Which Baltic Sea beach is the most beautiful?

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Beach chairs in Kühlungsborn

Vacation on the Baltic Sea beach

The Baltic Sea beaches have not only attracted visitors in recent years. They have been a magnet for visitors since the summer resorts of the Emperor. Year after year, more visitors come to the sea in northern Germany. We were there several times ourselves and got to know beautiful Baltic Sea beaches. Usedom, Binz, Kuehlungsborn, darss are just a few of the coastal regions that are worth a visit. There's more. That's why we asked travel blogger colleagues: "Which Baltic Sea beach is the most beautiful?" The result is a collection of beaches from Usedom to Binz to the Baltic Sea coast in Schleswig Holstein. Let yourself be inspired to take a trip to the Baltic Sea.

Where is the Baltic Sea?

The Baltic Sea in Germany stretches from the Polish border to the border with Denmark in northern Germany. In the federal states of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig Holstein you will find the Baltic Sea beaches mentioned here. The German Baltic Sea coast stretches from the seaside resort of Ahlbeck on Usedom to Flensburg on the border with Denmark.



Most beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea

Here you will find the most beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea:

Which Baltic Sea beach is the most beautiful?

These are the Baltic Sea beach suggestions from our fellow bloggers:


Baltic Sea beach on Hiddensee
Baltic Sea beach on Hiddensee © Copyright Elke Homburg

Baltic Sea beach of Neuendorf on Hiddensee

Hiddensee, the neighboring island of Rügen, is a real pearl of the Baltic Sea and has many fans. Most are day visitors, but the small island with its 17 km of Baltic Sea beach is also a dream destination for bathing vacationers. The beaches all have their merits, but my favorite beach is in the far south of Hiddensee, in Neuendorf.
You can reach the place directly from Rügen by ferry, and it is best to rent a bike in the ferry port and set course for the 6 km long local beach, which scores with white powdered sugar sand and is never too crowded. The water slopes gently making it the perfect family beach. However, dogs are only allowed in the low season. During the high season of May and September, DLRG lifeguards guard the main beach of Neuendorf. There is also a solid infrastructure with beach chair rentals.

If you like it more lonely and can do without the beach chair, you walk a little further south and can set up camp in sand hollows at the foot of the dunes. My favorite section - a wild piece of Baltic Sea - is in the extreme south and wants to be conquered. On a sandy path you cycle behind the dunes to the Gellen lighthouse, the photogenic mini lighthouse of Neuendorf. There is a dune breakthrough to the Baltic Sea beach and even a few parking spaces for bicycles. In midsummer you are not alone here either, in late summer or autumn a lonely spot where the Baltic Sea waves slosh impetuously onto the beach. Perfect for long walks. After a day of swimming, there are cozy bars behind the main beach for a stop, such as the Stranddistel or the Café Rosi.

About Cookies and Suitcases:

Elke writes about Bavaria and the world on her travel blog Cookies & Suitcases – for BestAgers and everyone who likes to travel slowly, with all their senses and with a great deal of curiosity about culture and nature.



Baltic Sea beach Heiligendamm
Baltic Sea Beach Heiligendamm © Copyright Lena Marie Hahn

The Baltic Sea Beach in Heiligendamm - a public beach for families

As the author of the travel guide “Baltic Sea Coast Mecklenburg-West Pomerania with Children”, I know the Baltic Sea beach up and down pretty well. As this collection also shows, there are a lot of dream beaches. My personal favorite beach is the "Children's Beach" near Heiligendamm.

For historical reasons alone, the small spa town should not be missing. After all, Heiligendamm was the first seaside resort in Germany (and even in all of Central Europe). As early as 1793, Duke Friedrich Franz himself went into the sea as the first official bather. Even today, the fine sandy beach right next to the pier is popular with holidaymakers and day visitors of all stripes. The newly renovated villas of the "White City by the Sea" form a wonderful backdrop for bathing pleasure.

The so-called children's beach is located a long way away from the actually not so sophisticated hustle and bustle. A short walk from the pier to the west leads over a wooden footbridge along the cliffs. If you want to make it easy for yourself, drive up by car and park (for a fee) directly at the "Parkplatz Kinderstrand". A short flight of stairs leads down to the terrace of the stylish “Decks” beach bar. There is an adventurous mixture of sand and large climbing rocks. Recently there are even a few beach chairs that can be rented from the beach bar. The main attraction, especially for the youngsters, is the small stream that flows into the Baltic Sea flows. Again and again it can be stowed and diverted in the sand with shovels and shovels, while the parents can enjoy a cappuccino or sea buckthorn spritz one floor up with a bombastic view of the sea.

