Modern Bavarian Gasthof am Platzl - the Pfistermühle

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Restaurant am Platzl Pfistermühle

The Pfistermühle in Munich is a restaurant on the Platzl. It belongs to the hotel that bears the same name. The traditional inn goes back to a flour mill that stood on this spot in the 16th century. It was originally located in the Alter Hof, the residence of the Dukes of Bavaria. It was rebuilt after a fire. The name Pfistermühle indicates that grain was once ground in their rooms. The Pfisterbach still runs underground under the Sparkassenstrasse. At the same time, a Pfisterei was also a bakery, in which the flour was processed into baked goods. That is certainly one of the reasons why the Pfistermühle attaches great importance to good bread to this day.



Gasthaus am Platzl – Pfistermühle Munich Restaurant

The types of bread that are served in the restaurant no longer come from the Hofpfisterei, although they have a branch right next door. Instead, the bread is baked in the Schmidt bread factory in Munich. This is what restaurant manager Daniel Bruns tells us, who welcomes us to a blogger dinner in the restaurant. Buckwheat and paprika spreads and barley grass go with the breadsbutterthat bring out the nut taste of the bread. He also serves us the house aperitif “Spatzl”, a cocktail made from orange and chilli liqueur, chocolate bitter and Riesling sparkling wine, which tastes fruity and autumnal - in keeping with the season.



Breads in the Pfistermühle
Breads in the Pfistermühle


Ambience in the Pfistermühle restaurant in Munich

We take the opportunity to take a look around the premises in the Pfistermühle restaurant. During the renovation the emphasis was on skill and tried to keep the ambience. Much has been restored and new things have been added. I think it is very successful that the oak wall paneling has been leached. It now covers the restaurant walls. The chairs, which are covered with calfskin, go well with this. The oak tables create a contrast to the beige tones of the walls.



Even with the details, care was taken to maintain this ambience. The lampshades are made from sacks of flour. There are wine coolers on the walls. I particularly like the copper kettles in which you put bread on the table. In terms of room lighting, too, attention was paid to the traditional and traditional. The lights hang on jute ribbons from the ceiling and illuminate the rooms of the restaurant.


Guest room in the restaurant Pfistermühle
Guest room in the restaurant Pfistermühle in Munich


What I like is that you don't sit in a large dining room in the Pfistermühle Munich restaurant. Instead, the restaurant is divided into parlors that offer guests a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Here you can sit down and enjoy your meal in peace.



Kitchen with a kick in the Pfistermühle Munich restaurant

I was surprised how Bavarian cuisine is interpreted in the Pfistermühle. Specialties from cookbooks in Upper and Lower Bavaria and the Upper Palatinate are cleverly interpreted here. On the other hand, you will look in vain for anything hearty. Instead of roast pork with dumplings or pork knuckle with sauerkraut, we start with three amuse gueules. We can watch the team in the kitchen preparing them. It starts differently with pumpkin with a vanilla flavor and Affila cress. I watch with interest as the salmon trout with ham, parsley oil and my favorite bread is being prepared. Thirdly, duck liver from Gutshof Polting in port wine, figs and dark chocolate awakens our appetite.


We finally enjoyed the main courses of our blogger dinner in the ambience of the restaurant. There we were served potato soup with truffle snow, parsley oil and truffle potatoes. This was followed by a char fillet in orange butter on Jerusalem artichoke with baby spinach and saffron-vanilla foam. Finally, there is a Pfistermühlen Christmas muesli made from yoghurt, berries, honey muesli and St. John's sorbet, the spices of which bring me into the Christmas season.

The Pfistermühle Munich restaurant for connoisseurs

After this dinner and the experience at the Pfistermühle in Munich, we agree. This is a restaurant where we like to enjoy the evening. Not only the guests of the Platzl Hotel are welcome in the Pfistermühle. You can also see other guests here. However, you should reserve for the evening.


Information about the Pfistermühle Munich Restaurant:

You can find the Pfistermühle Munich Restaurant here:

Pfistermühle Munich restaurant

Pfisterstrasse 4
80331 Munich old town

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday 12-24 clock

Kitchen until 23 clock

If you travel from abroad, we recommend staying overnight at:

Hotel Platzl

Sparkassenstr. 10
80331 Munich old town

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The Pfistermühle Munich Restaurant belongs to the hotel. This is just steps away from the Hofbräuhaus, the Marienhof and the Marienplatz. It is also suitable for a stay during a city trip to Munich. Munich Hotels also recommends Maria from Europe Up Close. Vegan dishes can also be found on the Pfistermühle menu. If you need tips where you can eat vegan in Munich, then take a look at this article by Mostly Amélie.


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The Pfistermühle Munich restaurant
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Modern Bavarian Gasthof am Platzl - the Pfistermühle

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