Stylish Herzoghof Hotel Baden near the Casino Baden

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Stained glass window by Otto Barth in the breakfast room in the Herzoghof Hotel Baden

At our Lower Austria Visit to Baden near Vienna in Vienna woods Austria on the occasion of the Baden Summer Festival "Bathing in white“We stayed in the Herzoghof Hotel Baden *. It is the oldest hotel in the city. With its magnificent Art Nouveau equipment, we liked the hotel very much. We feel a little bit back in those days, when the fine ladies of the company strolled through Baden near Vienna and the spa gardens with elegant, long skirts and parasols. Empress Elisabeth liked to wander from Vienna to Baden.



The Herzoghof Hotel Baden
The Herzoghof Hotel Baden

This may also have been due to the fact that during our stay day visitors, hotel guests and locals fine and walked in elegant white clothes through the city. In the cafés of the city we met some ladies who would have fit well into the time of the K and K Monarchy with their airy clothes, the undulating hairstyles and the styled poodles or mongrel dogs, which they repeatedly put a piece of their cake. Only the group of white-clad Japanese women, who gesticulated loudly as we walked out of the car in front of the hotel, put us back in the 21. Century. They did not want to fit right into the picture of the Viennese Haute Volée, as I did at the end of the 19. Century presented in Baden.


Art Nouveau windows in the bedroom of our suite in the Herzoghof Hotel Baden
Art Nouveau windows in the bedroom of our suite in the Herzoghof Hotel Baden


A splendid Art Nouveau building: the Herzoghof Hotel Baden near Vienna, Austria

The Herzoghof Hotel Baden has been around for a long time: already at the beginning of the 19. In the 19th century, the building, whose history goes back to 1002, was used as a hotel. Probably the most famous regular guest of the hotel was Franz Grillparzer, who regularly stayed at the Herzoghof Hotel Baden between 1867 and 1871. At that time the house did not look like it did today. 1908 / 09 the splendid Art Nouveau palace was built according to the plans of the architect W. Luksch. At that time it was the most modern spa hotel of its time, with prestigious lounges, 125 living rooms and four corner salons. The Hotel Herzoghof was Austria's first hotel, in which each room had its own telephone, and where the staff were no longer called by bell, but were requested by light signal.

The highest luxury of the time was that each room had cold and hot water. In addition, there were sulfur single baths on each floor, which were fed from the thermal spring of Baden. These are gone today. And the suite, in which we are accommodated, is newly restored with a spa bath, a separate toilet, a large living room with balcony, from which we have a beautiful view of the spa gardens and Casino Baden right on your doorstep. The spacious bedroom retains the original Art Nouveau windows, giving it an elegant touch. We feel very comfortable in the suite 101 on the first floor of the hotel. Only one air conditioning we would have wished for summer temperatures around the 40 degrees. But they are rather rare in our latitudes.


Stained glass window by Otto Barth in the breakfast room in the Herzoghof Hotel Baden
Stained glass window by Otto Barth in the breakfast room in the Herzoghof Hotel Baden


Breakfast in the Weilburg Hall in the Hotel Herzoghof in Baden near Vienna

Breakfast is served in the magnificent Weilburg Hall. When I enter this, my breath begins to catch my breath. One of the long walls of the room is adorned with an almost 80 square meter glass painting by Otto Barth that appeals to me the wonderful glass windows of Tiffany at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York remind. However, Barth's window shows the view from Baden towards the west into the Helenental with the two ruins Rauheneck and Rauhenstein and the Weilburg. A great place to start your day!

The served breakfast buffet fits perfectly. There is something for every taste: a good selection of fish, sausage, cheese and spreads, fresh and canned fruit, muesli in different varieties, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs with bacon or sausage, freshly baked cakes and rolls, croissants and more , No one stays hungry here!

That has to be in your suitcase for your visit to Baden near Vienna

  • Comfortable Shoes, because in Baden you will mainly be out and about on foot. The old town is a pedestrian zone.
  • If you are planning an elegant evening, then you should bring  comfortable pumps .
  • Fit for a visit to the casino Sandals.
  • A  backpackwhere you can put all the utensils for a day


Stylish ambience

The guests at the Herzoghof Hotel Baden clearly enjoy the stylish ambience of the hotel. Things are quiet in this four-star hotel. Although it is only a few steps away from Casino Baden, we do not find a “party crowd” that plunges into the wild. The guests who stay at the hotel during our stay are mostly couples or single guests who appreciate the peaceful surroundings in the hotel. "Many of our guests keep coming back to visit the bathing facilities at the thermal springs," explains Ines Dombois, the hotel's tenant, who runs it with a charming hand. "But we also offer casino dinner packages," she adds.


View from our balcony in the Herzoghof Hotel Baden on the Kurpark
View from our balcony in the Herzoghof Hotel Baden near Vienna Austria
View of the Casino Baden from our balcony
View of Casino Baden from our balcony in the Herzoghof Hotel Baden near Vienna Austria


The best thing about the Herzoghof Hotel Baden is the helpfulness and unobtrusive friendliness of the staff, which gives us a feeling of being welcome. We feel very fast at home in the Hotel Herzoghof. And apparently this is not just us, because the hotel at the spa park of Baden has many regulars who come back for years. Well deserved, as we think!

Practical for hikes in the vicinity of Baden near Vienna


Bathing in white 2022

Baden in Weiß will take place again in 2022. This time wraps up Baden near Vienna at 1. and 2. July all in white.

Herzoghof Hotel Baden ****
Emperor Franz Ring 10
2500 bathing
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Christina and Thomas from City Sea Country were in the At the Park Hotel in Baden near Vienna.


Source: On-site research. We would like to thank Casino Baden, Casino-Urlaub and Hotel Herzoghof for the invitation and support on this trip. Our opinion remains our own.


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Stylish Herzoghof Hotel Baden near the Casino Baden

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