The Montmorency Fall in Quebec: Insider tips for your visit

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Montmorency Fall near Quebec City

This is the best way to experience the Montmorency Falls near Quebec City

On our Quebec trips we are always drawn to Montmorency Falls, one of the natural beauties Quebec City. Monika has often visited the waterfall as a tour guide. As travel bloggers, we have also been to the waterfalls several times. Every time we visit we experience it in a new way. Be it the view of the manoir, the view from the bridge or the start of the cable car at the foot of the waterfall - you can feel the power of nature here. You also have a beautiful view of the Chute Montmorency from the Ile d'Orléans. There are also boat trips from which we saw the waterfalls. We fondly remember a wine tasting at one of the wineries on the north side of the island, enjoying Quebec wine with a view of the falls.



Our road trips along the St. Lawrence River or trips to... Ile d'Orleans also showed us the waterfall from different angles. This means we now know which times are ideal for a visit and which experiences you shouldn't miss. My favorite experience at Montmorency Falls? This is definitely a lunch on the terrace of the Manoir overlooking the falls and the Ile d'Orléans.

Discover Montmorency Falls

The Montmorency Fall is not only a natural spectacle, but also a place that tempts with a wide range of offerings. The cable car takes you comfortably from bottom to top, while numerous hiking trails invite you to explore. If you want something more adventurous, you can use the zip line or climb the rock walls via the Via Ferrata. In the Manoir you immerse yourself in history, and the bridge over the falls offers perfect photo moments. Your physical well-being is also taken care of, with restaurants and snack bars offering local specialties.

The Story of Montmorency Falls

Have you ever wondered why the Montmorency Fall has such a unique name? Its history dates back to 1613, when Samuel de Champlain gave it this name in honor of his patron, the Duke of Montmorency. At an impressive 83 meters high, the waterfall towers over Niagara Falls by 30 meters, making it one of the natural wonders near Quebec City.

Map of parking lots, train station, activities and viewpoints

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The best viewpoints of Montmorency Fall

To experience this natural spectacle in all its glory, we have put together a list of the best viewing points:

  • The bridge over the waterfall: Offers a direct view of the cascading water as well as the Ile d'Orléans in the St. Lawrence River. Perfect for a photo.
  • The Montmorency Manor: From here you have an excellent view of the waterfall and the surrounding landscape. An ideal place to explore the history of the place. We often planned a lunch break on the terrace of the Manoir. With a beautiful view of the falls, the St. Lawrence River and the Ile d'Orléans, the food tastes even better. (It is not possible to have breakfast there, however, as the restaurant only opens around lunchtime, even in summer.)
  • The cable car station above: Get a bird's eye view of the waterfall and enjoy panoramic views of the St. Lawrence River.
  • The viewpoint at the foot of the falls: Feel the spray on your skin and experience the power of water up close.
  • The hiking trail along the river: Offers different perspectives of the waterfall and is ideal for nature lovers. If you arrive by car and park it in the parking lot at the Manoir, you should consider beforehand whether you want to climb back up the path or take the cable car up.


The Manor


This is how your visit to the Chute Montmorency is a success

A destination as popular as Montmorency Falls also comes with challenges:

  • overcrowding: Avoid peak season to avoid the crowds and enjoy a quieter experience. We always left early, especially on our road trips that took us further along the St. Lawrence River. Then we had the falls almost to ourselves. However, not all attractions were open yet. Here you have to weigh up what is important to you.
  • Parking problems: Arriving early also ensures the best parking spaces. The largest parking lot is at the foot of the falls near the cable car station. Alternatively, you can use public transport. Offers for that RTC different routes. Or you can book one of the organized excursions from Quebec City. This saves you the cost of a rental car and the stress of looking for a parking space.

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  • accessibility: Not all places at Montmorency Falls are barrier-free. Find out about barrier-free options in advance to avoid disappointment on site.
  • Weather dependence: Weatherproof clothing* is essential so that you are prepared for all conditions.
  • Additional Costs: Research prices for extras like cable car rides to decide what's worth the price to you. This is the only way you can plan your stay so that it corresponds to your possibilities. It's best to book your activities online. This will ensure that you can do them.
  • Nature Conservation: Keep an eye on your ecological footprint and respect nature by staying on the trails and not littering.

Conclusion: Our most beautiful moments at Montmorency Falls

Our visits to Montmorency Falls gave us experiences that we would like to share with you. As a tour guide and avid travel blogger, we have experienced this place from almost every perspective - be it from the Manoir, the bridge over the falls or the cable car ride at the base of the falls. We particularly remember the wine tasting on the Ile d'Orléans, where we enjoyed the local wine with a view of the falls.

Our visits to Montmorency Falls near Quebec City and trips to Ile d'Orléans showed us when is the ideal time to visit and what experiences you shouldn't miss. The offerings at Montmorency Fall, from the cable car to the hiking trails to the culinary delights with a view, make every visit a highlight.

From our own experiences, we know the challenges that come with visiting the falls - from overcrowding to parking issues. Our tips on how to get around these hurdles in order to fully enjoy your stay at Montmorency Falls are the result of many visits and getting to know the place in all its facets.

We invite you to discover the beauty and power of Montmorency Falls for yourself and hope that our insider tips will make your visit an experience you won't forget.

Have you been to Montmorency Falls yourself?

Tell us about your experiences in the comments to this blog post. Do you have any special tips that will help other travelers? Our readers are as happy about this as we are.


What is the best time to visit Montmorency Falls?

The best time to visit Montmorency Falls depends on your preferences. In summer, the waterfalls gush powerfully, and the area offers many outdoor activities such as hiking or cable car rides. Winter transforms the falls into an icy wonderland, ideal for ice climbing. Fall offers spectacular fall colors, while spring melts the snow making the falls particularly impressive.

How do I get to Montmorency Falls?

The Montmorency Falls are located approximately 12 kilometers northeast of Quebec City. You can reach them by car, bike or public transport. Buses run regularly from Quebec City to the falls. For those arriving by car, there is on-site parking.

Is there an entrance fee to Montmorency Falls?

Access to the falls themselves is free. However, parking fees apply if you come by car. Activities such as the cable car ride, ice climbing or the zipline course are chargeable.

What activities can I do at Montmorency Falls?

The Montmorency Waterfalls offer a variety of activities. In summer, you can take the cable car, walk across the suspension bridge that offers views of the falls, or explore the hiking trails. In winter, ice climbing on the frozen parts of the falls is a popular activity. Picnics and photography are popular activities year-round.

Can I stay near the falls?

Yes, there are various accommodations available near Montmorency Falls, from Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts* to campsites. Many visitors choose Accommodations in Quebec City*to also enjoy the city's cultural sights.


Montmorency Falls Quebec
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Source: own research on site. These are based on our own experiences during Monika's travels as a tour guide, but also on experiences from our press trips through Quebec as a travel blogger. We would definitely like to thank Tourisme Quebec for its support.

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The Montmorency Fall in Quebec: Insider tips for your visit

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