The Walhalla near Regensburg: Your ultimate guide to the Hall of Fame

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Walhalla near Regensburg

A stay in the old Roman city on the Danube is perfect for a day trip to Walhalla Regensburg. We experienced this on our last visit to Regensburg. But I've known Valhalla for a lot longer. It was always the destination of school trips during my childhood. So she is very familiar to me. There are various ways you can organize your trip. Of course you can drive to Walhalla by car. However, we decided on the more comfortable option and took one of the excursion boats that wait for their passengers on the banks of the Danube in Regensburg. We drove leisurely through the suburbs of the city and finally on to the Donaustauf region. There the Walhalla towers imposingly over the Danube valley.



Why the Walhalla is a must-see when visiting Regensburg

The Walhalla towers majestically over the Danube, just a few kilometers from Regensburg. It is a hall of fame that honors the most important personalities from the Germanic language family. From poets to scientists, you'll find marble busts and plaques commemorating great deeds.

Plus, the view from Walhalla is simply great. You see the Danube, the forests and the hills - a perfect place for photos. The Walhalla is easily accessible. Whether by car, bus or even boat, you have several options to reach this monument.


Walhalla near Regensburg on the Danube
Walhalla near Regensburg on the Danube


Arrival, opening times and prices

The Walhalla near Regensburg is easy to reach. If you come by car, just take the A3 motorway and follow the Neutraubling/Barbing exit. There are enough parking spaces available. But getting there is also easy by bus. Bus number 5 takes you directly to the monument. For something special, you can also book a boat trip on the Danube. The ship leaves from the Stone Bridge in Regensburg and takes you directly to Walhalla.


From April to October, Walhalla is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. In the winter months, from November to March, the opening hours are slightly shorter: from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 13:00 p.m. to 16:00 p.m. Entrance fees are moderate and discounts are also available.


Sculptures in the Hall of Fame
Sculptures in the Hall of Fame


History of Valhalla

The vision of King Ludwig I of Bavaria is behind the Walhalla near Regensburg. He wanted to create a hall of fame that would honor the most important personalities from the German-speaking world. His goal was to record German and European history for posterity.

To implement this vision, he brought in one of the most famous architects of the time, Leo von Klenze. The architect designed a building reminiscent of the Parthenon in Athens. The columns and the huge entrance portal are particularly striking. Inside you will find marble busts and memorial plaques that commemorate great deeds and personalities. The architecture itself is a masterpiece and shows Klenze's skills in all their glory.

The Walhalla near Regensburg was ceremoniously opened on October 18, 1842 after 12 years of construction. Since then she has experienced many changes. Originally only people who had been dead for at least 20 years were honored. This rule has changed over time. Today Walhalla is a place that is constantly being developed. New busts and panels are added to keep the story current.


Walhalla Hall of Fame near Donaustauf
Walhalla Hall of Fame near Donaustauf


What is there to see in the Walhalla near Regensburg?

As soon as you climb the stairs and enter the building, you find yourself in a world full of history.

The focus is of course on the famous personalities who are honored here. From poets like Goethe and Schiller to political figures like Bismarck, Walhalla offers a comprehensive overview. Each of these personalities is represented by a marble bust or a memorial plaque. These busts and panels are not only artistically valuable, but also informative. They give you an insight into the lives and work of these people.

The interior of the Valhalla is also impressive. The floor is covered with marble slabs and the walls are decorated with artistic reliefs. These elements combine to create a harmonious overall picture and make the visit a very special experience.


The Walhalla near Regensburg in the early morning
The Walhalla near Regensburg in the early morning


Special experiences in the Walhalla near Regensburg

One of the highlights is definitely the view. From the Walhalla you have a wide view over the Danube, the surrounding forests and hills. It is an ideal place for photos or simply to pause for a moment and enjoy the scenery.

A real insider tip is also the sunrise on the steps of Walhalla. If you get there early enough, you can experience a very special spectacle. The first rays of sun bathe the landscape in a soft light and the Walhalla itself appears in a completely new splendor. It's a quiet and peaceful moment that you won't soon forget.

If you would like to find out more about Walhalla, there are also various options for guided tours and audio guides. These offers are not only informative, but also interactive. You can ask questions and delve deeper into the history and significance of this impressive monument.


