Where can you eat well in Salzburg restaurants?

Eating well in Salzburg is easy. Eating in a restaurant in Salzburg is an experience. We can recommend these Salzburg restaurants for enjoyment trips. They offer Austrian cuisine in historic inns as well as hearty food in rustic surroundings. There is fine dining as well as culinary experiences.

Funky Africa in Salzburg - food as in South Africa

Eating like in South Africa, that's what I wanted for a long time. Every now and then I feel a longing for the countries that I have traveled to in my life. Habits build up and friendships are made that last for years. You get to know restaurants and dishes that keep tempting you.

From fish lobster and caviar

From fish lobster and caviar He is Austria's only producer of caviar: Walter Grüll, who breeds sturgeon in Grödig in the Salzburg region. And that's not all! The caviar that he breeds - in addition to fish, lobster and oysters - is not just any type of caviar, but white caviar, making it the most expensive food in the world. One gram[…]

Learn to cook Austrian food

Learn Austrian cooking with a gourmet chef in Salzburg As you know, we like Austrian cuisine very much. For a few years now, we have been drawn to the Salzburger Land again and again in search of new delights from the cooking pots of the Alpine region. On one of these visits we were on our Advent trip to Salzburg last year at [...]

The Hotel Sacher Salzburg on the Salzach

Right next to the Cafe Bazar on the north bank of the Salzach is one of the luxury hotels in the city of Mozart with style and tradition: the Hotel Sacher Salzburg. The money nobility feels just as comfortable here as the real nobility and celebrities from politics, business and art.

to discover Salzburg culinary sides

The city in Austria is not only worth a visit because of its beautiful location. It is worth taking a closer look behind the scenes of the city of Mozart. And that's why we were guests this time on the occasion of the eat and meet festival in Salzburg.

Experience Salzburg at Christmas

If you want to experience Christmas in Salzburg, you should take your time. The city of Mozart has a lot to offer. So you can visit one of the many Christmas markets. Salzburg at Christmas also means discovering the city's good cuisine. The restaurants serve specialties from the region.