Prince Edward Island

Three lovely villages on Prince Edward Island

Three Must-See Villages on Prince Edward Island People like to pass them because they are often only mentioned as a sideline in travel guides. The small places that you often come across on the way more by chance than by planning. Often it is they who stay in the memory of a trip. Often they spray [...]

Have a good meal in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Eat well in Charlottetown The dining scene in Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island is diverse. It offers chip stalls and tea rooms. There are restaurants that specialize in seafood. You can find pizzerias and Italian restaurants. We discovered Irish pubs. We also found restaurants with Japanese, Indian, Korean, Vietnamese and German cuisine. Eating well in Charlottetown is [...]

The first settlers in Prince Edward Island

Roma at Three Rivers isn't very big and never has been. It is a place on the east coast of Prince Edward Island on a peninsula in the Montague River. The first settlers in Prince Edward Island settled there in the 18th century under the direction of the French trader Jean Pierre Roma.