Stein am Rhein: Your ultimate travel guide

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Stein am Rhein wine bar in the travel guide

Stein am Rhein travel guide

Stein am Rhein is a place that harmoniously combines history, culture and nature. This city on the Rhine is definitely an ideal destination for slow travelers and leisure travelers. Here, medieval architecture and living traditions combine with the tranquility of nature. Get to know the city better with our Stein am Rhein travel guide.

In Stein am Rhein and the surrounding area you will find Hotels that fit every budget. Whether cozy inns or stylish houses - each has its own charm. For example, start your day with a breakfast that includes regional delicacies. In the evening you can relax in hotel gardens and listen to stories about the city. Your hotel becomes the starting point for discovery.



The Old town invites you to explore with its winding streets and historic buildings. Near the hotels you will find cafes and small shops offering local products. For nature lovers there are walking paths along the Rhine. They offer peace and beautiful views.


Our highlights in Stein am Rhein


In Stein am Rhein you will experience an authentic atmosphere. The hotels reflect the culture of the region. Here you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. You can find tips for this in our Stein am Rhein travel guide.


Viewpoint in Stein am Rhein
Viewpoint in the Stein am Rhein travel guide


Insider tips off the beaten path

Discover insider tips off the beaten path in our Stein am Rhein travel guide. There are places in Stein am Rhein that only a few people know. Here you will find hidden cafes as well as art galleries. They are often located in small streets, away from the hustle and bustle.

Definitely visit this Restaurant Rheingerbe. It is located directly on the Rhine. We were guests there during a culinary event where the chef served medieval cuisine. The restaurant also enjoys a very good reputation in other ways. Or discover it Unique shop, an insider tip for everyone who likes handicrafts. It shows works by regional artists.

Another special place is the viewing point on the banks of the Rhine. It offers a tranquil view of the river. Ideal for relaxing and letting your thoughts wander. Nearby you will find small hotels that offer peace and comfort. They are perfect for slow travelers and pleasure travelers.


The monastery in Stein am Rhein
The monastery – a highlight in our Stein am Rhein travel guide


Explore the nature around Stein am Rhein

Discover the green side of Stein am Rhein and start with a walk along the Rhine. The riverside paths are quiet and offer beautiful views, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the landscape. You will also find charming cafés nearby, perfect for a short break.

Also explore the nature reserves around Stein am Rhein, which are rich in flora and fauna. Here you can hike and observe the local wildlife, as the natural areas are easily accessible and offer paths for every taste.

Bicycle rental companies in Stein am Rhein also offer bikes for your tours. Explore the area on two wheels, as the cycle paths lead through picturesque landscapes, are well signposted and suitable for all levels.


Christmas crib
Christmas nativity scene – a tip in our Stein am Rhein travel guide


Local events and festivals

The local events and festivals are a highlight for slow travelers and leisure travelers. Here is an overview of the annual events in Stein am Rhein:

  1. Spring market: In April the city awakens with the traditional spring market. Here you will find regional products and handicrafts. Ideal for immersing yourself in the local culture.
  2. Medieval festival: In summer, Stein am Rhein travels back in time. At the medieval festival you will experience historical costumes, music and craftsmanship. A must for history buffs.
  3. wine Festival: In September the city celebrates the wine festival. Enjoy local wines and specialties. A paradise for wine lovers.
  4. Christmas Market: In December, Stein am Rhein turns into a winter wonderland. The Christmas market offers unique gift ideas and a festive atmosphere.

Integrate these festivals into your travel planning. They offer an authentic experience and the opportunity to meet locals.


Chocolate box
A culinary tip in our Stein am Rhein travel guide: the chocolate box


Culinary discoveries beyond the classics

Discover culinary insider tips that go beyond the classics. In our Stein am Rhein travel guide you will find recommendations for restaurants and local specialties.

  1. Regional specialities: In Stein am Rhein you definitely have to try the fresh fish dishes. Visit “Rheinfels”, a restaurant right on the Rhine that is known for its fish specialties.
  2. Cheese enjoyment: For cheese lovers, “Villiger Delikatessen” has a large selection of regional cheeses. Perfect for enjoying a picnic on the banks of the Rhine.
  3. sweet temptations: For a sweet ending, visit the “Schoggibox”. Here you will find a large selection of handmade pralines and traditional Swiss chocolate.

These culinary insider tips in Stein am Rhein offer you an authentic taste experience.


Skilled trades
Crafts – recommendations in our Stein am Rhein travel guide


Art and crafts in Stein am Rhein

Discover the local arts and crafts scene. This Stein am Rhein travel guide, for example, gives you insights and tips for your creative experience. Stein am Rhein also offers a lively arts and crafts scene.

Art galleries: Visit local galleries. The "Falcon gallery“ features works by regional artists. Here you can immerse yourself in the art scene.

Organize your stay in Stein am Rhein on your own

Stein am Rhein offers a perfect mix of culture, history and nature. That's why you'll find everything a slow traveler and leisure traveler could desire in our Stein am Rhein travel guide.

Explore the old town with its historic buildings and cozy restaurants. Plus, get inspired by the local art scene and visit studios and galleries. Enjoy the culinary delights and try the regional wines. The nature around Stein am Rhein also invites you to take relaxing walks and bike rides.

In Stein am Rhein there is accommodation for every budget. Whether cozy guesthouses or stylish hotels, in our Stein am Rhein travel guide you will find the perfect place for your stay. The hospitality of the locals will also welcome you.

So take the opportunity to discover Stein am Rhein on your own. Find your own favorite places and experience the city from a personal perspective. After all, every corner of Stein am Rhein has its own history and charm. Our Stein am Rhein travel guide will support you.




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Stein am Rhein travel guide
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Stein am Rhein: Your ultimate travel guide

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