This is how pumpkin seed oil is made

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Dark pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin seed oil - specialty from Styria

On our journey along the Sausal Wine Route in the Styria we had the opportunity to see in an oil mill how healthy pumpkin seed oil was made in the past and today. Pumpkin seed oil is one of the most important products from the southern Styria region Austria. Again and again you can see fields along the streets on which the orange pumpkins grow in summer.

From this you make the oil, which then refines salad dressings and even ice cream in the restaurants and cuisines of the region. It does not look very appetizing because of its dark color. But the pumpkin seed oil is very healthy and tasty. It has an almost nutty taste. That's one of the reasons why pumpkin seed oil is not just used for salads.


Whisked egg comes into the pan
Whisked egg comes into the pan


For this you use the pumpkin seed oil

We have often enjoyed it on desserts. It tastes particularly delicious with ice cream. You simply drop the oil over the ice instead of alcoholic drinks. Or you can make the typical Styrian egg dish from it. This is a simple egg pancake. You prepare them like scrambled eggs, except that you don't use them as often. The whisked egg is fried in pumpkin seed oil. And when the egg mass is stocked, you pour a little pumpkin seed oil over it again. Or you can use one of the spray bottles that are available in Styria and spray a few splashes of the oil onto the egg dish. It doesn't look appetizing, but it tastes delicious. The eye doesn't eat here. Instead, the stomach and the palate rejoice.


Styrian egg feed
Styrian egg feed


How to make pumpkin seed oil

This is an interesting process. It grinds and compresses the cores first. This has already been done in pre-industrial times. And at some farms or wineries in the region, this is still the case today. Most buy their oil in the supermarket or directly from the producer. We visited the oil mill Hartlieb in Heimschuh. The place is below the Sausal wine route, A visit can be well combined with a pleasure tour of this wine region.


Old oil press for pumpkin seed oil
Old oil press


While in the past the oil in wood presses was forced out of the cores by physical force, today it is done by machine in large metal presses. The operation has remained the same: first you crush the cores. Then you squeeze the oil from the kernels. And finally, it is bottled.


Clay jars and bottles for pumpkin seed oil
Clay jugs and bottles


It is interesting that you can visit the oil mill Hartlieb both the conventional way of oil production and a modern oil press. And of course there's the oil for tasting. The chef personally prepared a Styrian egg dish in a cast-iron pan in the museum, which we served on a homemade farmhouse bread as a second breakfast.


Ground cores
Ground cores
Squeezed pumpkin seed cake is made after the production of pumpkin seed oil
Pressed pumpkin cake


A good impression of the production of pumpkin seed oil is provided by Petar's Video:


If you would like to see how Styrian pumpkin seed oil is made, you can do so here:

Oil mill Hartlieb

A-8451 home shoe

The oil mill is recommended by Slow Food Styria.

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Source pumpkin seed oil: own research on site. We would like to thank Steiermark Tourismus for supporting this trip. However, as always, our opinion remains our own.

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This is how pumpkin seed oil is made

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  2. Very exciting and informative article! I personally love pumpkin seed oil especially for salad and also for vanilla ice cream with a few drops of this delicious oil. Egg feed with pumpkin seed oil, I will definitely try it out;)

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