Massachusetts landmarks

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Motif No 1 in Rockport

Massachusetts landmarks

The sights in Massachusetts take you back to the days of the Pilgrim Fathers, but also to North America of the American Revolution. On the Freedom Trail in Boston you follow Sam Adams and his cronies in his fight against taxation through motherland England. In Plymouth you can see how the first settlers in North America lived. The whaling era is coming back to life on Cape Cod and the islands. In the west, villages await you just like you would expect in New England. The coast is also beautiful. Places like Rockport or Salem are like picture books.

Boston Trail of Freedom

The Freedom Trail in Boston

If you are in Boston, you should definitely visit the Freedom Trail. This historical path leads you through the city and shows you the most important sights. Every visitor to the capital of Massachusetts probably follows the Boston Trail of Freedom at least once. He takes the visitor to the sights of the city, which ...
American Pumpkin Pie Recipe easy

Pumpkin Pie American Recipe - Pumpkin pie just like in the USA

There is hardly a pie recipe in the USA that is as typical for autumn as an American pumpkin pie recipe that is easy to prepare. During the fall in New England, stands full of pumpkins for sale are everywhere. They come in all types, sizes and shapes. Just looking at her...
Captains Lookout on the island of Nantucket USA

Nantucket USA – Discover America's whaling island

Why Nantucket Island USA is interesting Are you looking for a special travel destination? Then Nantucket, a beautiful US island in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Massachusetts, could be the perfect destination for you. With an area of ​​just 125 square kilometers, Nantucket Island USA offers a...
Boston Skyline - Free things to do in Boston

Free things to do in Boston

Especially in times when the dollar is expensive, it pays to know a list of "Free things to do in Boston". But not only then. Because traveling to big cities in the US is usually not cheap. So it's good to know what you can do without a lot of money...
Hotels in Downtown Boston MA

The Best Hotels in Downtown Boston: From Luxury to Budget

Also known as the Cradle of America, Boston is a historic city in the Northeastern United States. Located in the state of Massachusetts, it has a lot to offer. From historic sites to museums to parks, there's never a dull moment in this city. Downtown Boston is the heart of the city...
Harbor Beach in Provincetown

Cape Cod Accommodations near the Beach

Where to find Cape Cod beachfront accommodations? Many Cape Cod accommodations and Cape Cod hotels are not directly on the beach. This is because most and best beaches on Cape Cod are in the national park. You can only spend the night at campsites. Therefore, many Cape Cod Beaches ...
Harvard campus tour

Harvard campus tour

Visit Harvard College with a Harvard Campus Tour It is worth getting to know Harvard University on a campus tour when visiting Boston. We have taken part in such a tour during each of our stays in Boston and each time we have learned something new. A visit to Harvard College is...
Herring Cove Beach - USA travel tips

Provincetown Cape Cod Attractions and Beaches

Provincetown Cape Cod - Sights and Beaches Are you planning a beach vacation in the USA? Then make time for Provincetown Cape Cod attractions and beaches. Located at the tip of Cape Cod, the place is known for its gay community. However, it offers so much more. Its proximity to...

Where and how to see & experience whale species in New England

How can you see whales in New England? Whale species can be seen and experienced on a whale tour along the Whale Route in Massachusetts and whale watching in and around Boston in New England. It is an impressive experience to see when the whales emerge ...
Custom house in Boston Massachusetts

Discover Boston Massachusetts

Boston Massachusetts is not only the capital of this state. Boston is also a city rich in history. It offers many sights that show the development of the city and even the USA as a whole. Early immigrants from Europe settled here. The city on the Charles River has been the scene of many events during...


Massachusetts landmarks
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Massachusetts landmarks

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