Taste Burgenland wine - three times different

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The best way to taste Burgenland wine is in a winery

The best way to find out how good Burgenland wines taste is directly from the winemaker. He can definitely explain the special features of Burgenland wine to you. Discover on one Wine journey through Austriahow the wineries in Burgenland present their Burgenland wine.

As we all know, wine is a very special juice. A good wine has soul: it can be gentle and mild, it can be furious and strong, but it can also be lovely and sweet. Wine is a product of its environment and this is reflected in it. In the aromas that it absorbs from the soils in which it grows. In the sweetness that reflects the hours of sunshine it experiences as it grows. In the taste that it finally takes on in the barrels in which it matures. It is the art of the winemaker to preserve these aspects of the wine's existence and to bring them out in such a way that the connoisseur ultimately experiences them in the glass. Producing good wine only comes with experience and skill and requires love and commitment.



Wineries in Burgenland serve Burgenland wine three times differently

Therefore, selling the wine should be something special. You can get Burgenland wines at a wine tasting in one of the wineries in Burgenland, where you can taste the wine yourself. You can choose exactly the one you like best. It's different for everyone, because wine is a matter of taste. While one person prefers a dry wine, another likes to drink it sweet. During a tasting you can find out which wine suits you best. We have three wine tastings Burgenland experienced and experienced that there are also differences.



Wineries in Burgenland are traditional
Wineries in Burgenland are traditional
The wines from the Gager winery in Burgenland
The wines from the Gager winery in Burgenland

A wine tasting at a Burgenland winery

In Deutschkreutz in Central Burgenland we can taste the wines from the Gager winery. The winemaker leads us through his winery and shows us his barrels. In these, Zweigelt and Blaufränkisch mature in 12 to 18 months into wines that regularly win prizes and awards. Similar to the wine shop in Horitschon, you can feel the love for wine that flows through its producers. Josef Gager proudly presents us his wines and urges us to taste them all. The selection is large and excellent. We find it difficult to choose a Burgenland wine that we like best. They're all good. Finally we decide on the flagship of the house, the Cablot (Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot). The contact with the winemaker makes this wine tasting an experience.

Winery Gager

Karrnergasse 2 u. 8
7301 Deutschkreutz



Wine tasting in the Vinatrium in Deutschkreutz
Wine tasting in the Vinatrium in Deutschkreutz
A Brettljause provides a basis for the wine tasting in one of the wineries in Burgenland
A Brettljause provides a basis for the wine tasting in one of the wineries in Burgenland

Wine tasting in the Vinatrium in Deutschkreutz

The Deutschkreutz regional wine shop is just a few steps away from the Gager winery. Here we can get an overview of the wines of the winemakers from Central Burgenland in one room. We can taste as many wines as we want in the vaulted cellar. You pay a flat rate and can then taste your way through the wines as you wish. There is a snack plate to fortify you in between. This means that the alcohol reaches an appropriate base. If you want, you can get an overview of the total of 300 wines from the 50 winemakers from Central Burgenland. If you would like advice, all you have to do is ask. Here the guest has the choice. He can form his own impression of the Burgenland wines. Or he makes use of the knowledge and wine knowledge of the wine store.

Vinatrium area wine shop

Hauptstraße 55
7301 Deutschkreutz


Burgenland wines in the house at Kellerplatz in Purbach, one of the wineries in Burgenland
Burgenland wines in the house at Kellerplatz in Purbach, one of the wineries in Burgenland
Burgenland wines are available here on presentation of a chip card
Burgenland wines are available here upon presentation of a chip card

Taste Burgenland wine in a sustainable way

We were able to experience the third wine tasting in the Haus am Kellerplatz in Purbach on Lake Neusiedl. The winemakers' wine cellars are also grouped around the square in front of the wine shop. In front of these you can taste the wines from Burgenland in Buschenschanken in summer. However, in the wine shop we are standing in front of a bar that is controlled by a computer.

For ten euros we receive a card that we can use to tap the wines ourselves. We can use buttons to determine how large the quantity and price we want to invest in a type of wine. If one of the bottles is empty, one of the ladies from reception comes immediately and refills it. To give us a base for the wines, we are served a platter of appetizers. This means we can always fortify ourselves between wines. We learn that hardly any wine is wasted in this type of wine tasting. The guest only drinks what he wants. This means the tasting remains sustainable and not a drop of wine is thrown away. This is a type of wine tasting that we have never experienced before.

House on the basement square in Purbach

Cellar alley 1
7083 Purbach at Lake Neusiedl



The three wine shops that we got to know on our travels through Burgenland show us Burgenland wines perfectly. Each of them offers something special and has its own character. Each tries in its own way to do justice to the wine, with the wine shops trying to convey what is special about the wine - the “soul of the wine”. As it is, everyone likes a different wine. Everyone likes a different type of wine shop. The selection of types of wine in Burgenland is just as large as the selection of wine shops. Everyone can choose the one that suits them best. Which type of wine tasting in Burgenland do you like best?

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Taste Burgenland wine - three times different

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