About family4travel

Lena writes on family4travel about traveling with children in Germany and Europe. The coast of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania is one of her main topics.




Baltic Sea Beach Ahlbeck_Usedom_GoOnTravel.de_Anne-Katrin Gerner
Baltic Sea Beach Ahlbeck Usedom © Copyright GoOnTravel.de Anne-Katrin Gerner

The Baltic Sea beach in the seaside resort of Ahlbeck on Usedom

On the island of sunshine Usedom there are kilometers of fine sandy beaches, which are attractive in every season. Personally, my most beautiful beach is that of the seaside resort of Ahlbeck, and for good reason. On the white Baltic Sea beach, the small fishing boats sway at the water's edge and wait for their next assignment. The freshly caught Baltic Sea fish is sold in the small wooden stalls directly at the beach crossing. Sitting in a beach chair with a piece of smoked fish in your hand and looking at the dancing Baltic Sea waves; Lunch on the beach can hardly be better. In the summer months, the beach, which runs gently into the water, is guarded by lifeguards.

Ahlbeck's pier is unmistakable. It is the oldest of its kind in Germany and the symbol of the seaside resort. It houses a restaurant and a bar and there is a pier for excursion boats, which head for the other imperial baths of Usedom and the Polish town of Swinoujscie. The barrier-free access to the 280 meter long pier is particularly attractive.

If you want to visit the beautiful beach of Ahlbeck with its historic pier, there are many ways to reach it. You can park your car on site. Several small side streets lead from the Kurstraße to the promenade. The so-called Europa-Promenade with a total length of approx. 12 kilometers leads past Ahlbeck and connects the seaside resort of Bansin and Świnoujście. In this way, Ahlbeck can be reached on foot or by bike via the beautifully landscaped promenade.

About GoOnTravel.de

Anne-Katrin and Anja have been writing about travel destinations around the world on GoOnTravel.de since 2015. The focus is primarily on Africa, Europe and America. Readers will also find numerous recommendations about their homeland of Brandenburg and their adopted homeland of Sylt (Anne-Katrin) and Berlin (Anja). In addition to travel tips, they also have helpful tips about (travel) photography.




Dog Beach Grömitz Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein
Dog Beach Grömitz Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein © Copyright Fernwehblog.net Daniel Dorfer

A Baltic Sea beach for dogs in Grömitz

We were enthusiastic right at the beginning of our Baltic Sea vacation Dog beach Grömitz in the Bay of Lübeck and that shouldn't change in the almost three weeks there. This sandy beach is not only huge, but also easy to reach, well maintained and monitored by the DLRG. You can get there by bike on the dike from the center of Grömitz. Parking is free at Klinik Ostseedeich (address: Deichweg 1, 23743 Grömitz). Parking spaces were always available there in late summer.

There was always enough space between the beach chairs in the front area, but also plenty of space in the back, in the free area, where we set up our beach shelter between all the other dog owners almost every other day. For a tourist tax of three euros per adult, you could stay here all day.

Our bitch Mira, who was still quite young at the time, had fun in the water of the Baltic Sea and, like our three-year-old daughter, was often difficult to get out again. But digging in the sand was also very popular with both of them. Contact with the free-roaming dogs was mostly peaceful and almost always under the watchful eyes of the dog owners.

By the way, we were well taken care of on this Baltic Sea beach by the snack bar of the Vietnam restaurant Nam Trang. In the meantime, however, the owner and with it the concept have probably changed, snacks and Cocktails for pickup are still offered.

About the Fernwehblog

Cruise and travel blogger Daniel Dorfer, a member of the Association of German Travel Journalists, writes here. Formerly a crew member on board the AIDA fleet on cruises, now traveling with family and dog to show travelers the world and give tips in the travel blog.




Kieler Ufer 32 on Rügen
Kiel shore Baltic Sea beach on Rügen © Copyright Andreas Kogler The Travel Bloke

Baltic Sea beach on Rügen: the Kieler Ufer

My favorite beach on the German Baltic Sea is the Kieler Ufer on Rügen. The wild, stony and mostly deserted beach is part of the Jasmund National Park, in the very northeast of the largest German island. The Kieler Ufer is mostly deserted, mainly because it is not that easy to reach.

I passed there last summer on a hike on the Hochuferweg from Sassnitz to Lohme. True to the motto "The journey is the goal", because the 12-kilometer hike through green beech forests and with spectacular views of the chalk cliffs and the Baltic Sea is already part of the experience.

