Sustainable vacation in Styria

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Erich Pucher cooks in the Lambrechterhof

Lambrechthof offers for a sustainable & delicious vacation

We have the Lamberechhof offers for a sustainable holiday in the Styria tested. We were invited by the eco-label for two days Austria visiting the Lambrechterhof * in Sankt Lambrecht in the Styria. We experienced how you can have a sustainable vacation there. The Nature Park Hotel Lambrechterhof offers options that not only guarantee an environmentally friendly stay, but also relaxation. We present what these are here.



Lambrechterhof Offers for sustainable holidays - street cafe Lambrechterhof
Sankt Lambrecht Hotel - Das Naturparkhotel Lambrechterhof offers

Take a sustainable vacation in the Nature Park Hotel Lambrechterhof

Sankt Lambrecht in Styria is located in one Landscape that invites to hiking. You won't find any cities here. Klagenfurt, Villach, Graz or Salzburg are all an hour or more away by car. Sankt Lambrecht lies in the Thajagraben of the border mountains between the Styria and Slovenia. We also don't find any rough mountain landscapes. Instead, the surrounding mountain peaks are reminiscent of the glaciers of the Ice Age. These created many of the area's landforms. The Dürnberger Moor, for example, which was created around 12000 years ago.


Electric car for guests
Lambrechterhof Offers for sustainable holidays: electric car for guests


Naturparkhotel Lambrechtehof offers - Out and about on foot and with the pleasure of being mobile

We use the pleasure mobile that the Lambrechterhof provides us with. We drive our electric cars emission-free. We get to Oberdorf silently. Where the road no longer goes any further, we leave the vehicle behind. From there we continue on foot. The path rises gently with a view of a pond in which a heron is sunning himself. A few meters further on, some cows do the same. They won't let us disturb them either.


On the way to Dürnberger moor
On the way to Dürnberger moor


Hike to Dürnberger Moor

The path goes past the organic farm Anawander. From there, a meadow path branches off to the edge of the forest. There we turn right into a forest path that leads us to the moor. With its reeds that rustle in the wind, it seems unusual at this altitude. A boardwalk finally brings us to an ancient tree with a wooden bench. Here I leave Petar and Elena from Creative Lena walk a few meters to the lookout tower. Meanwhile, I enjoy the silence around me. The only sound I notice is the wind sweeping through the reeds. A place of power, as I love him.


The same way we go back to our pleasure mobile. This time, however, with a great view of the surrounding mountains.


Handy for the hike

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Styrian-Carinthian border mountains - Naturparkhotel Lambrechterhof offers
Styrian Carinthian border mountains


Lambrechthof offers

Back at the Hotel Lambrechterhof, we relax our muscles with a waterbed massage. Residual tension disappears under the experienced hands of the friendly masseur in the spa. So we are well prepared for our dinner, which is served by the Austrian master chef Erich Pucher. What is particularly interesting to us is that in the morning we went with him on a pleasure trip to some of his suppliers from the region. So we experienced one of the best Lambrechterhof offers for sustainable holidays, because Erich Pucher buys his ingredients from local producers.



Our pleasure tour with Erich Pucher

Sustainability plays a big role in Erich Pucher's kitchen. He buys his ingredients from local producers whom he has trusted for years. He knows their products inside and out. It doesn't matter whether we visit the breeder of the lambs that he serves in his restaurant or the schnapps distiller who makes the herbal liqueurs according to his aunt's recipe - Erich Pucher is always greeted like a friend.


Light lunch from Erich Pucher - Lambrechterhof offers

Potato-coated fish on lentils - Naturparkhotel Lambrechterhof offers
Fish in a potato coat on the left


Pucher has seen the world. He has cooked in hotels in South Africa, Los Angeles, Arlberg, Sankt Moritz as well as in Scandinavia. He even went to sea for a while until he finally returned to his Styrian homeland. After his years of wandering, he settled in the Rahmhube on the Stolzalpe near Murau. There he earned his first and second Gault Millau toques. This was followed by the third toque at the Gasthof Lercher in Murau. After a break, he has been head chef at Lambrechterhof since 2017. There he combines the exotic influences he got to know during his stays abroad with local products to create new delicacies.

Evening menu from Erich Pucher - one of the Lambrechterhof offers


Lamb fillet - Naturparkhotel Lambrechterhof offers
lamb fillet


If you want to enjoy Erich Pucher's cooking skills, you should reserve a table in the À la carte Stüberl in the Lambrechterhof. Or you can book a candlelight dinner with the culinary delicacies of Erich Pucher.



Travel Arrangements:

Parking at the airport

Here you can reserve your parking space at the airport.

How to reach us

Book yours here Arrival by plane, bus or train*. The nearest airport is in Klagenfurt (70 km). Sankt Lambrecht can be reached by train (Mariahof-St. Lambrecht station, 7 km away, Timetable and booking from Germany*), easy to reach by bus (bus stop in front of the hotel) or by car.

The easiest way is to get to one Styria vacation myth dem Auto. You can book a rental car * here.


We have a modernly equipped double room in the Lambrechterhof * stayed overnight, with a view of Sankt Lambrecht.

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Enjoy Styria


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Source Lambrechterhof Offers for sustainable holidays: own research on site at the invitation of Ecolabel Austria and the Lambrechterhof. However, our opinion remains unaffected.

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Sustainable vacation in Styria

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