Danube waves for coffee
Danube waves for coffee


Activities in the area around Walhalla near Regensburg

One of the most popular activities is certainly a boat trip on the Danube. From the water you get a whole new perspective of Walhalla and the surrounding landscape. There are various providers that offer tours and you can even sail as far as Regensburg.

If you prefer to stay on land, there are also plenty of hiking options. The paths lead through forests and hills and always offer great views. And what could be nicer than ending a hike in a cozy beer garden? You will find some of them near Walhalla, where you can enjoy local specialties and freshly tapped beer. Or you can treat yourself to coffee and cake on the excursion boat after your visit, like we did.

Of course, Regensburg itself also has a lot to offer. The city is known for its well-preserved old town, the cathedral and the stone bridge. But smaller sights such as the Old Town Hall or Thurn and Taxis Castle are also worth a visit.


Wolfgangsee Ferries
The boat trip to Regensburg puts you in a good mood


Practical tips for your visit to the Walhalla near Regensburg

You can find information about barrier-free access on the Valhalla website. Parking is also available, both for cars and buses. From the parking lot and the jetty you have to climb 358 steps.

Of course, the best time to visit depends on your interests. If you want to experience Walhalla without a lot of hustle and bustle, the morning hours are ideal. In summer it can get quite crowded at lunchtime and in the afternoon. In spring and autumn, temperatures are pleasant and the views are often clear.

What should you bring with you for a visit? A good mood and curiosity are of course the most important things. But also practical things like comfortable shoes, a Camera and maybe a small one Picnic for the view from Walhalla can brighten up the day. If you plan to explore the area, a hiking map or an app with hiking routes is helpful.


By ship to Walhalla from Regensburg
By ship to Walhalla from Regensburg


Our boat trip from Regensburg to Walhalla

The trip on the Danube not only offers a relaxed journey, but also a new perspective on the landscape and the monument itself. It is impressive how the Walhalla slowly appears on the horizon as the ship glides along the Danube.

The boat trip starts at the Stone Bridge in Regensburg and lasts about an hour. On board you can enjoy the view and get in the mood for visiting Walhalla. There is even the option to purchase drinks and snacks on board. As soon as the ship docks, you are only a short walk from the Valhalla. You need time to look at Valhalla and enjoy its surroundings. We therefore recommend taking one of the trips in the morning and then taking one of the boats back in the afternoon. Then you also have time for a walk or a picnic on the steps of Walhalla.

Route from Regensburg to Walhalla by car

Map courtesy of hiking log, the best trip planner app on iOS and Android



The Walhalla is not only a masterpiece of Leo von Klenze's architecture, but also a hall of fame. Here you will find marble busts and memorial plaques that honor the most important figures in German and European history. The view from the Walhalla over the Danube and the surrounding landscape is great and offers numerous photo opportunities.

If you want to find out more, guided tours and audio guides are available. For early risers, the sunrise on the steps of Walhalla is a real insider tip. And the journey? It can be an experience in itself if you choose the boat trip from Regensburg.


Travel Arrangements:

Parking at the airport

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Arrival to Valhalla

For example, book your journey here by flight, bus or train*. The nearest airports are Frankfurt, Munich or Nuremberg. By car you can reach Regensburg from Munich, for example, in one hour and 40 minutes. From Nuremberg it takes about an hour and 20 minutes. From Frankfurt it takes around three hours and 50 minutes by car. The route from Regensburg to Walhalla takes a good half an hour by car.

Car Rentals:

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Hotels in Regensburg:

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Travel guide for Regensburg

A Regensburg travel guide that makes you curious about the city on the Danube. If you want to get to know Regensburg intensively, then I recommend the Regensburg travel guide by Christoph Schmidt from the Michael Müller publishing house. In it you will not only find the highlights of the city, but also the unknown Regensburg. The five tours that Schmidt sends his readers on so that they can discover the different corners of Regensburg are great, of course with detailed maps and tips for sights, restaurants, cafés and shopping opportunities along the way. This allows you to plan a multi-day stay in Regensburg sensibly. The author also recommends interesting excursion tips along the Danube and the surrounding area. An all-round successful travel guide that makes you want to stay in Regensburg. Order here*.

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The Walhalla near Regensburg: Your ultimate guide to the Hall of Fame

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