About halfway, where the Kieler Bach falls from the forest down to the beach as a waterfall, you will find the descent from the Hochuferweg to the Kieler Ufer. Incidentally, the descent consists of a fairly steep ladder, not for smaller children or people who are afraid of heights.

But the hike and the steep descent to the Kieler Ufer are worth the effort. Once at the bottom, you will be rewarded with a beautiful natural beach - and with magnificent views out to the Baltic Sea and the famous chalk cliffs of Rügen.

But you shouldn't only look at the sea and the rocks. Because between the white stones on the beach you can, with a little luck, find amber. The fossil tree resin that landed 100 million years ago from the Scandinavian pine forests in the Baltic Sea is still washed up on the beach here, especially after heavy winter storms.

More information about the Jasmund National Park and the Kiel shore can be found on the Travel Bloke travel blog.

Above The Travel Bloke

After organizing holidays for others as a tour operator for many years, Andreas turned his job into a hobby and travels the world as Der Travel Bloke. On his travel blog, he inspires other globetrotters with his travel tips to discover the fascination of near and far countries with new eyes - away from the big hotels and hotel pools.




Baltic Sea beach near Thiessow on Rügen
Baltic Sea beach near Thiessow on Rügen © Copyright Susanne Glas from Travelsanne

Favorite beach on the Baltic Sea: Between Lobbe and Thiessow on Rügen

During our first holiday on Rügen we fell in love with the endless Baltic Sea beaches. We were particularly impressed by the "large beach" between Lobbe and Thiessow on the south-east coast of Rügen. It begins quite narrow at Lobbe and gets wider towards Thiessow. The sandy beach is around 5 kilometers long and up to 40 meters wide. The shore forest, which stretches behind the beach and seals it off from the road, offers perfect wind protection.

We immediately chose the "big beach" as our favorite beach: The sand is wonderfully fine and the Baltic Sea stays extremely flat here for a long time. This is perfect for families with smaller children who can splash around here safely and also for our teenagers for stand up paddling.

It is best to bring a picnic basket with plenty of food because there is only a small snack bar with ice cream, coffee and snacks on this stretch of beach on Rügen.

You can easily get to the beach between Lobbe and Thiessow by bike through the Baaber Heide. Those traveling by car will find numerous paid parking spaces along the road directly behind the beach.

You can see more beautiful beaches on the island in our post about the most beautiful beaches of Rügen discover.

About Travelsanne

On her family travel blog Travelsanne, Sanne reports on travel, hiking and special experiences with children and teenagers. Although she lives with her family in the very south of Germany, she is always drawn to the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts when she goes on vacation.




Beach on the Baltic Sea - West Beach Darss
Beach on the Baltic Sea – West Beach Darß © Copyright Torsten Berg from tberg.de … off to new adventures!

My most beautiful beach on the German Baltic Sea - West Beach Darß

The Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula has always been a tourist stronghold. Nevertheless you can still find it here untouched and almost deserted places. The untouched nature of this landscape has remained almost completely intact over the ages. Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter - the Darß is beautiful and unique in every season!

And here you will also find my most beautiful beach on the German Baltic Sea. The west beach stretches from the seaside resort of Ahrenshoop up to the tip of the peninsula at Darßer Ort. The west beach can be reached via the L21. Paid parking spaces are available from Ahrenshoop. It is worth parking here up to the border of the national park. Then it only takes a few minutes to walk across the dike and you're on the beach. From here you can then walk along the entire beach.
From the national park border it gets more difficult. Because you are not allowed to drive through the forest by car. The vehicle must remain in one of the parking lots. But the hike or bike ride through the national park forest to the beach is just as exciting.

Here on the west beach, nature can still be nature. The forces of nature wear away the land here and transport the sand to the tip of the peninsula. Then there is new land. Visitors and bathers are still welcome here. Admittedly, it sometimes looks a bit deserted. Especially when storms have recently raged here and some of the trees have been uprooted. But it is precisely this wildness that makes the west beach so charming for me. When the weather is nice, the beach is not as crowded as in the eastern part of the Darß. But there are no beach chairs and snack bars here either.

My recommendation for the west beach on the Darß: buy a fresh baguette, some cheese and a bottle of good red wine. Then bike to the beach. Be sure to stay until sunset! An unforgettable experience!

About tberg.de … off to new adventures!

In his blog tberg.de … off to new adventures! writes Torsten about Germany and the local nature. You will also find a blog about photography, about a conscious life, about sustainability, minimalism and about GDR toys.




