A pleasure trip to the Baltic Sea

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The ground floor in the town hall of Stralsund

Three places for a pleasure trip to the Baltic Sea

Who miles Sandy beaches like, for is a pleasure trip to the Baltic Sea in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern precisely. However, the region doesn't just offer bathing fun. On the contrary: architecture and art lovers will find just as much here as gourmands who enjoy exceptional food. We were traveling in the Baltic Sea regions of Germany and looked at what gourmets between Usedom, Rügen and Kühlungsborn.


a pleasure trip to the Baltic Sea
A pleasure trip to the Baltic Sea


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Kurhaus Binz, the grande dame of spa architecture - perfect for a pleasure trip to the Baltic Sea
Kurhaus Binz, the Grande Dame of the resort architecture


The white villas of Binz

The town of Binz on the north coast of Rügen, its white villas tempt visitors to stroll along the long promenade. Colorful beach chairs invite you to while away an afternoon in the sun with a good book. After stormy days, it's also worth looking for amber washed up on the beach. Or you can just stop by Finbarr Corrigan. The Irish-born artist makes wonderful pieces of jewelry out of amber, which you can buy in his shop in Binz. You shouldn't miss the Kurhaus cake. This is served in the Café Glashaus. It tastes delicious with a glass of sea buckthorn juice.





Brick facade of the town hall in Stralsund - pleasure trip to the Baltic Sea
Magnificent and worth a pleasure trip to the Baltic Sea: The brick facade of the town hall in Stralsund - pleasure trip to the Baltic Sea


Culture and history in Stralsund for a pleasure trip to the Baltic Sea

Not far away the city of Stralsund on the mainland. With its imposing churches, harbor and Gothic town hall, the city is just as much a treat for art lovers as it is for culture lovers. As a Hanseatic city you can see Stralsund retains its wealth as a former trading town to this day. No wonder it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The St. Nikolai Church with its colorful nave is particularly worth seeing.




Beach chairs in Kühlungsborn
Beach chairs in Kühlungsborn - perfect for a pleasure trip to the Baltic Sea


Beach, villas and star cuisine in Kühlungsborn

The Ostseebad Kühlungsborn is not quite as sophisticated as Binz. Things are quieter and more tranquil here. Nevertheless, the place is perfect for a pleasure trip to the Baltic Sea. A walk along the waterfront promenade takes you past the groynes. These are wooden palisades that are built out into the sea along the coast of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to prevent the waves from eroding the beach. They were built at regular intervals along the coastline of Kühlungsborn. At the small marina in Kühlungsborn there are a few shops that invite you to browse.




Why does tea taste so good on the Baltic Sea? Of course, because of this great cake
Why does tea taste so good on a pleasure trip to the Baltic Sea? Of course because of this great cake


On this gourmet trip to the Baltic Sea, it's worth visiting the Edel und Scharf bistro for an exceptional lunch. Currywurst and fries are served here Champagne served. If you like something more down-to-earth, you might want to take a tea break at the Ostseehotel Kuehlungsborn Dear. There are also delicious cakes like the chocolate cake with poppy seed and cherry filling and a sweet marzipan coating, which we tried on our visit. At the end of the day, you shouldn't miss the meal by star chef Tillmann Hahn. In Tillmann Hahns Gasthaus there is definitely excellent cuisine in an atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable.

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A pleasure trip to the Baltic Sea – and what else?

In Germany there are many other regions besides the Baltic Sea that invite you to go on pleasure trips. Forests, lakes, mountains and sea are waiting to be explored.

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Baltic Sea vacation for connoisseurs
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A pleasure trip to the Baltic Sea

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    1. I can only agree. Until a few years ago, traveling meant that I always fly to other continents. Everything that took place in Germany was an "excursion". In recent years we have been blogging more and more in Germany and are enthusiastic about what there is to discover here.

  1. Dear Monika,

    I have never really been to northern Germany (except in Hamburg, but only for an event) and am always surprised to discover these many beautiful places with you! Especially the first picture is such a typical Fernwehauslöse picture for me ... Great! Thank you for taking me to the Baltic Sea.

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Barbara,

      We have also been traveling in Germany more often for a few years now. That's why I know that very well. Germany offers many beautiful and varied destinations worth discovering.

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  2. I have never been to the Baltic Sea, as it is a bit away from my home country - but according to your pictures, it looks fantastically beautiful. I also like the architecture - especially the Kurhaus Binz I like very much.

    1. Dear Michaela,

      this is no different for us. We also live near the German-Austrian border. But since we were there for the first time a few years ago, we've been drawn there several times. Especially the seaside resorts have done it to us. We would also like to look at Usedom and Hiddensee.

      Best regards,

  3. Baltic Sea is always. Feels at any time of day or night.
    I'm back again this weekend and I'm glad that it's not far from Berlin.
    Merci for your recommendations.
    Greetings, Katrin

    1. Hi Katrin,

      For us, the Baltic lies at the other end of Germany. From Bavaria, she is a holiday destination for longer trips. Nice if you can use them for trips. Have fun.

      Best regards,

  4. Hello Monika,

    Immediately childhood memories come up to me when I read your report on the Baltic Sea. In the 80 years I was with my brother and my parents always in Binz on the beach and in rainy weather in the maritime museum in Stralsund. Before 2 years ago I have my partner from NRW to 1. Once towed to Binz and he was also completely thrilled by the spa culture and the many woods. And it will not be the last time and then there will be a piece of your well praised Kurhaus cake.


    1. Dear Anne,

      I can understand your partner very well there. Binz and his seaside architecture and Stralsund with its Gothic architecture have also delighted us. In the meantime we have been there several times, because we like it so much. You must try the Kurhaus cake. She lives up to her reputation.

      Best regards,

  5. if I had the choice, I would probably choose the "GrandeDame of the bathroom architecture" to try your words. :) Great tips, was definitely a lot of fun. I like the Baltic Sea region. LG Julia

    1. Dear Julia,

      We have been to Rügen three times because we like it there so much. There is a lot to see and do. But also the region between Rügen, Stralsund and Kühlungsborn offers beautiful beaches, small villages and lots of nature, which is worth a trip.

      Best regards,

  6. Stralsund is a beautiful city, I was there years ago. Unfortunately, the journey from us is quite long, but maybe it works again. Incidentally, is also a wonderful winter destination.

    1. Thank you very much, dear Jenny. Since our trips there we are also big fans. We did not like everything. Heiligendamm, with its dilapidated mansions and the fencing still left over from the pinnacle of world politics, we found terrible, but the three places in the article and the Darss region inspired us.

      Best regards,

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