Eastern Canada round trip to savor

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Harbor of Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia

An Eastern Canada tour to savor

We are touring Canada looking for tips for an Eastern Canada tour for connoisseurs. Eastern Canada is a region that is very diverse. There are the biggest here Cities of the country. There are also villages here. Time seems to stand still in them. One can get lost in the forests of Ontario and Quebec. Instead, you feel like you are at the sea at the Great Lakes. Thousands of islands are also waiting to be discovered. The St. Lawrence River runs like a lifeline through the country from the Atlantic to Lake Ontario. In the Atlantic provinces the ocean is with its beaches never far away. There he determines people's lives. The Sea and its inhabitants are always close here. If you want to see more of Canada, there are tips for that 20 best places in Canada.



Discover Eastern Canada on a round trip

We like to and often travel to Eastern Canada. We discovered many places. Follow us on an Eastern Canada tour for connoisseurs and give you an insight into the beauties that this region of Canada has to offer. The country can be easily explored on a road trip or by camper. Panoramic routes, Villages where time seems to stand still, and the largest cities in the country are well worth a visit.

Toronto and Vicinity



We begin our Eastern Canada tour for connoisseurs in Toronto, Ontario. There we discovered a lot that is worth a trip. alone in Toronto you can go on vacation. The largest city in Canada offers a variety of attractions. But it is also an experience because of its inhabitants. These come from all over the world. There is hardly a city in the world with so many Languages spoken like in Toronto.



Old Town Hall in Toronto - A must for an Eastern Canada round trip for connoisseurs
Old Town Hall in Toronto


Niagara Falls is part of a tour of Canada's east

It takes about an hour and a half to reach Niagara Falls. In clear weather you can even see them from the CN Tower. The mass of water plunging over the Niagara Slope 60 meters at this point is a spectacle best seen from the Canadian side. A visit to Niagara Falls is a must on an Eastern Canada round trip for connoisseurs.



The Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls Eastern Canada Round trip for connoisseurs
The Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls. One of our tips on our Eastern Canada round trip for connoisseurs


Niagara Wine Region - A Must See on an Eastern Canada Round Trip for Connoisseurs

On the way back, make a detour to the wine region and Niagara-on-the-Lake. The wine region is a must-see on an Eastern Canada round trip for connoisseurs. Niagara-on-the-Lake is a place on the shores of Lake Ontario. There you can feel the past. Worth a visit in the off-season. Then the place is quieter, and the tourists of the summer are not there.



Whirlpool on Niagara River Eastern Canada Round trip for connoisseurs
Whirlpool on the Niagara River


Georgian Bay - Little-Known Beauty in Eastern Canada

From Niagara our journey goes to the northern regions of Ontario to Georgian Bay. There a flight over the 30000 islands shows the archipelago landscape at the eastern end of Lake Huron in a particularly beautiful way. From there we continue north and finally reach the Muskoka Region and the Killarney Provincial Park. Its remoteness shows another Canada. Here nature is hardly touched by human hands. There is a deep silence over the land.



Morning mood in Muskoka Eastern Canada Round trip for connoisseurs
Morning mood in Muskoka


Muskoka in Ontario – Insider tips for a round trip through Canada's east

We continue our Eastern Canada round trip for connoisseurs via Sudbury and Manitoulin Island. At Tobermory we reach the Bruce Peninsula with its underwater national park. From there the journey continues to Penetanguishene and Midland in Ontario.



Historic sailing ship in Penetanguishine
Historic sailing ship in Penetanguishene


Penetanguishene in Midland

In addition to the port of Penetanguishene, the Indian Museum in Midland is worth seeing. It shows the life of the Huron of yore. We continue our journey through the Algonquin Park to Ottawa, the capital of Canada.



Parliament in Ottawa Eastern Canada Round trip for connoisseurs
Parliament in Ottawa



Ottawa has world-class museums. You can spend days in there. However, the city itself is manageable. It has sights that are easy to explore on foot. It always pulls us Ottawa. Interesting events and festivals take place here throughout the year. These include Winterlude at the end of January, the Tulip Festival in spring or Canada Day on July 1st. On this day, Canada celebrates its national holiday. Nowhere is this celebrated like Ottawa.



Marche Bonsecours in Montreal Eastern Canada Round trip for connoisseurs
Marche Bonsecours in Montreal



Next destination of our Eastern Canada tour is the second largest city in Canada: Montreal. In the old town you will find cobblestone streets where horse-drawn carriages chauffeur tourists. A few steps away are the skyscrapers in the English part of the city. Montreal is a city with two faces. The French part and the English part. The city on the St. Lorenz river is definitely worth a visit.



Maple syrup Eastern Canada Round trip for connoisseurs
Maple Syrup


Montreal for foodies

In Montreal, it is worth visiting the neighborhoods away from the city center and the main attractions. We were on a culinary tour through the city and got an insight into local life. From Montreal we continue our Eastern Canada tour eastwards and follow the Kings Highway along the St. Lawrence River to Quebec City, the capital of the province.



Place d'Armes in Quebec City Eastern Canada Round trip for connoisseurs
Place d'Armes in Quebec City


Quebec City

With its urban core, the city is the most reminiscent of all Canadian cities of the European origins of its builders. In many places you can feel the savoir vivre of the French. To this day, that is what makes it so charming Quebec City's .



