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Canada Travel Tips East - Kate the Scots in Nova Scotia

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Book your trips to Canada's East here and discover insider tips in our Canada East travel tips to get to know the country and its people intensively.


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Canada travel tips east

Explore the country's eastern provinces with these Canada travel tips and discover cities like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec and Halifax. In addition, in this region you will find the forests and lakes in Ontario, which are breathtaking. Follow the St. Lawrence River in Quebec and explore its hinterland while enjoying the beauty of nature. Meet French and Anglo Canadians in New Brunswick and experience the diversity of Canadian culture up close. Visit landscapes in Nova Scotia that will take your breath away, including scenic coastlines and a bay unique for its tides. On Prince Edward Island you can not only enjoy the culinary delights, but also relax perfectly. Feel the Atlantic winds in Newfoundland and experience the majestic icebergs drifting in from the north in spring.


Things to do in Quebec City

Things to do in Quebec City for slow travelers and connoisseurs

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Speaking the Quebec language makes many things possible

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I can still remember my first trips to Quebec many years ago. As much as I was looking forward to finally using my French skills again, I was all the more surprised that I hardly understood anything. Quebec French is different from the school French I learned in high school...
Montmorency Fall near Quebec City

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Accommodation in Quebec City

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Ile d'Orleans near Quebec City

The Ile d'Orléans: an island full of culinary surprises!

The Ile d'Orléans is a true gem of Canadian cuisine. The fertile soil and mild climate ensure that a variety of fruits and vegetables thrive here that you won't find anywhere else. The farmers on the island are true masters of their trade and produce exquisite delicacies that you absolutely have to...
The Chateau Frontenac towers over the St. Lawrence River in Quebec

The Chateau Frontenac Hotel in Quebec

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Old Quebec at Place d'Armes

Old Quebec: a journey into history and culture

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Winterlude - Canada travel tips

Ottawa Winterlude Festival 2025: Ice Sculptures and More

Experience the Ottawa Winterlude 2025 The Ottawa Winterlude 2025! A Canada travel tip in the east for the winter. This is how I imagine winter to be. Frosty temperatures, lots of snow, frozen rivers and a bright blue sky where the sun's rays make the snow sparkle. We are lucky enough to have the Ottawa ...
CN Tower

The CN Tower in Toronto

The CN Tower in Toronto It's hard to miss. The CN Tower in Toronto. For a long time it was the tallest building in the world with its height of 553 meters. However, it has now lost its first place among the tallest buildings in the world. But it still looks imposing, ...


Our Canada travel tips for the East

Do you want to discover the east of Canada? Then you are exactly right here! We have some great Canada East travel tips for you to explore this beautiful region of the country.

What you shouldn't miss

Start in Toronto, Canada's largest city, and experience the cosmopolitan flair that this city exudes. Visit the CN Tower, the world's tallest free-standing tower, for stunning views over the city.

Use our Canada travel tips for the East and make your way to Quebec and explore the historic streets and buildings. Follow the St. Lawrence River to experience the natural beauty of this region. Here you will also find some of the best restaurants in Canada where you can taste delicious Canadian cuisine.

Take your time to visit Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Here you'll find some of the country's most picturesque coastline and a chance to enjoy fresh lobster and seafood.

And don't forget New Brunswick, where you can experience French Canadian culture and explore the famous Bay of Fundy with its unique tides.

For the more adventurous, Ontario offers endless hiking and canoeing opportunities, while Newfoundland is the ultimate whale watching destination.

Overall, Eastern Canada offers a wealth of experiences for every traveler. Whether you prefer the vibrant city air or the unspoiled nature, there is something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip now and experience Eastern Canada!


Canada travel tips east
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Canada travel tips East for connoisseurs

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