In Salzburg music is in the air

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In Salzburg music is in the air

In Salzburg, music is in the air at events in Salzburg

With a stroll through Salzburg and a tour through Salzburg country it quickly becomes clear what important role music and world famous musicians play in the the Austrian Play city. Again and again you come across names of classical composers like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert or Johann Michael Haydn, the younger brother of Joseph Haydn. While Mozart was born in Salzburg, the other two composers spent part of their lives in the city. Music is in the air in Salzburg! Salzburg events are worthwhile.



Franz Schubert Events Salzburg

Franz Schubert's stay in Salzburg, however, was short. He stopped in town on his way to the Gastein Valley during a trip in the year 1825. Nevertheless, this is reason enough to remember his stay. On the façade of the Gasthof zum Mohren in the Judengasse there is a plaque commemorating his stay.

Mozart and Salzburg

However, the most important composer associated with Salzburg is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He was born in Getreidegasse. You can still see his birthplace there today. The Mozart family lived in this house for 26 years. The seven children of Leopold Mozart and his wife Anna Maria Walburga were born here. Only two of them survived: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his sister Maria Anna Walburga, better known as “Nannerl”. Today you can visit the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Of course there are still events in Salzburg where Mozart plays the leading role.

Mozart's house

The fact that his fame is worldwide is shown by the fact that Mozart's home on Makartplatz on the south bank of the Salzach was rebuilt with Japanese donations. Until a few years ago it was replaced by a modern building. This had to be demolished finally because of structural defects. Japanese sponsors then rebuilt Mozart's home. Today, on a tour of the premises, you can find out what the life of the Mozart family looked like in these rooms. However, not many furnishings are available in the house. First, because no original furniture of the Mozart have been preserved. For another, because there are no surviving accounts of how the house was set up.

The Sound of Music

Successful Broadway musicals also play a major role in Salzburg. American, Australian and British visitors in particular come to the city on the trail of "The Sound of Music". This musical from the fifties deals with the family history of the singing Trapp family. City tours and excursions are also offered, on which one can trace the fate of the Trapp family. The family still plays a role at events in Salzburg to this day.

Baron von Trapp became impoverished in the 30s and lost the wife of his seven children. He finally fell in love with Maria von Kutschera. She was the nanny of his large family. He married her soon after and emigrated with the family to the United States. There the family made a career as "Trapp Family Singers". The successful Broadway musical "The Sound of Music" was performed on Broadway in New York about her life in the 50s. This is why musical fans from the English-speaking world continue to make a pilgrimage to Salzburg to follow in the footsteps of the Trapp family. In addition, there are always events in Salzburg.


Events Salzburg

Concerts by well-known orchestras and musicians in the city's concert halls also attract attention throughout the year. These events in Salzburg also feature the posters and advertising banners that hang over the streets of Salzburg. Regardless of whether Ricardo Muti appears during the Whitsun holidays or world-class conductors perform classical music, the musical world of Salzburg is very lively.

The Salzburgers like to play music

Even the city's population enthusiastically plays along to music at events in Salzburg. All you need to do is stroll through the squares of Salzburg. The sounds of violins and violins repeatedly echo through the city. Or three Salzburg girls show off their skills with the harp, accordion and violin.

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In Salzburg music is in the air

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