Beautiful beaches in eastern Canada

Where to swim in Eastern Canada

In the past few years we have been to the Atlantic provinces frequently Eastern Canada on road. We very often followed the coastal roads. What is more impressive than views of the vastness of the sea, especially when they are interrupted by small archipelagos nestling in bays. Especially in Nova Scotia there are many such small islands and islets along the Lighthouse Trail. On the other hand, on the shores of the Bay of Fundy, the coast isn't that rugged. But the water of the bay runs out of the bay and back again twice a day, an impressive natural spectacle.


Beautiful Beaches in Eastern Canada - The Boardwalk in Inverness
Beautiful beaches in Eastern Canada: The Boardwalk in Inverness

The same applies to the south coast of New Brunswick, which also borders the Bay of Fundy. The east coast of New Brunswick faces Northumberland Strait to the south and the Gulf of St Lawrence to the north. Here stretch miles and lonely sandy beaches. On Prince Edward Island, the beaches of Prince Edward Island National Park are among the best known in the island province. They are beautiful, but our favorite beach on Prince Edward Island is elsewhere. Here we introduce you beautiful beaches in Eastern Canada, which we discovered on the way, and which are among our favorite beaches.

Beautiful beaches in eastern Canada

There are many beautiful beaches in Eastern Canada. Here we want to introduce you to those who have so far enjoyed our trips through the Atlantic provinces the best. You should know that Eastern Canada is not necessarily a travel destination for Beach lovers applies. Admittedly, the water is too cold for swimming. In summer, the water temperatures in the North Atlantic are around 7 to 8 degrees Celsius, so not exactly inviting to take a bath in. Nevertheless, the beaches of this region should not be dismissed immediately. Where the water is shallow and the bays are sheltered from the wind, there are beaches where bathers cool off in the water in summer.



In other places, the kilometer-long and almost always deserted sandy beaches invite to long beach hikes, looking for shells or simply relaxing by the sea. For us, there is nothing better than to have a few hours to find a sheltered spot on one of these beaches and listen to the sound of the waves rolling gently on the shore or breaking with din on the rocks of the coast. Natural wellness, so to speak! These are our favorites:


Beautiful beaches in Eastern Canada - The Dune of Bouctouche
Beautiful beaches in eastern Canada: the dune of Bouctouche


  • The dune of Bouctouche on the coast of New Brunswick

It extends long and narrow Bouctouche dune off the coast of the town of the same name in east New Brunswick. It protects the bay behind it from the severe winter storms that sometimes afflict the area. The boardwalk, which leads out into the dune landscape, has already been badly affected. That is also the reason why it no longer runs directly along the shore, but through the dune landscape.

If you want to enjoy this beach, you have to decide at the small visitor center at the beginning of the dune, if you prefer the well-maintained and comfortable way over the boardwalk or in the wet shore sand along the coast. Nice is both! We choose the Boardwalk because it runs over the bushes that grow in the center of the dune. From up here we have a great view of the sandpipers in the sand and see gulls that fly up out of the bushes below us when we get too close.



Petar on the beach of Panmure Island
Beautiful beaches in Eastern Canada: Petar on the beach of Panmure Island


  • The beach of Panmure Island on Prince Edward Island

We discovered this beach by accident. We had read nowhere about it, and had actually driven here because of the lighthouse at the end of the sand tongue of Montague in the east of Prince Edward Island. Therefore, we were all the more pleased about the great and deserted sandy beach, which connects the lighthouse with the main island. In the early morning the sun was shining from the deep blue sky and made the gently rolling water on the shore sparkle. It was a windless day, and the waves made a steady murmur, luring me to spend a whole day here, lying lazily on the beach or searching for shells on the shore. For me, the beach of Panmure Island is one of the most beautiful beaches I know in Eastern Canada. And next time, I'll take more time for a stay at this great beach.



Inverness Beach
Beautiful beaches in Eastern Canada: Inverness Beach


  • The beach of Inverness on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia

Also we discovered this beach by chance. We had stopped a refueling stop in Inverness, and while Petar was filling the tank, I spotted a small, inconspicuous sign that we would otherwise have overlooked on a drive through the village that pointed to the beach access. We had time on our drive around the Cabot Trail and decided to follow the sign. To the right of us the golf course of the village extended with a view of the sea.

At the bottom of the road there are several parking lots with access to the beach and a boardwalk that leads through the dunes and separates the golf course from the sea. This beach is just outside the gates of the people of Inverness, who like to use it for a walk on the beach, to the shellfish search or to search for stranded broken glass, from which one makes jewelry. Or the visitors do it like us and walk or jog on the boardwalk.



Ingonish Beach
Beautiful beaches in Eastern Canada: Ingonish Beach


  • The Ingonish Beach at the Cape Breton Highlands National Park

The fourth beach, which we like in the Atlantic provinces, is on the Cabot Trail on the east side of Cape Breton Island right on the border of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It can be reached via the driveway to the Keltic Lodge, a luxury hotel located on a narrow peninsula. It is best to follow the signs to the lodge and turn right onto Beach Road, which will bring you directly to the parking lot at Ingonish Beach. We were here early in the morning and - once again - had far too little time to really enjoy it. Maybe we liked it so much because we were almost the only visitors in these early hours of the morning.

