How the Viktualienmarkt reflects Munich and its soul

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Discover the Viktualienmarkt Munich on a culinary tour

Nowhere can you experience anything better Munich than on a culinary tour at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich. This food market in the old town reflects the soul of the capital Bavaria's contrary. With her warm, but also the rough sides. While strolling through the Viktualienmarkt, my mouth is watering at the sight of apples, grapes and pears. It's the same with vegetables. Leek sticks, cauliflower heads, cabbage or potatoes tempt you to pull out your wallet. The goods that are offered at the Viktualienmarkt are just not cheap. Therefore, we only come here when we need types of fruit or vegetables that we cannot get anywhere else. They're more expensive anyway. And nowhere is it fresher than on the Viktualienmarkt in Munich.



The Viktualienmarkt Munich reflects the soul of this city

The Viktualienmarkt in Munich is not just a fruit and vegetable market. Nowhere else can you experience the soul of this city as intensely as on the Viktualienmarkt. Here you meet the international flair of Munich as well as the Munich Grantler. At a stall that sells Weißwurst, the white sausages, there are a few Japanese customers. They learn how to eat this Munich specialty.



At the beer tables in the beer garden overseas visitors relax with a glass of beer. From there they can watch the goings-on in the market. Suppliers from the Munich area deliver products from the region. A tone of conversation can be struck, that is somewhat rougher. Especially when market visitors block the way of the deliverymen, who bring potatoes, cabbages, salads or apples from the farms in the area. "Geht's waider (make way)", is not uncommonly heard. You hardly hear a "please" or "thank you". People are stressed. Rough tones can also be heard from the stands more often than in Munich's shops. Munich-style! Rough, but warm.



Viktualienmarkt Market stall on the Viktualienmarkt in Munich


Experience tradition at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich on a culinary tour

Tradition is very important at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich. Whether at the Christmas market, during carnival or when the maypole is set up. These are traditions, that are upheld and take place every year. They are mentioned on television. Every year you read about them in the newspapers. And of course, Munich visitors have heard about them. Therefore, these events are attractions for inhabitants and visitors alike. The market is also a place, where new traditions are born. The Fountain Festival on Viktualienmarkt in Munich is such an event. For years, the statues of folk singers and folk actors, who adorn the fountains on the market, have been decorated in summer. Today's artists show their art in front of the statues of their predecessors.



Statue at the market mhofmann2703
Statue at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich mhofmann2703


For us, the Viktualienmarkt is worth a visit at least once a year, just to experience this Munich experience. You can find it in that intensity only here. A place that shows, what makes Munich so special. The warmth of the people of Munich. But also the flair of the city, which it gets from its inhabitants and from the visitors, who year after year come in tens of thousands to the capital of Bavaria. It is precisely this mixture of originality with a pinch of internationality that makes Munich so special for us, a feeling which is best experienced at the Viktualienmarkt.




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Viktualienmarkt Munich
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How the Viktualienmarkt reflects Munich and its soul

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  1. Munich joke: Japanese tourists bury the displays at a fruit stand on the Viktualienmarkt. Marktfrau: "Go away with your Wurschtfinga, you Saupreiss". Then she looks up and sees the face of the malefactor and adds: "You Japanese". So sans, the Munich.

    Mandatory program for all students of the nearby German School of Journalism: A reportage on the Viktualienmarkt (I did that at that time, but unfortunately not canceled). Too bad that none of these reports has collected. That would be a worth reading book ;-)

  2. A very nice contribution! My favorite stall at the Viktualienmarkt is the Mercado Latino.

    Although not Bavarian, but Argentine - but muuuuuy bueno;)


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