The best hotels in Stein am Rhein for every budget

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Hotel Stein am Rhein and Restaurant Rheingerbe

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Stein am Rhein beckons history and culture. Here, where the river winds past the old town, you will find peace. Slow travelers as well as pleasure travelers will find it in Stone at the Rhein Accommodations for every budget. From cozy inns to stylish hotels in Stein am Rhein. Every house has its own character. In the morning you start with a breakfast that offers regional specialties. In the evening you end the day in a hotel garden. Here you will meet people who tell stories about Stein am Rhein. Your hotel in Stein am Rhein becomes the starting point for discoveries. Choose the right accommodation in Stein am Rhein here.



Things to see in Stein am Rhein

They especially have us Old town of Stein am Rhein, the nativity scene museum and especially the former one Benedictine monastery of Saint Georgen fallen. The Stein am Rhein monastery is the best place to understand the history of the city. The abbey is very well preserved and visiting it is like traveling back in time.

For a longer stay, for example Cycling tours in the area at. There is a cycle path that leads to Schaffhausen. Or you can cycle through the beautiful landscape to Radolfzell on the German side of Lake Constance.

Furthermore, there is There are good opportunities for hiking in the area around Stein am Rhein.

Map of the best hotels in and around Stein am Rhein

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Discover the best hotels in Stein am Rhein

Budget-friendly accommodations: Inexpensive

Here are two options for accommodation in Stein am Rhein for slow travelers and leisure travelers who love something special but are on a budget.

The Garni-Hotel Mühletal* (book here)

This small hotel in Stein am Rhein offers comfortable rooms at affordable prices. It is in an idyllic location and perfect for walks in the old town. There is a family atmosphere in Mühletal that invites you to linger. In the morning you start with a breakfast that offers regional delicacies. A tip: book early, the prices are particularly attractive in the low season.

  • Equipment: The rooms at the Garni-Hotel Mühletal are equipped with comfortable beds, a modern bathroom, free Wi-Fi and a television. Some rooms also offer scenic views of the old town.
  • Special services: The hotel offers bicycle storage and a ticket service for local attractions and events.
  • Atmosphere: The hotel is characterized by its warm, welcoming décor, which creates a cozy and homely atmosphere. The combination of traditional charm and modern comfort makes it an ideal retreat.

The Stein am Rhein youth hostel* (book here)

Ideal for travelers looking for community. It is in a quiet location on the banks of the Rhine. Here you are close to nature and can quickly reach the city center. The youth hostel is simple but warm and clean. It offers both dormitories and private rooms. The prices are particularly affordable for members. Be sure to check their website for special offers.

  • Equipment: In addition to the usual dormitories, the hostel also offers private rooms with basic amenities. Amenities include shared bathrooms, lockers, a self-catering kitchen and a lounge with games and books.
  • Special services: There are special offers and programs for groups.
  • Atmosphere: The youth hostel is known for its lively, international atmosphere. It is a meeting point for travelers from all over the world and offers a perfect opportunity to make new friends.


Half-timbered structure in Stein am Rhein
Half-timbered structure in Stein am Rhein


Stein am Rhein middle-class hotels: comfort meets local flair

Here are three mid-range hotels in Stein am Rhein that perfectly combine comfort and local flair.

Hotel Rheinfels* (book here)

The Hotel Rheinfels is located directly on the banks of the Rhine. Here you can enjoy the view of the water. The rooms are modern and comfortable. You can taste regional specialties in the hotel's restaurant. A walk along the Rhine is definitely a must.

The Hotel Rheingerbe* (book here)

A cozy atmosphere awaits you at the Hotel Rheingerbe. Each room is individually designed, with attention to detail. The hotel in Stein am Rhein is centrally located, ideal for city explorers. Enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace in the evening. The service is friendly and personal.


Stein am Rhein Hotel Restaurant Rheingerbe
Stein am Rhein Hotel Restaurant Rheingerbe


We didn't stay there, but we did test the restaurant at the Hotel Rheingerbe. When we visited, they were serving food there for a few weeks Pilgrim menu like in the Middle Ages. The chef had gone to great lengths to research what ingredients were available to chefs in those long-gone days. The result was a great and very tasty menu that introduced us to the cuisine of the Middle Ages. Modern cuisine is now being served again. But I'm sure this one will be a treat too.

Hotel Adler* (book here)

The Hotel Adler offers a mix of tradition and modernity. The rooms are elegant and have everything you need. The hotel in Stein am Rhein is also known for its excellent breakfast. It is located in the old town, perfect for exploring Stein am Rhein on foot.


Shop sign in Stein am Rhein
Shop sign in Stein am Rhein


Our top hotel recommendations in Stein am Rhein

Luxury hotels near Stein am Rhein: exclusivity and first-class service

Are you planning a luxurious stay near Stein am Rhein? Two exclusive hotels in the Stein am Rhein area offer you exactly that.

Historic guesthouse Hotel Hirschen in Gaienhofen, Germany* (book here)

The “Historisches Gasthaus Hotel Hirschen” in Gaienhofen, Germany, is a true gem. Here you combine history with modern comfort. The rooms are lovingly and individually designed. Enjoy regional cuisine in the hotel's restaurant. Another special experience is the view of Lake Constance. Tip: Explore the area with a rented bike.

Wellness Golf Panorama Hotel in Lipperswil, Switzerland* (book here)

Just a short drive away is the “Wellnesshotel Golf Panorama” in Lipperswil, Switzerland. This hotel is a paradise for those seeking relaxation. The modern rooms offer the highest level of comfort. In the wellness area you will find peace and relaxation. The hotel also has its own golf course. You will be spoiled with fine food. A highlight is definitely the gourmet dinner.

