Discover picturesque Skanör in Sweden

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Bathhouse at Skandör

An unknown jewel: Skanör in Sweden

We had never heard of Skanör Sweden until our trip to Oslo. We use the time before the departure of our ferry on the return journey from Trelleborg to Germany to visit the small village and the bird sanctuary that separates it from the coast. From here we can take a last look at the Oresund bridge in its full length between Malmö and Copenhagen before the journey goes back to Germany. Skanör is a good place to say goodbye to Scandinavia. Here we can enjoy the sea again and get some Swedish rest.

The village and the bird sanctuary are still an insider tip among travellers. Use the time before your ferry departure from Trelleborg and experience Skanör. This is the perfect place to say goodbye to Scandinavia. Stroll the quiet streets, breathe in the fresh sea air and soak up some Swedish tranquility. Visit the imposing village church of Skanör, showing the proximity to the sea with its nave on the ceiling and the anchor memorial stone in the cemetery. Discover the historic town hall and market square of Skanör, which has been a listed building since 1969.

A highlight is the bird sanctuary, which you can cross on a paved path. Experience the landscape with ponds, ponds, swampy meadows and numerous waterfowl. In spring, the landscape shines in a sea of ​​pink flowers and the reeds sway in the wind.


The small town Skanör is located on Öresund in the south of Sweden
City Hall of Skanör
The town hall is a listed building


The Story of Skanör: From Market Square to Town Hall Square

Skanör's marketplace was first mentioned in 1215 when the Archbishop of Lund forbade the sale of false relics. Today's town hall square was built in the 14th century. At that time, a more permanent urban development developed.

The historic town hall was built from the stones of long-abandoned castles in Skanör and Falsterbö. It was finally inaugurated in 1777. After that it served as a general meeting place for the city council chamber meeting until 1934 - the last of its kind in Sweden.

Since 1969, Skanör's town hall and market square have been under monument protection. Today you can still admire the architecture and delve into the history of the city.


Village church of Skanör
The church of Skanör Sweden is unusually large
Church of Skanör Sweden
This is what Skanör Church in Sweden looks like inside


A church by the sea: The imposing village church of Skanör

Opposite the town hall rises the imposing village church of Skanör. From the outside you can already feel the closeness to the sea and when you come in you will not be disappointed.

A nave hangs from the church ceiling and in the cemetery an anchor reminds us of the dead instead of flowers – a very touching gesture. From the cemetery wall you also have a beautiful view of the moorland and grass domes where sheep feast on the lush, fresh grass of the year.

This peaceful setting is therefore the perfect place to find some peace and quiet and to get lost in thought. A walk through the idyllic countryside is definitely a must for any visitor to Skanör.


A church ship in Skanör Sweden
This hangs from the ceiling in Skanör Church in Sweden
Anchor as grave decoration in Skanör Sweden
Maritimes also at Skandör Cemetery in Sweden
Sheep in the pasture


A walk through the bird sanctuary at Skanör

The bird sanctuary in Skanör is just a few steps from the market square and forms a natural barrier to the coast.

This wetland definitely is a must for all nature lovers. On a paved path you can easily cross ponds, ponds and swampy meadows where countless waterfowl cavort.

Especially in spring, the landscape shines in a breathtaking pink when the first spring flowers bloom. The high reed grass moves rhythmically in the wind and you feel one with nature.

Despite the barren landscape, Skanör's bird sanctuary has a special appeal and is a real paradise for nature lovers.


Bathhouse at Skandör
Like a colorful parade
Bench with a view
On the horizon you can see the Öresund Bridge and Malmö
spring flowers
spring flowers
spring reported
Bathhouse at Skandör
Like a colorful parade
spring flower
New collection
A spring in pink


Farewell to Scandinavia: Skanör as the last stop in Sweden

Skanör offers a mix of nature, idyllic streets and a rich history. Even if we were here for the first time, we were fascinated by Scandinavia. The tranquility, the beauty of nature and the hospitality of the locals are simply incomparable.

So take your time to explore Skanör and Sweden and be enchanted by the beauty of this place. You will not regret it and you will surely take home many unforgettable memories.


Questions and answers about Skanör in Sweden:

When is the best time to visit Skanor?

The best time to visit Skanör is from May to September, when the weather is mild and the countryside is in bloom.

Are there outdoor activities in Skanor?

Yes, Skanör offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as coastal walks, cycling, bird watching at the bird sanctuary and even golfing at the nearby golf course.

What accommodation options are there in Skanor?

In Skanör you will find a variety of accommodation options, including hotels, holiday homes and campsites, to suit every taste and budget.

What are the most famous sights in Skanor?

The most famous sights in Skanör are the historic town hall and market square, the imposing village church, the bird sanctuary and the picturesque streets of the village.

How far is Skanör from other cities in Sweden?

Skanör is close to Malmo and a short drive from other cities in southern Sweden such as Lund and Helsingborg.


Skanor Sweden
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Discover picturesque Skanör in Sweden

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