Auberge la Goéliche on Île d'Orléans in Quebec

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The Auberge La Goéliche on the Ile d'Orleans in Quebec

We had an unforgettable stay at Auberge la Goéliche on the Île d'Orléans in Quebec. A few years ago, on a leisurely trip through Quebec, we took a full day to explore the... Ile d'Orleans to get to know a little better at the gates of Quebec. I had known the island in the St. Lawrence River for years from passing through it quickly on my trips as a tour guide. These short visits made me curious because I suspected that there was a lot more to discover on the island than I had been able to see on previous visits. This was confirmed on our first trip as a couple. As travel bloggers we were able to take more time. So we spent a night on the island and experienced it even more intensively.

So we booked a night at the Auberge la Goéliche on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River. The Île d'Orléans is only about twenty minutes drive from Old Quebec away, practically at the gates of the city. It can be reached via an imposing bridge that connects the north bank of the St. Lawrence River with the island. As it turns out, I was right - the island offers a whole host of idyllic places to explore. And as we had to realize again, even one day was not enough to explore and visit everything.



The Île d'Orléans near Quebec City, Canada

The island is almost as old as the city of Quebec. Jacques Cartier already met her on his voyages of discovery. And after the city of Quebec was built at Cap Diamant on the other side of the St. Lawrence River, the island in the river quickly developed into the “Garden of New France”. Farmers in particular settled here who knew how to make use of the island's fertile soil and soon grew all kinds of fruits, vegetables and grains. And it has remained that way to this day.

If you drive around the island today, you often won't believe what is grown here: Potatoes, cabbage, wheat, corn, carrots, tomatoes, aubergines and peppers thrive on this island as well as apples, cherries, peaches and wine. The Île d'Orléans did not bear its original name "Island of Bacchus" for nothing. It has remained so to this day. That was also one of the reasons why we decided to stay on the island in a hotel whose cuisine is recommended in many places:


View of the Ile d'Orleans from the north shore of St. Lawrence
View of the Ile d'Orleans from the north bank of St. Lawrence


The Auberge La Goéliche in Sainte Pétronille on the Île d'Orléans in Quebec

I had also become aware of this small country hotel on previous trips. I discovered it because I liked its surroundings. From the hotel parking lot you have a wonderful view of Cap Diamant and Quebec City, over which the impressive Chateau Frontenac towers like a castle. From the outside the hotel looked cozy and inviting, so we decided to stay there during our stay on the island. We shouldn't regret it!

A romantic hotel on the St. Lawrence River

I had already found out that there was no television in the rooms at the Auberge, and I thought, well, I can survive a day without news or weather reports. What awaited us there surprised me. When we arrived at the auberge in the late afternoon after our island tour, we were warmly welcomed at reception, but discovered that there was no elevator in the house. Well, I thought, another indication that this is a traditional – i.e. older – house.

But when we opened the door to our room, we were amazed and completely overwhelmed by a decor that was overflowing with maritime design elements. The room was decorated in white and dark blue, with the blue primarily consisting of a frieze that ran along the ceiling around the entire room and consisted entirely of motifs representing the sea: shells, sailboats, anchors and the like.

Wicker chairs and a glass table stood in the bright bay window of the room. There was a pretty model ship on the desk, which perfectly complemented the hotel room's maritime decor.


Container ship on the Saint Lawrence River
Container ship on the St. Lawrence River Photo: Wilfredo Rafael Rodríguez Hernandez, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons


The view of the St. Lawrence River is breathtaking

However, we were overwhelmed by the fantastic view of the St. Lawrence River from the Auberge la Goéliche from our window front. The windows took up an entire side of the octagonal room. They opened up a view of the stream, which here looks more like a lake than a flowing body of water. I love water in all forms - whether it's a river, a stream, a lake or the sea. Here I was able to really indulge my passion.

I didn't really care about the missing TV. I wanted to spend the remaining hours of the day here with a good book and enjoy the wonderful view of the river. And it got even better! The book was soon forgotten, because the large container ships, cruise ships and the many Quebec sailing boats pass directly in front of the island. I couldn't get enough of what was happening outside the windows of our hotel room.

Update and tip: There are now televisions in the rooms at Auberge la Goéliche. Nevertheless, it is worth not turning it on and instead enjoying the view of the ships and boats passing by. It's an intense experience that you won't forget.


Fish at Auberge la Goeliche
Fresh fish from the Sankt Lorenz in the Auberge la Goéliche


Fine Quebec cuisine in the Auberge La Goéliche restaurant

Since we had chosen the Auberge la Goéliche because of the good reputation of its restaurant, it was difficult to tear myself away from the view in the evening. We went down to the hotel restaurant where we reserved a window seat for two. After all, we wanted to celebrate the beginning of our journey through Quebec here. We shouldn't regret that either, because we ended our day with an excellent table d'hôte dinner. There were crabs with cucumber jelly, mint and lettuce with lemon and a filet mignon with cocoa butter, grapes and hazelnuts in an orange sauce. With the Goéliche vanilla crème brûlée at the end, we were able to enjoy the view of the St. Lawrence River and its ships. Fairy lights that were decoratively draped along the quay added to our sense of well-being. So we spent an unforgettable stay at the Auberge La Goéliche in Quebec.

Auberge La Goéliche

22 Chemin du Quai
Sainte-Petronille, G0A 4C0
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Auberge la Goeliche
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Auberge la Goéliche on Île d'Orléans in Quebec

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