Lower Austria

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Lower Austria vacation in Dürnstein

Lower Austria

These Lower Austria attractions for gourmet and Slow Traveler make your vacation one Enjoyment trip. You can taste not only wine but also whiskey. Taste the specialties directly from the producer and experience the silence behind monastery walls. Discover gardens where herbs and plants from the Middle Ages thrive. Browse castles and palaces for evidence of their inhabitants and follow in the footsteps of the emperors. You can hike on Sissi's paths, that Mayerling puzzles solve and visit their castles. You can also drift along the Danube past wine villages and vineyards and celebrate wine festivals with local winegrowers. The wineries and hotels want to spoil you, be it with Kaiserschmarrn or poppy seed noodles. The cuisine of the region is a poem. Discover poppy fields as well as the forests in the Vienna Woods and experience Lower Austria with lots of enjoyment. Here you can find out where to go.


Art Museum in the Waldviertel Austria

Waldviertel Austria

Austria Waldviertel The Waldviertel in Austria is one of the regions in Lower Austria that is not so well known. Nevertheless, there are a number of Waldviertel Austria sights to discover. For example, you will find many palaces and castles in the forest landscapes along the border with the Czech Republic. In addition, the farmers of the region are very inventive ...
Wine cellar in the Weinviertel Austria

Weinviertel Austria

Weinviertel Austria Discover Weinviertel Austria sights with these travel tips for connoisseurs and slow travelers. This will make your visit a real pleasure trip. Wine plays a major role in the Weinviertel. The vineyards in the Wachau are particularly beautiful. There you can take a boat on the Danube to wine towns and vineyards ...
Krems in the Wachau

Wachau vacation on the Danube

Experience a Wachau vacation on the Danube You can enjoy a Wachau vacation with the travel tips from TravelWorldOnline. Discover vineyards on the Danube. Cities like Krems, Spitz or Dürnstein are worth a visit. Where can you stay in a winery? You can find out here. The Danube region is a pleasure region that ...
Kurpark in Baden near Vienna

Vienna Woods Austria excursion destinations

Discover Wienerwald Austria Sights The Wienerwald in Austria offers sights that are practically on the doorstep of Vienna. For slow travelers and connoisseurs, this is a true paradise and paradise, as there are numerous opportunities to explore and enjoy the region. The wineries produce wines that the products ...
At the Mostbaron Hauer in Mostviertel Austria

Mostviertel Austria

Discover the Mostviertel Austria With these tips, slow travelers and connoisseurs can discover the Mostviertel Austria. The region belongs to Lower Austria. Pear trees grow in nature in the Mostviertel. The cider barons in the Mostviertel use their fruits to produce pear must. That is why the region gets its name. The Mostviertel is a ...


Discover the sights of the region

Welcome to Lower Austria, the federal state with a wealth of fascinating sights for travelers like you! Today we would like to introduce you to some of the highlights that will make your trip to this region an unforgettable experience.

Specialties from Lower Austria

Let's start with the culinary art: the region is known for its delicious specialties such as Kaiserschmarrn and poppy seed noodles. Visit the wineries and let yourself be pampered by the local winemakers. Taste and enjoy - that's the motto here!

history and culture

If you are interested in history and culture, you will get your money's worth in Lower Austria. Explore the impressive castles and palaces, where you will discover testimonies of the residents. Follow in the footsteps of the emperors and hike the paths of Sissi. Solve Mayerling's riddle and visit her magnificent castles.


But there is also a lot to discover for nature lovers. Experience the silence behind monastery walls and discover gardens where herbs and plants from bygone times thrive. Admire the poppy fields and explore the forests in the Vienna Woods.


And if you would like to be a bit active, Lower Austria offers you numerous possibilities: Follow the cycle paths along the Danube and enjoy the vineyards and wine villages. Hike through the picturesque landscape and discover hidden treasures.

In short, Lower Austria has something to offer for every traveller. Let yourself be inspired by the fascination of this region and experience an unforgettable holiday with many new impressions and experiences. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey through Lower Austria!


Lower Austria
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Lower Austria

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