Graal Müritz Beach Mandy Mill
Baltic Sea Beach Graal Müritz © Copyright Mandy Mill Mandy's Adventure World


My most beautiful beach on the Baltic Sea - Graal Müritz


You will find one of the most beautiful beaches on the German Baltic Sea in Graal-Müritz. The Baltic Sea spa is located in the Mecklenburg Bay, north-east of Rostock, and stretches for about 5 kilometers. Due to the proximity to Rostock, traveling by train is a comfortable alternative to the car. Regional trains run regularly from Rostock to Graal-Müritz in less than 30 minutes. The landmark of Graal-Müritz is the pier, from here you also have a great view of the long sandy beach. Good to know, around the pier it gets quite crowded on hot summer days, as this is also a good source of shade. On the other beach sections you will find a nice place for your own beach shelter or blanket even in high season.

Most sections have beach chair rentals, a kiosk for snacks and drinks, and sanitary facilities. The beach chairs are also available on cool days. Ebb and flow are hardly noticeable here on the beach, so even the little ones can play safely in the sand right by the water. But I particularly like the opportunity for a long walk on the beach. The beach extends in both directions beyond the Baltic Sea spa town of Graal Müritz. A hike to Trassenheide or Dierhagen along the wilder beach sections of the bay is possible. The beach of Graal Müritz and its surroundings is an ideal holiday destination for everyone looking for relaxation on the Baltic Sea. Further Activities in and around Graal Müritz can be found on Mandy's Adventure World.

About Mandy's adventure world

Mandy writes about her travel experiences and individual wow moments from Berlin, Europe and the world on her blog Mandys Abenteuerwelt. Whether hiking in nature, road trip or urban jungle, Mandy has a lot of adventure and curiosity in her luggage.




Timmendorfer beach
Timmendorfer Strand © Copyright Janett SchindlerTeilreisener.de

Timmendorfer Strand – 6,5 kilometers of Baltic Sea beach

How can a place - that already has a beach in its name - not have the most beautiful beach in the Baltic Sea for that reason alone? With 6,5 kilometers of beach, Timmendorfer Strand offers one of the most popular and well-known stretches of beach on the Baltic Sea. Located in a bay, Timmendorf not only offers a sheltered place for a break on the Baltic Sea - in contrast to Travemünde, it is also not approached by large ships. Not only the long sandy beach and the Seeschlösschen Bridge, which is worth seeing, invite you to take a trip - my personal highlight was the barrier-free lake promenade with the Mikado Garden and the beautiful villas. There are fewer "architectural errors" here than in other seaside resorts - and yet hotels, restaurants and excursion destinations such as Sealife or the bird park in Niendorf are within easy walking distance.

You can also rent beach chairs on site without any problems - there are several rental stations!

From Lübeck it is Timmendorfer beach It can be reached by train in just 15 minutes - a visit from Hamburg is also possible without any problems using public transport. It's also easy to live here by car - there are numerous parking spaces, some of which are free of charge.

About part-time traveller.de

Janett and her team write about travel recommendations for short trips on their blogteilzeitreisender.de. In addition to recommendations for city breaks, there are many tips for girls' trips, tourist maps and, of course, sometimes excursions into nature.




Baltic Sea beach near Trassenheide on Usedom Jenny Menzel
Baltic Sea beach near Trassenheide on Usedom © Copyright Jenny Menzel Wonder of the world

Baltic Sea beach Trassenheide on Usedom

We are probably not the only ones for whom Usedom is the perfect Baltic Sea island: with its up to 70 m wide, gently sloping beaches, the Caribbean-like, powder-fine sand, the always slightly warmer water and the exciting contrast between the sea side in the north and the dreamy backwaters in the south.

Usedom actually has only one beach: but it stretches almost continuously over 40 km from Peenemünde to Ahlbeck. While the seaside resort of Heringsdorf and the "amber baths" of Koserow, Ückeritz and Zempin get very crowded in summer, we can always find a quiet spot further west in Trassenheide.

On the wide natural beach of Trassenheide, holidays are especially fun with children: the barrier-free beach access is also possible for prams and wheelchairs, there are lifeguards and many surfing and SUP courses. In the concert shell behind the dunes, a children's program is offered daily in the high season, with puppet theater, handicrafts, etc. Usedom's largest playground is also located here!

If you don't want to rent a beach chair, you can set up a beach shell on the natural beach of Trassenheide - or you can dig the Baltic Sea-typical beach castle in the sand and set up a windbreak around it.

Behind the wide beach of Trassenheide, a cycling and hiking trail leads on the dunes through the secluded coastal forest, on which you can reach Zinnowitz in no time at all - but who wants to go there? We find it just right in Trassenheide. The natural beach has earned its place as our favorite Baltic Sea beach for the incredible sunsets alone.

