Seeschloss Ort in Gmunden

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Bridge to Seeschloss Ort

Lake castle place in Gmunden at the Traunsee

Many of you will visit the Seeschloss Ort in Salzkammergut be known from the television series "Schlosshotel Orth", the last episode of which flickered on our television screens in 2004. Only - there is no castle hotel at all. Instead, the beautiful and beautifully situated castle in Lake Traunsee is in Upper Austria in front of Gmunden open to visitors who want to look around the historic building. Wedding couples can say yes in a special room. And there is a restaurant where you can eat topped in historic rooms. Christoph Parzer, head chef of the Orther Stub'n, cooked himself a Gault Millau toque at the age of 25, and the food is so good that the second one is certainly not long in coming. Why do we recommend a visit to the Seeschloss Ort? Here are our reasons:



The Seeschloss Ort in Gmunden with a view of another castle on the lakeshore
The Seeschloss Ort in Gmunden with a view of another castle on the lakeshore

The beautiful location of the castle on an island in the Traunsee

The Seeschloss Ort is located on an island in the Traunsee, which can be reached via a long wooden bridge. The castle complex occupies almost the entire island area. Only a narrow path leads to the back of the castle, which offers beautiful views under weeping willows out to the lake. We're here on a balmy winter's day in January, but I can well imagine how comfortable it is here in spring and summer.


The Seeschloss Ort in Gmunden with a view of another castle on the lakeshore
The Seeschloss Ort in Gmunden with a view of another castle on the lakeshore

The small museum in Seeschloss Ort in Gmunden

Visitors to the castle's small museum can learn about the history of the castle and the legends surrounding it. I especially liked the legend of the giant from the surrounding mountains, who fell in love with a local girl. As a giant, it is not easy in this case, because he was too big to fit into a house with his sweetheart. And so he built her the castle on the island in the lake. Only - when this was done, he was still too big. And then he got the chance to accept human form. But as is always the case in such legends, here too there is a catch to the story: this was only granted to him for a year. This year he happily spent together with his girl in the castle place. In the end, his sweetheart fell ill and died. And so he turned back to his giant form and retired to the mountains where he may still live today.


Dine like in a knight's hall in the Orther Stub'n
Dine like in a knight's hall in the Orther Stub'n

Excellent food in a historic ambience in the Orther Stub'n

But the best thing about Seeschloss Ort is the Orther Stub'n, a gourmet restaurant in which Christoph Parzer cooks. We were lucky that we were there on New Year's Day, this time falling on a Monday. Mondays are usually closed. However, because it was a holiday, we enjoyed Parzers cuisine. My braised veal escalope in port wine-pearl onion sauce with creamy parsnip puree and glazed vegetables melted on the tongue. And Petar's fried char with parsley potatoes and lettuce was a dream. The whole thing was served in a historic setting in a large room with a massive dark wooden ceiling that reminded me of a knight's hall with its antiques and oil paintings. The creaking wooden floorboards on which we went to our table, reinforced this impression. If you are looking for a stylish and special restaurant with excellent food for your stay at Lake Traunsee, then you are in good hands in the Orther Stub'n.

Orther Stub'n
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4810 Gmunden


Veal cheek with parsnip puree and vegetables
Veal escalope with parsnip puree and glazed vegetables
Char with parsley potatoes
Char with parsley potatoes


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Seeschloss Ort in Gmunden

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  1. What a sad legend! :-( The castle is really beautiful and I particularly like the atmosphere in the knight's hall.Also as a wedding location, the castle is a dream ...
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    1. The castle place is something special. We liked the little museum. The most beautiful was the short tour on the island. We had the island almost to ourselves and could enjoy the views of the lake - a great experience on a windless winter day with plenty of sun.

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