An experience for connoisseurs: the Sausal Wine Route

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Enjoyment and great views

Enjoy the Sausal Wine Route in Styria

We want to enjoy the Sausal Wine Route. Taking a vacation in the wine-growing regions of Austria is particularly beautiful here. The Sausal Wine Route was our destination during our stay in the Styria in June. You have never heard of Sausal? Until a few years ago, we had no other choice. The Sausal is a wine region in the region of Kitzeck in Austria. It is a good forty kilometers from Graz. We had learned about this wine region during our visits to the South Styrian Wine Route and the Schilcher wine route.

There's a lot for connoisseurs to discover here: vineyards that are spoiled by the sun. Lavender, from which all kinds of specialties are made. pumpkin seed oil, which is typical of Styria. Views that take your breath away. That made us curious. At that time, however, we had no idea how beautiful it was there. Its beauty only becomes apparent when you are on the Sausal Wine Route. Let us take you on our pleasure tour along the Sausal Wine Route.


Enjoy the Sausal Wine Route
Enjoy the Sausal Wine Route

Enjoy the Sausal Wine Route

If you travel by car from Graz, the road leads you through relatively flat terrain. There is no sign of vineyards. It is only when our navigation system in Maierhof sends us onto the Sausal Wine Road that the road begins to climb. It quickly becomes narrow and leads ever steeper up the mountain. Narrow side paths constantly branch off to wineries that are off the main route. If you want to call it that at all, because it does not differ from the narrow branches. Some of the climbs that we pass on our way through Sausal are noteworthy - some climb up to 20%. It gives me a strange feeling when you are at the foot of such a mountain by car. After two days of enjoying the Sausal in Styria, I don't think anything of it. We have got used to it and enjoy the many and constantly changing views of the beautiful surroundings.


Enjoy the Sausal Wine Route - Sausal Styria is pure pleasure
An experience! Enjoy the Sausal Wine Route



5 senses enjoyment tour
5 senses pleasure tour through Sausal Styria


The 5 senses pleasure tour through Sausal in Styria

We are invited to the 5 senses pleasure tour through Sausal. For this we receive a voucher with which we can participate in five different dishes Bushmen can cost. With our own wines, of course. You can choose from twenty different wine taverns, from which we can have a five-course menu served. All products of the welcoming companies that are manufactured in-house. It is up to us whether we taste the dishes in one day or spread over several days. However, anyone who manages the amounts of good food in a day has my full respect. We have a hard time eating the Sausal delicacies in two days. You can also extend the pleasure tour to five days. In this way, we not only get to know the great wines and culinary specialties in Sausal. We also meet interesting people who live in this region.


On the way on the Sausal Wine Road
On the way on the Sausal Wine Road


Enjoy the Sausal Wine Route in the winegrowers' taverns

Fish in the tavern Schneeberger

We are enjoying the Sausal Wine Route culinary for the first time in the Buschenschank of the Schneeberger family in Heimschuh. Daughter Margret introduces us to the whole family and tells who does what in the winery. The company is run by her parents. Her brother Johann is also responsible for the wine and the vineyards. Schwager Walter finally takes over the distribution of the wines. A real family business. Instead, Margret proudly shows us “her empire”: she runs the Buschenschank. At the same time, she produces the delicious sausages, smoked ham and smoked trout, which we can try on our fish plate. Here the bread is even baked in the winery - according to a self-developed recipe. In general, Margret attaches great importance to the fact that the products of her winery are optimally presented to the guest.

"I always test new recipes," she laughs. She is currently developing a new herbal spread. "Somehow it has to get even better," she says with a critical look at her own creation. In any case, I already like it.

In the tavern of the Schneeberger family we get a plate of fish dishes: home-strewed salmon trout, fish brine with pear oil, spicy marinated trout fillet and more. It tastes delicious in any case. Especially with the Sauvignon Blanc from the winery Schneeberger.

Winery Buschenschank Schneeberger
Pernich 19
A-8451 home shoe
Daily. open from 12 clock
GPS N 46 ° 47 '14 "O 15 ° 28' 37"


Buschenschank Schneeberger
Buschenschank Schneeberger


Cheese in the tavern Felberjörgl

At the next tavern, even our navigation device is having a hard time finding its way. It sends us on a turn out into the air over a steep slope. Thanks to a friendly woman on the roadside, who is pouring the flowers in her front yard, we still find the way to Felberjörgl. Laughter and murmurs from the garden show us already in front of the house, that it's the guests go well here. A few locals and their German friends reminisce with a glass Morillon (Scheurebe), as they have met on vacation.