Only a lone wanderer came towards us on the bank as we went down through the sand to the water, which ran out in calm waves on the bank. The morning calm and the sun, which made the sea sparkle, did the rest to ensure that this beach stayed in our memories. There is more going on during the day. We had seen that the night before when we arrived at the Keltic Lodge. There were a few jet skis and a motor boat in the bay, and children were playing in the shallow water at the edge.

There are certainly more beautiful beaches in Eastern Canada. We know these from our own experience, and we remember them as particularly beautiful. Maybe they will make your vacation in these regions a very special experience? Or have you discovered other beautiful beaches in the Atlantic provinces? Then share us more nice ones in the comments to this post beaches in Eastern Canada with.



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Beaches of Eastern Canada
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Beautiful beaches in eastern Canada

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  1. Hello Monika, hello Petar,

    I have to admit that I'm rather the fan of tropical beaches - they attract me magically. Nevertheless, these are beautiful pictures and I would really like to walk barefoot on the beach :)

    Here in Greece is currently not so good - all gravel;)
    Best regards,

    1. The sand on these beaches is fine and white, Caro. Maybe that will lure you to Canada :)

  2. Oh wow! The pictures also look like from a picture book! I've only been to Niagara Falls in Canada so far ... next time I want to see a lot more of this stunning country!

    Thanks for the insights!

    Best regards,

    1. Hello Barbara,

      there is still much to discover for you :). We have been there for many years and still discover something new and spectacular. Canada is a country full of interesting destinations.

      Best regards,

  3. It is becoming increasingly clear that I should travel to Canada urgently. Moreover, if you conjure up such a beautiful and different picture of this country.

    Thank you

    1. It's worth it, Katja. I think that especially in the West you will remember a lot about New Zealand.

  4. It is often the case that one finds the most beautiful places when one does not look for them and simply finds them there by accident. The sandy beaches you describe here all look very nice ... :) I was in Canada last month, but not really on a nice beach. More forest, lakes and ... Forest: D

    1. Haha, Kuno :) I say yes, most think of Canada in the forest: D However, with the beaches shown, it's true that I discovered them only after several trips to these regions. They are not so easy on the track, but you have to know where they are and go there purposefully.

  5. Thank you Chris,

    Often it's the unexpected things you meet on the road that stay in your memory. I often feel the same way when I travel to unknown regions, that my ideas of it turn out to be completely inadequate. The Canadian beaches are really great!

    Best regards,

  6. Canada is a blank spot on my map - and I had not thought of beaches there. Thank you therefore for the virtual take away. The coast looks really beautiful, even if I would swim a few latitude further south to swim.

    1. Maybe that's why there are so many boardwalks on many of these beaches, Barbara :) You can walk for miles on the beach without getting a grain of sand into your shoes. And for those who like to feel the sand under their feet, there's next door to the great sandy beaches :)


  7. I was always sure that Canada is beautiful and certainly worth the trip, but somehow I did not expect it to have such great beaches there (which actually makes sense, but it's not the first thing I do in Canada anyway) think). Now I'm feeling wanderlust again, thanks for that! :)

    1. Hi Alex,

      the ideas of Canada are usually there that it is cold and the country consists only of forest (which at least says an American friend who has been working there for decades :)) And you're right: as a country for a beach holiday Canada is now really not. However, there are really great beaches there - both on the west and on the east coast. And even the Great Lakes can boast miles of sandy beaches. You just have to know them and take your time.

      Best regards,

  8. The pictures are beautiful! That really makes you want to go to Canada. Can imagine really good to sit there and spend hours enjoying the magnificent scenery. I would probably not dive into the water more than my toes. Way too cold for me ;-)
    Best regards,

    1. It's not that cold there, Katharina :) In summer there can be over 30 degrees. And the Atlantic Ocean in the east - where these beaches are - is not so cold that you cannot swim in it. Even so, Canada is not necessarily a "seaside vacation country" simply because the landscapes are so magnificent. You don't just want to lie on the beach. :)

  9. Gorgeous this report - many thanks Monika. 2017 is on a world tour and Iceland is followed directly afterwards by the flight to Halifax, Canada and I am not sure whether Novi Scotia or Newfoundland 3 weeks in the camper van but the report has me very much overwhelmed that my decision to visit Canada, the right choice is.

    1. I can only congratulate you on your decision to visit Canada, Ralf. The country is worth more than a trip. I speak from experience :) We are traveling there since our first trip in the year 1990 almost every year. Canada is a country that is addictive.

  10. I do not like beaches being flooded by the tourist bathing culture. The pictures are amazing! That's my idea of ​​a relaxing holiday. I would like to unpack my camera and explore all angles.

    1. After overcrowded beaches you are looking really in vain in Canada. Of course, during the summer holidays and holiday weekends, there is a bit more business, but you never have the feeling of being in Italy or Spain. You can always find a quiet corner for yourself.

  11. Brrr yes for swimming I would be too cold, but the walks there on the beaches in Eastern Canada, I imagine very nice.
    LG Annika

    1. Walks on these beaches are really nice. And the sea is usually warmer in eastern Canada than in the west. In midsummer you can swim there well - especially where the water is a bit shallow.

  12. I did not know that Canada has such beautiful beaches. But that reminds me of Scotland - there I had not expected it any more and was surprised by beautiful beaches that were also deserted. Very welcome stopovers :)

    1. Yes, there are some. That's just a small selection :). Sometimes you just have to make friends with the water temperature ...

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