Hiking on the Moselle - hikes through the vineyards

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Hiking on the Moselle

How beautiful hiking on the Moselle is, we have seen in several hiking trails discovered in the region around Alf, Bullay and Zell on the Moselle. There are wonderful views of the river along the way. The idyllic places are worth a visit. You can also go on a wine tasting hike in the wine region. Or just pack a bottle of Moselle wine and a snack in your backpack, find a nice vantage point for a picnic and enjoy the views of the Mosel.



Hike along the Moselle to the Prinzenkopf
Hike along the Moselle to the Prinzenkopf

Hiking along the Moselle to the Prinzenkopf

This hike along the Moselle offers beautiful views of the river, Bullay and Plünderich. This is hiking on the Moselle with pleasure. From the parking lot in Auf d. Hill in Alf head north and take the Auf Tannerd path which branches sharply to the left. On the way you will pass the Margarethenhöhe viewpoint. From there you have a beautiful view of the Moselle and the double-decker bridge that leads from Bullay over the river. After about 600 meters, turn left onto the Waldfrieden path. At Haus Waldfrieden, turn right and follow the path past the military cemetery to the Prinzenkopf lookout tower.


View of the cannon track on the Moselle
Hiking along the Moselle with a view of the cannon railway

We continued our hike along the Moselle to a vantage point on Plünderich. From there you have a view of the Moselle and the town of Plünderich.



Hiking on the Moselle near Plünderich
Hiking on the Moselle near Plünderich

There you can unpack your snack and enjoy the view with a glass of Moselle wine.


Wine at a rest
Wine during a rest on a hike along the Moselle


Hiking on the Moselle through the vineyards near Alf

A hike along the Moselle through the vineyards above Alf is also rewarded with beautiful views of the town and the river. We park our car at the riverside parking lot and walk to the church of Alf. Shortly after we turn left onto the Bergstrasse. We follow this until Solligstraße branches off to the half right. Shortly thereafter, Solligstrasse makes a sharp right turn up the hill. This road leads us directly to the mountain chapel. On this route we hike through the vineyards on the Moselle and always have the river in view.


Through the vineyards of Alf
Hiking along the Moselle through the vineyards of Alf


At the mountain chapel in Alf
At the mountain chapel in Alf - hiking on the Moselle

Have you ever gone hiking at the Lower Moselle? The holiday region with its Moselle towns is only a few kilometers from Koblenz away and is a suitable starting point for tours through the area. The hiking trails through nature are very well marked, eventful and the good thing: they always bring hikers back to the starting point.



Hiking along the Moselle on the Moselsteig side jump "Würzlaysteig"

The Moselsteig side jump “Würzlaysteig” in Lehmen. Varied landscapes as well as fascinating views and unique flora and fauna make this 9,3 kilometer long tour an experience. The hike begins at the Lehmen sports park in the direction of the Würzlay vineyard. After a few steps along a wooded natural path, you can leave everyday life behind and enjoy the views of the valley. High above the Moselle and the Würzlay vineyard, an alpine path finally leads through the steep slopes. This section requires fitness, sure-footedness and a minimum level of freedom from heights. The climb is rewarded with some viewpoints. Numerous benches and rest areas also invite you to linger.



Hiking on the Moselle
Hiking on the Moselle

Hike on the Moselle with a wide view of the Moselle valley

Accompanied by the Maifeld, you can reach the Ausoniushütte in a relaxed manner, which invites you to take a break in the countryside. A short path off the route leads to the Ausoniusstein viewpoint, a protruding rock over the Moselle. It's worth pausing here and taking in the wide view of the Moselle valley while hiking along the Moselle. The route is much more relaxed and less strenuous along fields and meadows on the plateau through the Ausoniusstein nature reserve. The way back is also rewarded with a beautiful view from the Hubertushöhe. After a short, steep descent you finally return to the starting point.


That has to be in your suitcase, if you are planning a hike on the Moselle

  • Comfortable shoes, with which you can also walk over uneven terrain. There are beautiful hiking trails, although they often lead through rough terrain.
  • A  backpack You definitely need to take your equipment with you for a day. A Picnic You can easily plan your hike with a view of the Moselle.
  • In the summer you also need a hat that protects against the sun. The vineyards for hiking are often on the sunny side of the valley.
  • Did you pack everything for a hike? With our hiking checklist you can definitely check that.


Do you prefer to travel with the mobile home for hiking on the Moselle?


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Hiking on the Moselle
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Hiking on the Moselle - hikes through the vineyards

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