On the other hand, we order a cheese plate and enjoy it with a glass of Morillon Classic 2015, whose aroma of apple, melon and citrus is the perfect end to this summer's day in Sausal.

Winery Buschenschank Felberjörgl
High 47
A-8442 Kitzeck
Do-Tues, from 13 clock, Wed.
GPS: N 46 ° 47 '32 "O 15 ° 25' 35"


Buschenschank Felberjoergl
Buschenschank Felberjoergl


Saures and a magnificent view in Buschenschank Pichler-Schober

At two o'clock in the afternoon the next day we are finally in Mitteregg, which belongs to St. Nikolai im Sausal. Then the Pichler-Schober winery opens its wine tavern. I don't want to leave here at all. We are sitting in the middle of a sea of ​​flowers made of hanging baskets, a pergola and rose bushes in all colors. And behind it we look at the grandiose landscape on the Sausal Wine Route from Kitzeck over the Demmerkogel to Graz. Petar and I try to capture the beauty of the landscape in photos and video, but to see it in all its facets, you have to experience it up close. We particularly enjoy the Sausal Wine Route here.

We then continue our culinary journey through the Sausal with a plate of "sour": salad, vegetable jelly, broad beans, tomatoes, eggs and cold roast mixed with Styrian vinegar and pumpkin seed oil. There is also a Welschriesling from the hotel's own vineyard. However, I would prefer to lie down in one of the deckchairs and dawdle all day with views of the surroundings. But the next Buschenschank is already waiting for us.

Winery Buschenschank Pichler-Schober
Midereg 26
A-8505 St. Nikolai iS
Wed-Sun from 14 pm, Mon and Tue rest day
GPS: N 46 ° 48 '09 "O 15 ° 27' 02"


Buschenschank Pichler-Schober
Buschenschank Pichler-Schober


Beef and organic wine in the tavern Warga-Hack

Next stop is a bio wine estate on the Sausal Wine Route. So far, I did not know organic wine. So I was curious how it tastes. As an aperitif, the winegrower's father serves us a vermouth wine - a mixture of wine with vermouth and lemon peel strips. Although I have to get used to the rather bitter taste, he likes me better with every sip. In the heat of the day, it turns out to be a refreshing summer drink. It is not, however, a wine I would like to drink all the time. But on hot days like this it tastes pleasantly fresh.

The eye eats in the tavern warga-hack: a nicely prepared bovine with delicious Musse from Isabella grapes is served to us with a jug of water, which is also refined with fresh redcurrants and mint leaves.

Organic winery Warga Hack
Gauitsch 20
A-8442 Kitzeck
Tue-Sat from 14 pm, Sun and Mon day of rest
GPS: N 46 ° 47 '19 "O 15 ° 27' 20"


Enjoy organic wine at the Sausal Wine Route
Enjoy organic wine at the Sausal Wine Route


Brettljause vom Schwein and overnight stay in the winery Buschenschank Schneiderannerl

Our last treat stop on the Sausal Wine Road is finally the Buschenschank in the winery Schneiderannerl in Pistorf, where we spend the night in one of the winegrower's rooms. So Petar can also enjoy the wines of the Sausal Wine Road and then no longer drive a car. Our landlady greets us as always very friendly and offers to bring us two different plates. We choose the pig's pancake as included in the enjoyment tour, and a dessert plate of homemade cakes and pastries that the family's grandmother baked fresh in the morning.

Comfortably we let so end finally our pleasure trip through the Sausal. With a plate of home-smoked ham, spicy salami, paprika-flavored bacon strips and pickled pumpkin and grandma's delicious cake assortment, we end our culinary journey through southern Styria.

Winery Buschenschank Winzerzimmer Schneiderannerl
Sausal 27
A-8443 Pistorf
Tue-Sun from 12 pm, Mon day of rest
GPS: N 46 ° 46 '33 "O 15 ° 24' 09"


Buschenschank Schneiderannerl
Buschenschank Schneiderannerl


Enjoying the Sausal Wine Route is fun

Our gourmet tour along the Sausal Wine Route comes to an end after two days full of regional specialties, good wine and interesting encounters with the people who produce them. If you want to experience the 5 senses pleasure tour through Sausal yourself, you can get the vouchers from TV Sulmtal Sausal, Tel .: 03456 3500 E-Mail:


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Kitzeck im Sausal and the Sausal Wine Route
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Source: Research in Sausal Styria. We would like to thank TV Sulmtal Sausal and Steirische Tourismus GmbH for supporting this trip. However, as always, our opinion remains our own.

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An experience for connoisseurs: the Sausal Wine Route

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