A day in Ottawa, Ontario Canada in the spring

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The locks on the Rideau Canal

Winter is long in Canada. The people there are all the more excited about the first day of spring. We were lucky enough to be able to enjoy that very day in Ottawa.

Actually, we had planned to spend a few days in Ottawa on the return journey from British Columbia. We wanted to see the city's museums there. What can one expect in early April but still cold weather in a country that has declared winter its peak season. Such was our expectation of our stay in the capital of Canada. It also has some of the best museums in the country. But things turned out differently.

A spring day in Ottawa

Well we were in Museum of Civilization, have ins War Museum and ins Diefenbunker Museum sniffed in. But all the other museums we set out to visit fell victim to the spring weather. On this Sunday in April we went to explore the city. On the way we met families enjoying the sun with their children. We observed families whose children sat on the laps of the women at the women's memorial next to the parliament building. Meanwhile, their fathers captured them on camera or video. We were amazed to see young men using the spring sun to jog under Parliament Hill in flip-flops and shorts. We also wore a warm leather jacket and a windbreaker. Apparently, the temperatures are felt differently in Canada.


Chateau Laurier in Ottawa
Chateau Laurier in Ottawa

Joie de vivre during a walk in Ottawa on this day

We are infected by the joy of life of the people in Ottawa and stroll along the Rideau Canal in the direction of Pointe Nepean, from which Samuel de Champlain looks out on the Ottawa River, on which ice floes still drift. With beautiful views of the Basilica of Notre Dame in the lower city of Ottawa, the National Gallery of Art, the Museum of Civilization on the other side of the Ottawa River, the imposing American Consulate and the elegant luxury Chateau Laurier we stroll to the bridge over the locks of the Rideau Canal and surround the spacious facilities of Parliament. Passing by statues of Canadian Prime Minister Sir Wilfried Laurier, who watches over the hotel named after him, and other political leaders of Canada, the path leads us around the Parliament building. On the way we discover an elegant equestrian statue of Queen Elizabeth II at a young age. She really looks good on horseback.


The Famous Five in Ottawa
The Famous Five in Ottawa

The Famous Five at Parliament

Next to it is the monument that we like best of all: a monument to the “Famous Five”. This means Emily Murphy, Irene Parlby, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, and Henrietta Edwards. And the ladies are each honored with their own statue: the older lady with nickel glasses is Louise McKinney, who is talking animatedly with a matron (Henrietta Muir Edwards) on the delicate metal coffee table. Next to it is an impressive woman (Emily Murphy), whose chair invites the offspring of many Sunday strollers to climb up. And in front of it are two women’s rights activists holding up a pamphlet with their demands for more rights for women - Irene Parlby and Nelly McClung. These women have done remarkable things. They stood up for the rights of Canadian women and represented them in their provincial or even the federal government.


Parliament Library in Ottawa
Parliament Library in Ottawa

The Library of Parliament - a day in Ottawa

At the rear of Parliament is the building's imposing library. It is also the oldest part of Parliament that was not damaged in the 1916 fire. At the front, the Peace Tower towers over the building. There is a park in front of it. This is where the soldiers of the honor guard hold their parades in the summer. Canada's National Day is also celebrated on this square every year on July 1st.

A tip for all winter vacationers in Canada: Plan a few days in Ottawa before flying back to Germany. The city has a lot to offer - and who knows, maybe you'll be able to enjoy the first day of spring with the residents of the Canadian capital.


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A Day in Ottawa in Spring
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A day in Ottawa, Ontario Canada in the spring

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