About Wonders of the World

The World Wonders are a travel-loving family with 3 children who prefer to discover the world on their own. In addition to New Zealand and Japan, the Baltic Sea with its islands has a very special place in the hearts of the people of Dresden.




Baltic Sea beach at Nienhagen Ghost Forest
Baltic Sea Beach at Nienhagen Ghost Forest © Copyright Michael Bley Outdoornomaden.de

The Baltic Sea beach at Nienhagen Ghost Forest

While you can hear the sound of the waves in the background, tree formations create a spooky atmosphere. From the steep cliff you can see the Baltic Sea rippling invitingly. This combination can be found on what is probably one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the Ghost Forest.

The beach section is located on the outskirts of the coastal town of Nienhagen, very close to Rostock. Whether by car or public transport, the Ghost Forest is easy to reach.

This stretch of beach is something special and is also a retreat among the locals. Hardly any other place has a combination of steep cliffs, a unique forest section and a beach for swimming. There is also a dog beach for dog lovers, so that the four-legged friends do not have to be left at home.

But why is the forest called Ghost Forest? This question is unnecessary as soon as you enter the forest. The bizarre formations give the area a very special atmosphere. Especially on foggy days it is easy to think of stories and ghosts when looking at the lanterns.

But one thing should not go unmentioned, because the ghost forest is under severe threat. Even mystical tree formations cannot do anything against the signs of the times, and the existence is therefore severely endangered. So try to stay on the signposted paths so that other generations can enjoy the great atmosphere of this area in the future.

So if you would like to combine amazement, swimming and hiking on one stretch of beach, you can Excursion to the ghost forest highly recommend.

About Outdoornomaden.de

On their blog Outdoornomaden, Miri and Micha report on the adventures of travel and digital nomadism. They now live in their van and are always looking for a photo spot.




Baltic Sea beach Bansin on Usedom
Baltic Sea Beach Bansin on Usedom © Copyright Angela Misslbeck

Baltic Sea beach - steep coast Bansin on Usedom

The steep coast of Bansin is a natural jewel on the Baltic Sea island of Usedom and maybe also an insider tip. There is practically nothing but forest in the hinterland over a length of around three kilometers. Civilization seems miles away. So better pack a picnic when exploring the high banks of Bansin. And I definitely recommend that, because the trip was the highlight of my weekend Usedom with child.

A starting point for a walk along the Bansin steep bank is the Travelcharme Strandhotel, which is located directly on the outskirts, or the parking lot there. With every step away from Kaiserbad Bansin, things get quieter on the beach. In some places rocks mingle with the sand. There are often more walkers than sunbathers here. Parts of the beach are designated for nudists. But in principle everyone can sunbathe here as they want.

The Bansin cliff rises up to 90 meters above the sandy beach. If you walk along the beach, you should pay attention to the weather. In storm (-flood) the way can be dangerous. There are very few stairs to the top. Outside of these paths, ascent through the coastal landscape is prohibited to allow the grass, bushes and saplings that hold the earth wall together to grow. For a walk, the ascent at the Forsthaus is therefore recommended. Then on the way back to Bansin you will also get to know the coastal forest and enjoy the panorama from above.

About traveling with children

Unterwegs mit Kind is the travel blog for active families by the Berlin journalist, author and boy mom Angela. In more than 300 posts you will find travel destinations and tips, experiences and inspiration for excursions, hikes and trips (not only) with children.



Where is it not so crowded on the Baltic Sea?

This depends not only on the place, but also on the season. We went to Darss in September and had the whole beach to ourselves. We only met a few lonely beach walkers. The season was over. The beach chairs had already been cleared away. In the summer it looks different there. If you are looking for lonely beaches on the Baltic Sea, you should get away from the hustle and bustle of beach bars and restaurants. Thiessow beach on Rügen is one such place. The beach behind the Noer Dune is also quiet. Cyclists don't even get there anymore.

Conclusion: The selection of Baltic Sea beaches is large

These are just some of the Baltic Sea beaches worth visiting. The photos in the articles show how different the beaches on the Baltic Sea are. Beaches in the Baltic resorts provide access along the promenade. Natural beaches are often more difficult to reach. But they are less crowded. Of particular interest are beaches that, in addition to lots of sand, offer natural highlights such as those on cliffs or in front of forests that surprise with their flora. Our personal favorite beach is the beach on Hiddensee with its lighthouse. Which one is yours? You might also be interested in:



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Baltic sea beach
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Which Baltic Sea beach is the most beautiful?

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