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Discover beautiful cities in Germany

In this collection you can discover beautiful cities in Germany. How diverse Germany Cities are, we discovered on our travels through the country. Some of them are worth a longer stay or a multiple visit. Others are perfect destinations for a weekend. You can also do it on a road trip through the landscapes of Germany or on the way on a theme route or Enjoy the route through the country visit.

Here we introduce you to the cities that we got to know better on our travels. You will also find tips from travel bloggers on which cities in Germany be worthwhile. Since we particularly value enjoyment and slow travel on our trips, you will mainly find cities in our selection that promise just that. They are places that offer pleasure. Or places where it is worth looking a little deeper. Discover cities with historic old towns with us. What are the starting points for hikes? Find places that suit you Road trip suit. What do you think of a tour the most beautiful cities in Bavaria or on Rhine. Hanseatic cities and seaside resorts are good for a road trip.

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City tips for a short break or weekend getaway


Places on the Moselle

Spa Bad Belzig

Spa town Bad Driburg

Bad Kissingen

Spa Bad Waldsee

Bad Wildungen

Bad Windsheim
















Enjoy beautiful cities in Germany with all your senses

With the eyes

During our travels through Germany, we attach particular importance to enjoyment. We are always on the lookout for where and how a big city, a small town or even a village can best be enjoyed. This can be a neighborhood that has a great ambience. It may be an old part of the city that gives half-timbered houses their own character. But it can also be a modern skyline that shapes the cityscape. Art can be just as enjoyable as architecture.

Beautiful cities in Germany for foodies

For us, enjoyment doesn't just mean a beautiful cityscape. For us, pleasure also goes through the stomach. That's why we're looking for regional specialties that turn a visit to a city into an experience for foodies and connoisseurs. Maybe there are culinary experiences that bring us closer to these pleasures? Or we visit producers who show them to us.

With feeling

There are cities that invite you to feel them. In thermal baths, which provide a sense of well-being with their healing powers. On barefoot paths that lead through parks. Or in Mooren, where you can get a feel for a city. Let the wind on the coast blow your nose. Or feel the freshness that brings a thunderstorm in a mountain village with it.

With the ears

Listen to the waves breaking on the ocean beaches. Enjoy the quiet waves that provide music on the riverside in some cities. Let yourself be impressed by terrific music at festivals. Or listen to the silence that makes some remote places so special.