Well located hotels near the Winterlude in Ottawa

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Winterlude Ottawa vacation in the winter

Winterlude Hotels Ottawa

Well located hotels near the Winterlude in Ottawa contribute a lot to an unforgettable experience. We visited the Winterlude Festival in Ottawa. There we experienced a winter as it should be. Cold, with lots of snow and ice, and people who don't let that stop them from enjoying winter outdoors. From these Ottawa Winterlude hotels, you can reach the event locations quickly.

One of the Winterlude hotels is the Fairmont Hotel Château Laurier


The Winterlude festival offers a great opportunity to see Canadians enjoying their favorite pastimes. Outdoor life – no matter how cold it is outside. Children, parents, and grandparents wrap up warm. They pull on their winter boots, wear heated winter jackets and wander around town to watch the ice carvers create their ice sculptures. They strap on their ice skates and glide into town on the frozen Rideau Canal. By the way, this is the most convenient way to get to the city center in winter. Or they head to the Quebec side of the Ottawa River and enjoy the winter wonderland at Snowflake Kingdom. There, young and old alike slide down hills on various ice and snow slides, squealing with joy on the seat of their pants. You can find out, what else you can do in Ottawa, in this article.

Winterlude Hotels and their location to the Rideau Canal and Sparks Street

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Which Winterlude hotels are good for winter fun in Ottawa?

We haven't enjoyed winter like we did at the Winterlude Festival in Ottawa in years. Find out, how you experience this best, in our article about the Winterlude in Ottawa. There are ways you can make a visit to this winter treat even more enjoyable. We recommend booking well-located hotels near Winterlude in Ottawa. Then the walks to the attractions are not far. The Winterlude Festival venues are a short walk from these hotels. Thus, you always have a warm home to return to. We therefore recommend these well-located hotels for the Winterlude in Ottawa.


Snowflake in the ice - well located hotels for the Winterlude in Ottawa
Snowflake in the ice


Well located hotels near the Winterlude in Ottawa

These three hotels are close to the main Winterlude Festival venue. From these you can reach the Rideau Canal, Sparks Street and Byward Market in a few steps. We really appreciated that during our winter visit to Ottawa.


The lobby at the Chateau Laurier - Well located hotels for the Winterlude in Ottawa
The lobby at the Chateau Laurier


Hotel Fairmont Château Laurier

We stayed at the Fairmont Château Laurier. This traditional luxury hotel is located directly on the Rideau Canal. Its restaurant looks down on the locks that connect the canal to the Ottawa River. Sparks Street, where the ice carvers demonstrate their skills, is about a ten-minute walk from this hotel. There is a good view of the skaters on the Rideau Canal from the bridge in front of the hotel. All you have to do is cross the street. We felt at home in the Fairmont Château Laurier. Just click on the link if you want to know more about our stays there.

You can book a room at Fairmont Château Laurier here*.

For us, the Fairmont Château Laurier is the perfect Winterlude Hotel for a second reason. Its restaurant Zoé’s offers a Tea Time in the afternoon. This is a very pleasant opportunity to warm up after a walk to the Rideau Canal or to the ice sculptures. We really enjoyed our stay at Zoe’s. There's just one thing you shouldn't forget! The afternoon tea is very popular. We therefore recommend making a reservation.

The restaurants at Château Laurier are also ideal for a pleasant break to warm up. In this article we introduce you to the different options, how and where you can eat in this hotel.


Elegant Tea Time at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier - Well Located Hotels for Winterlude in Ottawa
A hot cup of tea is good after a walk to the Winterlude venues


Lord Elgin Hotel

The second Ottawa Winterlude hotel we recommend is also centrally located: on one side is Sparks Street and on the other it is not far to the Rideau Canal. To reach the Rideau Canal, you will cross the Crystal Gardens. For a nice view of the Rideau Canal, the Houses of Parliament and the Château Laurier, it's worth the short walk to the Mackenzie King Bridge, which is a great place to watch events on the canal. We saw the Kilt Skate from there.

You can book a room at the Lord Elgin Hotel here *.


A ballerina in the ice at the Winterlude in Ottawa - well located hotels for the Winterlude in Ottawa
The Winterlude in Ottawa has to be cold


The Westin Ottawa

The third of our Ottawa Winterlude hotels, which we recommend for a stay during Winterlude in Ottawa, is also very conveniently located: the Westin Hotel on Colonel By Drive. It is adjacent to the CF Rideau Centre, a large shopping center on the Rideau Canal. You can reach this directly from the hotel. The Rideau Canal and the Mackenzie King Bridge are just steps from the hotel. Sparks Street can be reached in a few minutes. The Westin Hotel is also convenient because there is a food mall in the CF Rideau Center where you can eat inexpensively. This food mall is a good place to warm up during a city stroll at Ottawa's Winterlude.

You can book a room at The Westin Ottawa here *.

Hotels near Sparks Street

In 2024, the meet and greet with the ice carvers and other events will take place on Sparks Street. Therefore, this year there are other hotels that are suitable for visiting Winterlude 2024 as they are close to Sparks Street:

All of these hotels are within walking distance of Sparks Street. From there you can easily walk to the ice carvers and their sculptures.

Of course, there are other well-located hotels in Ottawa for Winterlude in Ottawa and those that are more affordable. You can find all hotels in Ottawa and the surrounding area at our partner booking.com*.


Kudu in Ice - well located hotels for the festival events
This kudu of ice was one of the ice sculptures we saw in the Crystal Gardens in Ottawa

Have you stayed at one of the Winterlude hotels?

If you have stayed at one of the Winterlude hotels, we look forward to hearing your experiences and tips in the comments.


Ottawa Winterlude hotels
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Source for Ottawa Winterlude Hotels: own research on site. We would like to thank Tourism Ottawa, Ontario Tourism and the Canadian Tourism Commission for supporting this trip. However, as always, our opinions remain our own.

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Well located hotels near the Winterlude in Ottawa

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  1. Canada is high on my list, but of course even more! The ice sculptures are absolutely great and the festival is definitely worth a visit. Thanks also for the hotel tips! :)

    1. Gladly, Janet. The Winterlude was a lot of fun for us. Dick gathered in bright sunshine, we enjoyed the icy days in Ottawa.

  2. There you have chosen a few chic hotels. The ice sculptures are great and suddenly the cold autumn does not seem so cold anymore. Now I'll take a look at the tips for Ottawa ...

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    1. The stay at Winterlude was a lot of fun. You only have to wear warm clothes at temperatures below -30 ° Celsius. Therefore, hotels that are close to the events of winter lament, are of great advantage.

    1. We were able to watch how they are carved during the festival. It's an exciting thing to see how a square block of ice slowly turns into a kudukopf or a ballerina. The ice carvers are real artists.

    1. In any case. Ottawa is not very big, but it offers a lot of things to see and great festivals. You can easily spend several days there. We have already collected some tips on what you can do in Ottawa.

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