Undercity in Quebec City Eastern Canada Round Trip for Connoisseurs
Undercity in Quebec City


Old Quebec is a must on an Eastern Canada road trip

In the lower city of Quebec City, one feels transported to one of the port cities of Brittany, from which the settlers once set out. She moved across the Atlantic looking for a life in a land that promised her freedom. The street cafés in the Petit Champlain district below the Cap Diamant are definitely reminiscent of their role models in France.



From Quebec there are several ways to travel further to the Atlantic provinces. On the north bank of the St. Lawrence River you can drive east and take the ferry at either Tadoussac or Baie Comeau to the south side of the river. Or you drive over the bridge near Quebec to the south bank of the St. Lorenz and follow it first to the east and then to the south to New Brunswick. There the drive along the Atlantic coast is worthwhile, where there are always views of the sea like here at the Dune de Bouctouche.



Dune de Bouctouche Eastern Canada round trip for connoisseurs
Dune de Bouctouche


New Brunswick on the east coast of Canada

New Brunswick alone is worth several trips. The coastal landscapes along the Atlantic differ from the landscape on the west coast of the province. This is determined by the tidal differences in the Bay of Fundy. They're the biggest in the world. This bay empties twice a day. This creates a natural spectacle, as the coast looks different every hour. This can be seen most impressively at the Hopewell Rocks.



Hopewell Rocks
Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks is a must-see on an Eastern Canada road trip

However, there are still many places that make a visit to New Brunswick interesting. It is also worthwhile to study the cuisine of the Atlantic provinces. Nowhere in Canada is there so many lobsters, clams or oysters on the menu as here. These are served in fine restaurants as well as casually served on paper plates as in this photo. Anyway, they are always fresh!



Lobster from the Atlantic coast
Lobster from the Atlantic coast


Prince Edward Island - the quiet island on the Eastern Canada round trip

From New Brunswick we finally drive over the Confederation Bridge Prince Edward Island, This island boasts a very fertile soil, which is also ideal for growing potatoes. Small, pretty villages line the shoreline of the island, and the capital, Charlottetown, has a touch of small town life. What we like about Prince Edward Island is the tranquility that this island radiates, as well as its coastal regions with its many long sandy beaches, secluded coves and lighthouses that defy even the strongest storms.



Stormy weather over Prince Edward Island
Stormy weather over Prince Edward Island


Nova Scotia is a must on an Eastern Canada tour

We continue our Eastern Canada round trip by ferry and transfer to Pictou Nova Scotia. After a visit to the Hector, a replica ship that brought the early Scots to this coast, head to Cape Breton Island. This island has some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in eastern Canada on the Ceilidh Trail and the Cabot Trail. If you also take your time, you can Cape Breton Island go on great hikes, watch whales, discover secluded bays, explore historic villages and much more.



Roadtrip on the Cabot Trail in Canada Copyright Monika Fuchs
Roadtrip on the Cabot Trail in Canada


Halifax - the capital of the province of Nova Scotia in eastern Canada

On an Eastern Canada round trip you will inevitably follow Halifax, the capital of the province of Nova Scotia in eastern Canada. It is a mix of historical buildings and modern skyscrapers. Worth seeing are the citadel and the old districts at the port, which have now become destinations for excursions. There are museums worth seeing in the city. This includes, for example, the Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, where you can find out about immigration to Canada. Since Halifax is on the Atlantic, the sea is right on your doorstep and offers many excursion options. But there are also beautiful parks in the city, such as the Public Gardens. A lively pub and restaurant scene attracts connoisseurs to the city.


Halifax waterfront - capital of the province of Nova Scotia in eastern Canada
Halifax Harbor District - capital of the province of Nova Scotia in eastern Canada

Peggy's Cove is part of an Eastern Canada tour

We turn our backs on Cape Breton Island and continue to the south coast of Nova Scotia. Finally, not far from Halifax we come across one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the country: in Peggy's Cove he sits enthroned on a rocky pedestal above the deep blue sea and shows the seafarers the way.



Lighthouse of Peggy's Cove
Lighthouse of Peggy's Cove


Eastern Canada round trip with Newfoundland

Nova Scotia, with its rough, Atlantic facing south side, the lovely and fertile Annapolis valley and the north coast on the Bay of Fundy, offers many different regions worth exploring - stuff for many trips to this province alone. We make our way back to Halifax on our trip to Eastern Canada and continue on our way Newfoundland, an island that has a character all of its own and incredibly hospitable residents. But the nature of Newfoundland is also worth a visit. We loved the whale watching St. John's, We have been only once on this island, but it pulls us back there already. The most beautiful photo we brought home from our first Newfoundland trip comes from Trinity, a small town on the island coast that will turn millions of lupins into a flower wonderland in July.



Trinity in Newfoundland
Trinity in Newfoundland


Conclusion: Eastern Canada is worth more than a round trip

In twenty pictures we can hardly show all the beauties that Eastern Canada has to offer. Not at all one should plan a Eastern Canada round trip, which summarizes all these places in a journey together. They are too interesting for that. There is also so much more to discover in between. Eastern Canada fascinates us so much that we have been returning there again and again for years looking for other places worth exploring. The next trip is already in planning.


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Eastern Canada
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Eastern Canada round trip to savor

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    1. Dear Diana,

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    1. Hello dear Nina,

      a meeting in Canada can be good! We are there every year. The land just will not let us go, that's how beautiful it is. As for Newfoundland, I can only agree with you. We were there a few years ago in July, and were a little disappointed when we barely saw icebergs off the coast. However, Trinity in the Lupine Sea overwhelmed us. That was soooo great! Newfoundland is certainly worth seeing in every season.

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