Fairmont Gold at Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, Ontario

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Chateau Laurier lobby

A home away from home on the Fairmont Chateau Laurier Gold Floor

Luxury hotels are nothing new to me – I used to stay in them when I was a tour guide, and now as a travel journalist, which includes writing hotel reviews, that's also part of my job. Over time you get used to the luxury, but you also get an eye for the subtleties that make such a luxury hotel so special. The Fairmont Gold Experience at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa impressed me all the more. There they even set up a separate floor for it. Perfect service and a private ambience await you on the Fairmont Chateau Laurier Gold Floor.



Fairmont Gold Chateau Laurier lobby
Fairmont Gold Chateau Laurier lobby


You become demanding. In any case, you get to know the differences and classify the hotels into those that offer normal service that you can expect in expensive posh hostels, and into those that surprise you and amaze you with their attention to special little things and courteous service .


The lounge on the Fairmont Chateau Laurier Gold Floor
The lounge on the Fairmont Chateau Laurier Gold Floor

Enjoy something special at Chateau Laurier

One hotel that has managed to do this is the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa - one of the hotels that is itself one of the city's landmarks, with its facade more reminiscent of a French chateau than a hotel. The location right in the center of the city of Ottawa between Parliament Hill and Byward Market and directly on the Rideau Canal is an excellent reason to choose this hotel as the location for your stay in Ottawa.

You can not live more centrally in Ottawa. Almost all the major attractions of the capital of Canada are in the immediate vicinity of the hotel or just a short taxi ride away, so you do not even need a car - good, if you want to save the expensive parking fees in the hotel garage. These expenses are better used in one of the innumerable and varied restaurants in the city.


Fairmont Gold Experience Chateau Laurier
Fairmont Gold Experience Chateau Laurier

 Magnificent lobby and reception in the entrance of the Chateau Laurier

Glittering crystal chandeliers, thick oriental rugs and stylish, upholstered seating areas are the first thing that strikes the guest in the lobby of the hotel - cozy corners where business partners and friends can wait, or simply spend time with a good book or a recent newspaper while waiting for check-in or a table in the breakfast restaurant.


Chateau Laurier in Ottawa
Magnificent: the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa

A class of its own at the Fairmont Gold Chateau Laurier

But we don't have to wait. This time we have booked a room in the "Fairmont Gold" category and are immediately surprised when we check in at the reception. "Monika Fuchs? Yes, we are already waiting for you ”, the nice lady at the reception greets us without asking for a reservation number or other office work, almost as if she already knows us. "Do you still have your bags in the car? No? Then I immediately inform the reception on the fourth floor that your suitcases will be brought into the room straight away, ”the extremely friendly receptionist tells us.

The Fairmont Chateau Laurier Gold Floor on the fourth floor

A reception on the fourth floor? Why that, I think, perplexed. Curious, I ask about it straight away and find out that “Fairmont Gold” means that the rooms in this category are looked after by their own receptionist. Why, remains a mystery to me for the time being. In any case, we immediately receive our room keys and go up to the said floor, not without first being informed that we can eat both upstairs and in the main restaurant.

At first glance, the "Fairmont Gold" area on the fourth floor of the Chateau Laurier looks exactly like any other lift area in a hotel. However, when we turn the corner into the hotel corridor, the first thing we see is the announced reception, where we are greeted in a very friendly manner – and again with our name. The lady explains to us that the cozy room behind her is the small breakfast room for "Fairmont Gold" guests and that we can have a light breakfast in it - depending on what we want - or choose the large buffet in the main restaurant on the ground floor, because we had booked it that way. Our suitcases are now in the room.


The hotel from Parliament Hill
The Chateau Laurier from Parliament Hill

Impeccable service at the Fairmont Gold Chateau Laurier

Petar and I look at each other in surprise: that really can not be. We only picked up our key downstairs - the concierge is never that fast. But actually, when we come into the room, the suitcases are already neatly at the room entrance.

The room is of the standard expected in a luxury hotel: a desk with internet access, a large bed with good mattresses and comfortable linens, a sitting area with comfortable armchairs and a bathroom that is not very big but contains all things, one needs for a hotel stay.

A hotel within a hotel - almost like home at the Fairmont Gold Chateau Laurier

What makes the "Fairmont Gold" category so special for me is the very personal service provided by my own reception in the hotel hallway. After five days in this hotel, we feel that we are in excellent hands. We never had to wait when we had questions or requests. The tone of the ladies at the reception was always friendly and professional, but also personal. We never felt like a number, but always as welcome and well treated guests.

And when, on the last day of our road trip through Ontario, we have to vacate our room a few hours before our evening flight despite a free extension of several hours, we spend a few more comfortable hours with a cup of tea and a daily newspaper in the “Fairmont Gold” lobby , before the taxi takes us to the airport. When we finally sit on the plane at 20.00 p.m to Frankfurt, I say to my husband: "That was the least stressful departure of all my trips." And he nods in agreement.

Fairmont Chateau Laurier
1 Rideau Street
Ottawa K1N 8S7
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Fairmont Gold Chateau Laurier
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Fairmont Gold at Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, Ontario

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