Tips for an Ottawa vacation

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Ottawa vacation tips

Ottawa is worth a trip. We have been to the capital of Canada several times and got to know it in summer and winter. In the summer months, trips along the rivers and the Rideau Canal are just as worthwhile as the sights in the city. In winter we recommend the museums. Among them are many of the top museums in Canada. It's also a great experience Winterlude Festival, which takes place in February every year. There is always something new to discover on an Ottawa vacation.

Experiences for your Ottawa vacation

Winterlude - Canada travel tips

Ottawa Winterlude Festival 2025: Ice Sculptures and More

Experience the Ottawa Winterlude 2025 The Ottawa Winterlude 2025! A Canada travel tip in the east for the winter. This is how I imagine winter to be. Frosty temperatures, lots of snow, frozen rivers and clear blue skies where the sun's rays ...
This is waiting for you at Chateau Laurier

Dining at Chateau Laurier Restaurants: A Luxury Experience in Ottawa

Our stay at the Hotel Chateau Laurier in Ottawa allowed us to sample the dining options offered at this hotel: a breakfast at Wilfried's restaurant with table service, a buffet breakfast at Wilfried's restaurant, a breakfast in the private...
Ottawa Fireworks on Ontario Winter Vacation

Ontario holiday for Christmas - experience a sea of ​​lights

Ontario vacation at Christmas An Ontario vacation in Canada at Christmas can be a festival of lights. Cities adorn themselves with light decorations for Christmas. Natural spectacles adorn themselves with lights, the capital comes along with Christmas decorations and sights are decorated for Christmas. These are ...
Packing list winter vacation

Winter holiday packing list – What is the best protection against the cold?

Winter vacation packing list - What is the best winter clothing? What is the best winter clothing for Canada in winter? We wanted to create a winter vacation packing list before we embarked on the trip. What do you use there as protection against the cold? What does perfect winter clothing look like? ...
Winterlude Ottawa vacation in the winter

Well located hotels near the Winterlude in Ottawa

Ottawa Winterlude Hotels Well-located Ottawa winterlude hotels go a long way towards creating a memorable experience. We went to the Winterlude Festival in Ottawa. We experienced a winter as it should be. Cold, with a lot...
A must see when vacationing in Ottawa - the Museum of Civilization

Museums in America are different

Famous museums in America differ from the museums in Europe. The word "museum" in Europe has something dusty about it, something that smells of "old", "used" or "the past". A museum in Germany or in the countries of Europe - that ...
Chateau Laurier lobby

Fairmont Gold at Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, Ontario

A home away from home on the Fairmont Chateau Laurier Gold Floor Luxury hotels are nothing new to me - I used to stay in them often when I was a tour guide and now as a travel journalist who amongst other things...
Fulton's Sugar Shack Ontario Winter Vacation

What you make from maple syrup

Maple Syrup and More Drive an hour east of Ottawa, Ontario to Fulton's Sugar Bush. This is a maple syrup farm. On this, from February to April, you can see how the sap of the sugar maple trees is...
Tea Time at Chateau Laurier

Tea Time at Chateau Laurier in Ottawa

Tea Time at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa Very British - that's Canada, especially during tea time. We have already looked at Canada's relationship to tea in Victoria on Vancouver Island and discussed high tea in...
The locks on the Rideau Canal

A day in Ottawa, Ontario Canada in the spring

Winter is long in Canada. The people there are all the more excited about the first day of spring. We were lucky enough to be able to enjoy that very day in Ottawa. Actually, we had planned on the return journey ...
A must when vacationing in Ottawa - the Parliament
A must when vacationing in Ottawa - the Parliament and its library


If you are planning an Ottawa vacation, you want to know a few things beforehand. So here we answer frequently asked questions.

Is Ottawa beautiful?

With its location on the Ottawa River, into which the Rideau Canal flows, Ottawa definitely offers a beautiful city center. On one side of the canal is Parliament Hill and Downtown Ottawa. On the other side is the lower town with its shops, the Byward Market and numerous restaurants.

How many days does it take for an Ottawa vacation?

Since the city not only has some of the best museums in Canada, but is also the seat of the Canadian government, it offers many sights and experiences for several days. Depending on how many museums you want to see, you should take between 3 - 5 days for an Ottawa vacation.

What is special about Ottawa?

Ottawa is a very green city with many parks and green spaces. In addition to highly interesting museum visits, an Ottawa holiday also offers beautiful walks along the river or along the Rideau Canal. You should definitely visit the parliament building, the Museum of Civilization, the National Gallery of Art and the lower town with its culinary offerings.


Ottawa travel tips
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Tips for an Ottawa vacation

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