, Before We Die


Hike on the Eltz Castle Panorama Dream Path

The Eltzer Burgpanorama dream path is a well signposted and marked circular hike that is considered one of the most beautiful hikes in the Moselle region (it was actually voted the most beautiful hike in Germany in 2013). The route is almost 13 kilometers long and takes you through the picturesque Elzbachtal, over stony paths, lush green meadows, the vastness of the Moselle plateau and past Germany's undisputed fairytale castle no. 1, Burg Eltz.

Thanks to social media, this has experienced a real boom, especially in recent years, and has to "handle" thousands of visitors every day. Be sure to plan time for the visit during your circular hike on the dream path, ideally you will reach Eltz Castle before 10 a.m. in the morning.

There are also several places to stop for refreshments during the hike, including, for example, in the castle café of Burg Eltz or in the further course of the route in the Ringelsteiner Mühle. The hike on the Eltzer Burgpanorama dream path is classified as moderately difficult and requires a certain level of fitness and surefootedness. There are some steep climbs and uneven paths, but overall the hike is doable for most hikers. You have to cope with a total of about 400 meters in altitude, plan about 5-6 hours for the hike. Good shoes are recommended, especially at the beginning of spring the ground is still a bit slippery from time to time thanks to past flooding of the Elzbach.

Here you can find more information about Hike on the Eltz Castle Panorama Dream Path.

For example, you can stay overnight in Wierschem*.


Calmont via ferrata
Hikes on the Moselle - The Calmont via ferrata, photo: Dagmar Seitz, Bestager travel blog


The Calmont via ferrata

The Calmont via ferrata is one of the most beautiful hiking trails with stunning views on the Moselle. However, you should be absolutely free from giddiness for this demanding tour, sturdy hiking shoes are absolutely necessary.

Access to the via ferrata starts directly behind the railway bridge in Eller. There are parking spaces here or you can also arrive by train. We keep in the direction of Galgenlay, a refuge with a wonderful view. From here you walk along the rock in the direction of Bremm over some difficult passages with ladders and wire ropes.

On a short, steeply ascending path we hike to the summit cross, high above Bremm. Here you have earned a break with a magnificent view. The view sweeps over the most beautiful Moselle loop and vineyards as far as the eye can see.

At the summit cross there is a small hut where a local winemaker offers wine and soft drinks. Coffee and cake are also on offer. Otherwise there is unfortunately no possibility for a stop on this circular hike.

There are several ways back. One goes back to Eller via the Vier-Seen-Blick, the fire brigade shelter and the Galgenlay.

You can also descend directly to Bremm and hike back to the starting point on the cycle path along the Moselle.

This hike is at its most beautiful in autumn, when the vineyards are ablaze with bright colors.

The route is approximately 8 kilometers long, depending on the route taken on the way back.

Tips for three days on the Moselle can be found in Dagmar's travel blog.

For example, you can stay overnight in Ediger-Eller*or Bremm*.

About Bestager travel blog

Dagmar writes on her Travel blog for Bestagers about her hikes, the Black Forest, city trips and cruise trips. She has also written a travel guide with destinations for seniors in the Black Forest.

Conclusion on the hikes on the Moselle

A variety of hiking experiences await you in the Moselle region, ranging from picturesque landscapes to cultural treasures and culinary delights. The hikes along the Moselle offer you unforgettable impressions and invite you to discover the beauty of this area.

Whether you explore the paths of the Prinzenkopf, roam the vineyards near Alf, conquer the alpine paths of the Würzlaysteig or experience the paths from Maifeld to the Ausoniushütte - fascinating encounters with nature and culture await you on the Moselle. The dream paths in Luxembourg, through the Ehrbachklamm or to Eltz Castle offer breathtaking views, as does the via ferrata at Calmont. Each hiking trail has its own story and offers you new perspectives on this unique region.

We cordially invite you to explore the Moselle region on these paths and to enjoy the diversity of the landscape, history and cuisine. Be inspired by the different hikes and plan your next trip to this impressive area.

In summary, the hiking trails along the Moselle offer unique experiences that give you the opportunity to experience the beauty of the region up close. Take the chance to discover this area on your own and enjoy the unforgettable moments that await you along the way.


That has to be in your suitcase, if you are planning a hike on the Moselle

  • Comfortable shoes, with which you can also walk over uneven terrain. There are also beautiful hiking trails that lead through rough terrain.
  • A  backpack, for example by taking your equipment with you for a day. A Picnic For example, you can easily plan a view of the Moselle into your hike.
  • In the summer you also need a hat that protects against the sun. The vineyards for hiking are on the sunny side of the valley.
  • Did you pack everything for a hike? With our hiking checklist  you can easily check that.


Do you prefer to travel with the mobile home for hiking on the Moselle?


Excursions on the Moselle


Questions and answers about hikes along the Moselle

What is the climate like on the Moselle and which season is best for hiking?

The climate on the Moselle is moderate and quite mild. The best time to hike is between spring and fall, with late summer and early fall being particularly pleasant.

What equipment should I take with me for hikes along the Moselle?

You should wear comfortable and weatherproof clothing, sturdy shoes, enough water, food, sun and sun protection Raincover and possibly bring hiking sticks.

Are there guided hikes on the Moselle and how can I sign up for them?

Yes, there are guided hikes on the Moselle. You can find out more about the tours offered at the local tourist offices or online and register there.

Are the hiking trails along the Moselle also suitable for children and the elderly?

Many hiking trails along the Moselle are suitable for all ages, but there are also more challenging routes. Find out in advance about the difficulty levels of the individual paths.

Where can I find information about accommodation and catering options along the Moselle hiking trails?

You can find information about accommodation and catering options at the local tourist offices, on the websites of the municipalities or in special hiking guides for the Moselle region. For the hiking trails in this article, we suggest places to stay. Just follow the links.


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Hiking trails on the Moselle
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