Hike along the Rhine – which is the most beautiful?

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Hike on the Rhine near Assmannshausen

Our walk through the Rhine showed how beautiful a hike along the Rhine can be Vineyards near Assmannshausen. We watched the fireworks along the river at "Rhein in Flammen" from this vineyard. To get there, simply walk up the hill in Assmannshausen to the end of the forest road. At the end, the hiking trail continues through the vineyards above the town with views of the Rhine. But hiking on the Rhine offers even more. For example, you can hike from Assmannshausen to Rüdesheim. But there are other beautiful hiking trails. So we asked travel blogger colleagues for their tips for hiking trails along the Rhine. You can find her recommendations for hikes along the Rhine here. These show how beautiful hiking on the Rhine is.


Hike along the Rhine through the Rhine Gorge
Hike along the Rhine through the Rhine Gorge Photo: Linda Bluemel, Hiking the Alps

Hike on the Rhine through the Rhine Gorge in Switzerland

To the Rhine Gorge, also known as the Swiss Grand Canyon, there are many beautiful hikes to explore. My favorite tour is a route hike that is easily accessible by public transport.

You can reach the starting point in Flims Waldhaus in a 30-minute bus ride from Chur, capital of the canton of Graubünden. The first highlight on the way is the beautiful, turquoise-blue Caumersee. An outstanding summer swim stop!

It continues, steadily downhill, to the first vantage point, Il Spir, above the impressive Rhine Gorge. This canyon, which is up to 400 meters deep and around 13 kilometers long, was formed in a landslide more than 10000 years ago.

The path now leads steeply down to the bank of the Vorderrhein, straight into the gorge. The wide stony beach that awaits you below is suitable for a picnic and, if you are lucky, for observing mountain goats on the steep, white cliffs. The further hiking trail now always leads along the Rhine, on level ground.

You can now follow the beautiful path, parallel to the water, as long as you feel like it and are fit. Every few kilometers, the hiking trail passes a small train station, from which you can drive back to Chur in 30 minutes.

The 13km from Flims Waldhaus to Valendas train station is an outstanding day tour, with time for a swim in Lake Cauma or, for the brave, in the Rhine. The tour loses almost 700 meters in altitude, but only climbs 260 meters in altitude and is therefore of medium difficulty.

About Hiking the Alps

On her hiking blog Hiking the Alps, Linda takes you on her hikes, preferably in the Alps. She loves hiking, nature and being out and about and tries to inspire others to hike with her hiking descriptions and tips.



Hiking along the Rhine on the Beethoven hiking trail
Hiking along the Rhine and a view of the Rhine from Drachenfels. Photo: Melanie Kuhn

Beautiful hike on the Rhine - Beethoven hiking trail

The Beethoven hiking trail is an approx. 15 km long circular route in the Siebengebirge south of Bonn. It offers hikers an all-round view of highlights such as the Drachenfels, the Heisterbach monastery ruins and the Petersberg on a demanding day tour.

The start and end point is in Königswinter, not far from the train station, which makes traveling by train ideal. From here, follow the markings with a white B on a green background, first through the Nachtigallental, past Drachenburg Castle and onto the Drachenfels. In the further course you run parts of the Rheinsteig again and again, for example on the steep ascent to the Geisberg. Then it goes across the valley to Rosenau, where a ruin can be discovered. It continues through the quarry on the Stenzelberg and to the monastery ruins of Heisterbach. Finally, the ascent to the Petersberg and the descent to the starting point await.

With 15 km and 570 hm, the Beethoven hiking trail is quite demanding. If you want to run it, you should be fit and sure-footed. But you can discover a lot of highlights in the Siebengebirge in just one day. The path offers some fantastic views of the Rhine and the Siebengebirge. Simple, wide forest paths alternate with narrow path sections. On the way you have the opportunity to stop off and take a break, for example on the Drachenfels, in the Klosterstube or in the beer garden on the Petersberg.

About tesserae

Melanie writes on mosaic stones about vegan travel and recipes from all over the world. During Corona she discovered hiking for herself and now also reports on her tours as a beginner hiker.



Hike on the Rhine near Kaiserwerth
Hike on the Rhine near Kaiserwerth Photo: Janine Wenzel from Packed and Go!

The Kaiserwerth Rheinweg – hiking on the Rhine near Düsseldorf

An idyllic circular route away from the urban hustle and bustle of Düsseldorf starts in the historic Kaiserswerth. Kaiserswerth is the oldest district of Düsseldorf and is located in the north not far from Duisburg.

The 10 km distance can easily be covered in 2,5 hours. The easy hike along the Rhine can be taken up as a long walk. There are a few benches and rest stops along the way. There are cafés and bars in Kaiserswerth itself, and Brand's Jupp invites you with an outdoor dining area halfway.

