Accommodation in Quebec City for slow travelers: discover hidden corners

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Accommodation in Quebec City

Accommodation in Quebec City for slow travelers

On our trips to Quebec City, both as Travel blogger as a couple as well as in my role as a tour guide, we have continually rediscovered the diversity of this city. Quebec City, with its historic old town and the old streets, provides a backdrop for beautiful travel experiences. But with popularity comes challenges when searching for a hotel, such as high costs, finding authentic accommodation, sustainability issues and noise pollution. Based on our experiences and thorough research, we would like to show solutions. Discover your accommodation in Quebec City that is perfect for slow travelers here.

Slow Travel Quebec City in these accommodations:

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Auberge Saint Antoine*

Located outside the hustle and bustle of the old town, this boutique hotel offers not only affordable prices but also a deep immersion in local history.

Le Monastère des Augustines*

This former monastery offers a unique accommodation experience and is an example of sustainable tourism in the city.

Hotel Le Germain Quebec*

This hotel outside the Old Town has a strong focus on sustainability, offering modern luxury in an eco-friendly setting.

A vacation rental as accommodation in Quebec City

For slow travelers who want to connect with locals and have an authentic living experience in Quebec City, we recommend booking a local vacation apartment or B&B. Platforms like* or Expedia* offer numerous options, from cozy apartments in historic buildings to modern accommodation with city views. Such accommodation in Quebec City not only allows you to experience the culture and everyday life of the locals up close, but also offers the freedom to explore the city at your own pace. Personal contact with the hosts can also offer valuable tips for undiscovered treasures and culinary experiences off the beaten track.

You can find holiday apartments here*:

Each of these accommodations has been carefully selected to meet the needs of slow travelers who value authenticity, sustainability and tranquility. Quebec City is a destination that has much more to offer than just the attractions in the Old Town. With these tips for your accommodation in Quebec City, we hope your next visit to this city will be even more pleasant.



What slow travelers should consider when choosing accommodation in Quebec City

Accommodation in Quebec City's Old Town often comes at a high cost

A look beyond the central old town can not only save costs, but also lead to special experiences. During our travels, we discovered that accommodation in Quebec City outside of Old Town is often cheaper without sacrificing charm or comfort. Booking outside of peak season and looking for discounts can be other ways to save on budget.

These accommodations are suitable for authentic experiences in Quebec

Instead of booking with a hotel chain, we recommend looking for local bed and breakfasts or vacation rentals. This type of accommodation in Quebec City often offers an authentic experience. In addition, this often allows a deeper insight into the culture of the city. Booking directly with smaller, local properties can also result in personalized service and unique experiences.

Sustainable accommodation in Quebec City

For environmentally conscious travelers, there are filters on booking platforms that filter green and sustainable accommodation. Asking the Quebec City accommodation directly about its sustainability can also provide insight. This way you can ensure that you are making a positive contribution to the environment.

You can find quiet hotels in Quebec City this way

Choosing accommodation in Quebec City in a quieter area will help block out the noise of the city. Additionally, requesting a room that does not face the street can make your stay much more pleasant. In addition, reviews from other guests provide valuable insights into the noise situation and help you make an informed decision.


Map of the hotels we recommend


Do you know of any accommodation in Quebec City for slow travelers?

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And finally ...

For any slow traveler coming to Quebec City, it is important to plan your own trip carefully. This starts with the choice of accommodation. Whether you want to discover the history, experience the local way of life or simply enjoy the beauty of the city at your own pace, your accommodation plays a central role. By taking our tips and recommendations into account, you can ensure that your stay is not only pleasant and comfortable, but also sustainable.

We hope these tips help you make your trip to Quebec City the way you want it. Quebec City is waiting to be discovered.


Accommodation in Quebec City
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Source: own research on site. The content of this blog post is based on our own experiences gained on our travels as a travel blogger and as a former tour guide.

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Accommodation in Quebec City for slow travelers: discover hidden corners

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