  • Rooms & Suites: The hotel offers various room categories, including double rooms, junior suites, panoramic suites as well as holiday apartments. Each category offers unique comfort and style.
  • Spa & Wellness: The hotel also has an extensive wellness area with beauty treatments, massages, a sauna area and a fitness area. Guests can also take part in activities and classes.
  • Gastronomy: The hotel offers culinary experiences with a focus on fine dining. For example, guests can look forward to a 4-course selection menu in the evening.
  • Golf: The hotel is in close proximity to a 27-hole championship golf course, making it an ideal destination for golf enthusiasts.
  • Location and surroundings: The hotel is located in a quiet and relaxing environment, ideal for guests seeking relaxation. It offers wonderful views of the Swiss Alps and is well located for excursions in the Lake Constance region.

Both hotels offer unique experiences as well as first-class service. They are ideal for slow travelers and leisure travelers who are looking for something special. However, remember to book early to ensure your luxurious experience.


Wild goulash with honey-glazed rubies
Wild goulash with honey-glazed rubies in the Stein am Rhein Hotel Rheingerbe


Sustainable and authentic hotels nearby

Are you planning a sustainable trip to Stein am Rhein? Here are two hotels near Stein am Rhein that combine sustainability and local culture.

Hotel Landgasthof Hirschen in Ramsen, Switzerland* (book here)

The “Hotel Landgasthof Hirschen” in Ramsen, Switzerland, focuses on environmental friendliness. The rooms are furnished with natural materials. The hotel also uses regional products. Here you will experience real Swiss hospitality. For example, enjoy homemade food in the cozy restaurant. A tip: Explore the surrounding nature on foot or by bike.

  • Atmosphere: The hotel offers traditional and warm hospitality in a historic setting.
  • Gastronomy: The hotel's restaurant also values ​​market-fresh and regional products and offers traditional cuisine, reinterpreted to a high standard.
  • Special services: The Landgasthof Hirschen also offers a “Chef’s Table” experience, where guests can take a seat in the kitchen and enjoy a seasonal surprise menu.
  • Events: The country inn is also suitable for events such as seminars, weddings and birthdays and offers a light-flooded event hall for up to 60 people.

Ittingen Charterhouse in Warth, Switzerland* (book here)

The “Kartause Ittingen” in Warth, also in Switzerland, is unique. This historic monastery not only offers overnight stays, but also cultural insights. The rooms are simple but comfortable. The monastery runs its own gardens and a cheese dairy. Here you eat and live in harmony with nature. Visit the monastery museum as well as the herb garden.

  • Unique location and history: The Ittingen Charterhouse is a historic monastery that offers a unique combination of monastic values ​​such as culture, spirituality and hospitality.
  • Sustainability: The Charterhouse is committed to sustainability and also runs its own gardens and a cheese dairy.
  • cultural activities: The Charterhouse offers a diverse cultural program with guided tours, concerts and exhibitions in the Thurgau Art Museum.
  • adventures: Guests can explore the beautiful gardens as well as take part in various activities such as hiking, cycling and swimming.

Both hotels offer an authentic experience. They are therefore ideal for slow travelers and pleasure travelers. You immerse yourself in the local culture and support sustainable tourism.



Personal recommendations and tips

If you travel to Stein am Rhein, I would be happy to share my personal experiences for your stay.

A highlight for me was the meal in the Rheingerbe restaurant. The atmosphere there is relaxed and the food, especially the fish dishes, was excellent. The restaurant is located directly on the Rhine, which makes the evening particularly atmospheric.

I can also do this for overnight stays Bora Hot Spa Hotel in Radolfzell on Lake Constance recommend. My stay there was characterized by peace and relaxation. I found the spa area with a view of Lake Constance particularly impressive. The modern rooms offered all the comfort I wanted. The bus to Stein am Rhein leaves directly in front of the hotel. The journey takes about an hour.

When choosing accommodation in Stein am Rhein, I recommend paying attention to the location. A centrally located hotel makes it easy to explore the city on foot. I prefer smaller, family-run hotels as they often offer a more authentic experience. Additionally, I recommend looking for hotels that use local products. This not only supports the local economy, but also guarantees fresh and delicious meals.


Near Stein am Rhein
Near Stein am Rhein


Stein am Rhein and the surrounding area offer a lot for a longer stay

We visited Stein am Rhein on a bus excursion from the BoraHotSpa Resort in Radolfzell. We had a few hours to explore the city. After a late lunch in the Rheingerbe restaurant, we took the boat back across the Rhine and Lake Constance to Radolfzell. The boat leaves directly in front of the Rheingerbe restaurant. However, we didn't have enough time to visit all the city's sights. If you want to see everyone or go on bike rides, hikes or excursions in the area, then it's definitely worth staying one or more nights. Some of the recommended accommodations also offer great options for how you can organize your stay.

These personal recommendations are based on my own experiences and particularly enriched my stay in Stein am Rhein. I hope they help you enjoy your trip just as much.


Hohenklingen Castle
Stein am Rhein and Hohenklingen Castle



Stein am Rhein is a special travel destination that has a lot to offer. From cozy, budget-friendly guesthouses to luxurious hotels, you'll find it all here. Each accommodation has its own charm and also combines comfort with local flair.

The city of Stein am Rhein impressed me with its historic old town. I enjoyed the quiet walks along the Rhine as well as the delicious meals in the local restaurants.

Which hotel in Stein am Rhein did you visit and how was your experience?

I invite you to share your experiences and tips about Stein am Rhein. Which accommodations did you visit? What did you like most? Your stories and recommendations are valuable to other travelers.



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Hotels in Stein am Rhein
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Source Stein am Rhein Monastery Museum: research on site. We would like to thank Tourismus Untersee for inviting us to this trip. However, our opinions remain our own.

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The best hotels in Stein am Rhein for every budget

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