From the starting point it goes a long way along the Rhine, on the Rhine promenade with a few sights, such as the Imperial Palace. The way back leads a little further away from the river and then via Kalkum Castle back to Kaiserswerth.

This hike along the Rhine can be easily reached by public transport. Both from Düsseldorf and Duisburg, the subway runs directly to the old town of Kaiserswerth. So you can also treat yourself to one or the other beer or wine.

About Packed & Go!

Janine from the blog Packed & Go! was born in Düsseldorf. She hasn't lived there for a long time, but in Austria. However, she visits regularly and hikes through the different regions in the Rhineland and Ruhr area.



Source of the Rhine at Lake Toma in early November
Hiking along the Rhine to the source of the Rhine at Tomasee in early November Photo: Linda Bluemel Hiking the Alps

Hike along the Rhine to the source of the Rhine at Lake Toma in Switzerland

The source of the Rhine at the beautiful Lake Toma (Lai da Tuma) is located deep in central Switzerland, not far from the canton border between Graubünden and Uri.

The pass road to our hiking start and end point at Oberalpsee is closed in winter and usually only open and passable between mid-June and mid-November.

At the Oberalpsee car park, at 2044m, stands the highest lighthouse in the world, symbolizing the source of the Rhine. The fastest and most direct hiking trail to the source is 8 km and it takes almost 4 hours there and back.

First, we hike downhill along the pass road for about 10 minutes until the high-level trail to the source of the Rhine begins, which offers great views.

This red and white marked path, the 1st stage of the well-known Four Sources Path, initially meanders flat, then zigzags uphill along the mountain slope. First along steep alpine meadows, then over rocky rocks and finally over stone steps to the source of the Rhine.

The beautiful Lake Toma at 2345m above sea level. is definitely one of them most beautiful mountain lakes in Switzerland. Originating from the once mighty Vorderrhein glacier, the 2,5 hectare lake lies idyllically nestled in front of the mighty Piz Badur.

Here, at its source, the Rhine is still so small that we can easily cross it in one step. After doing this a few times for fun and sending photos to the family in Cologne, we head back to the Oberalp Pass on the same beautiful trail.

About Hiking the Alps

On her hiking blog Hiking the Alps, Linda takes you on her hikes, preferably in the Alps. She loves hiking, nature and being out and about and tries to inspire others to hike with her hiking descriptions and tips.



Rhine Terrace Path
Hike along the Rhine on the Rheinterrassenweg Photo: Heiko Müller, People Abroad


Hike along the Rhine on the Rheinterrassenweg

The Rheinterrassenweg is around 75 km long and runs through the region from Worms to Mainz Rheinhessen. It is divided into six stages with these stage points: Worms, Osthofen, Mettenheim, Guntersblum, Oppenheim, Bodenheim and Mainz. The long-distance hiking trail runs through a varied region with beautiful views of the Rhine and the Rheinhessen vineyards. Since you are hiking in a wine region here, there are many opportunities to stop off at wineries and wine shops along the way. The wine villages with their streets and buildings are also worth looking at.

The Worms Cathedral, the Herrnsheim Castle, the Lambertus Basilica in Bechtheim, the Catherine Church in Oppenheim and the Mainz Cathedral are particularly worth seeing. There are many other highlights to discover on the Rheinterrassenweg. There are a total of 12 train stations along the hiking trail, which means that all stage locations can be reached by public transport. The path leads through a hilly landscape with moderate gradients, which makes it easy to hike. Individual stages can also be planned for a visit to Rheinhessen.

About People Abroad

Heiko writes on People Abroad about individual and active travel, hiking, cycling, outdoor adventures, city breaks and road trips as focal points. Destinations are regions in Germany, Europe and countries on other continents.



Hiking on the Rhine Rheinsteig Commrum Reisen
Hiking along the Rhine on the Rheinsteig Photo: Kommrum Reisen

Hike along the Rhine on the Rheinsteig

For a total of 320 km, the Rheinsteig meanders along the well-known river, which gives it its name, through the impressive surroundings of the Rhineland. Between Bonn and Wiesbaden, the hiking trail leads along the right bank of the Rhine through diverse nature, meadows, fields and above all along the vineyards.

The Rheinsteig mostly challenges (long-distance) hikers with medium difficulty. Sometimes it goes up and down and the paths are narrow at times, but the terrain is rarely really difficult or exposed. What often happens, however, are wonderful views of the Rhine. If you tackle the hiking trail from Bonn and head south, you'll look over your right shoulder with enthusiasm.

Old castles and magnificent palaces along the way make this great long-distance hiking trail something special, as do the many and varied rest stops in the small villages and larger towns along the way. You shouldn't miss a break in one of the traditional wine taverns.

What is also charming about the Rheinsteig is the possibility of tackling the long-distance hiking trail in its entirety of more than 300km in 21 stages or, if you don’t have that much time or physical condition, you can pick out individual sections for a wonderful day tour to get your first impressions to collect on the Rheinsteig.

The journey to, from and onward journey is easily managed by train, which also runs along the banks of the Rhine for almost the entire route.

The Stage 2 on the Rheinsteig from Königswinter to Bad Honnef describe Nina and Malte in their blog.

About Commrum Travel

"Kommrum Reisen" - that's Nina's and Malte's travel blog with 4 eyes and 20 fingers. Born out of the passion for travel, the search for individual highlights, the great love for hiking and the mountains and the desire not only to share all of this with your loved ones, the blog will soon be celebrating its 4th birthday. Today they share long-distance trips there, as well as hiking tips for the Rhineland and the surrounding area - and when in doubt, they can always be found where the good food is.


More hikes along the Rhine

Rhine loops

Rheinschleifen - Official hiking guide. 21 new premium circular routes on the Rheinsteig and Rheinburgenweg: Legendary hiking pleasure between Bingen and Bonn.
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Hiking along the Rhine on the Rheinau Peninsula Photo: Daniel Pfau, 2CoinsTravel.ch


Hike along the Rhine on the Rheinau Peninsula in Switzerland

A few kilometers south of the Rhine Falls, the Rhine makes a double loop at the German-Swiss border, where the peninsula and monastery island of Rheinau is located. The town stretches along a ridge that is used for wine-growing, towards the river the terrain flattens out to form a meadow landscape, waterfowl and a diverse flora have established their biotope here. The best way to discover Rheinau is on a hike. The starting point is the Rheinau outdoor pool, where there are plenty of parking spaces and a bus stop. The tour is quite easy and depending on the route around 5-8 km long. You have the choice if you only want to hike on Swiss territory or on the German side as well.

The highlight is certainly the monastery island with its huge baroque basilica. Other sights include the wooden bridge over the Rhine, the numerous historical buildings in Rheinau and the flora and fauna along the Rhine. There are several restaurants in Rheinau and the monastery island for your physical well-being, alternatively there is a village shop in Rheinau, which you pass during the hike. Highlights that you should definitely explore are the small Magdalenen chapel on the monastery island and the vantage point at the mountain church of St. Nicholas, from where you have a wonderful view of the region. There is a lot more information and pictures of the hike in the article: Circular hike on the monastery island of Rheinau.

About 2CoinsTravel.ch

Behind 2CoinsTravel.ch are Dokmai (from Thailand) and Daniel (from Germany). They take you on the most beautiful excursions and hikes in Switzerland.




Hiking on the Rhine near Boppard
Hike on the Rhine near Boppard Photo: Eva Katharina Schwack, ahoiundmoinmoin.de


Hike on the Rhine near Boppard with the Rhine loop

Today we take you on a hiking adventure to Boppard, located in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. You can arrive by river cruise ship from Düsseldorf.

The first stop is the valley station of the chairlift and at the same time the end point "Mittelrhein Klettersteig Boppard". From there you walk up Mühltalstrasse to Kyffhäuser Weg. Follow this to the bend in the Kyffhäuser path. The Kyffhäuser path is also the well signposted hiking trail 45. The forest path is well developed and after a few bends and climbs you have reached the Gedeons Eck. The Gedeons Eck (= restaurant of the same name) invites you to take a refreshment break with a view of the Middle Rhine Valley and the Rhine loop. Down on the Rhine there is a lot of activity with container ships, cargo ships and excursion boats in the direction of Koblenz, Bingen or Rüdesheim.

Well-fortified, you walk a few hundred meters on a well-developed forest path in the direction of the mountain station. There you get on the chairlift at the mountain station and a few minutes later we reach the valley station. You are welcome to walk along the Rhein-Burgenweg below the chairlift, but this is quite steep.

We wish you a lot of fun with your subsequent journey and a nice time in Boppard am Rhein.

The hiking trail is about 5,3 km and the pure hiking time for relaxed hiking is about 2 hours.

About Ahoy and Moin Moin

On Ahoy and Moin Moin Kathy shows you city trips and cruise destinations with barrier-free shore excursions worldwide. At the same time, you will learn how you can enjoy them carefree with a wheelchair, walker or buggy/pram. Her wealth of experience includes more than 150 cruise ports visited worldwide.



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Hike along the Rhine – which is the most beautiful?

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