Enjoyment days at Lake Weissensee in Carinthia

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Weissensee lake in Carinthia

With these tips you are well prepared for a weekend of enjoyment at Lake Weissensee in Carinthia. We spent two days at Lake Weissensee and came across a real insider tip in Austria. The lake is perfect for a holiday in Austria with hiking. The Seehotel Enzian had invited us for two nights. Until then we had never heard of this lake. Well, we knew the Ossiacher See or the Millstätter See, both also in Carinthia, from previous trips. We already knew how beautiful the Carinthian lakes are. But somehow we had never ended up in the Gitschtal right behind the Italian border near Tarvisio. Our short stay at Weissensee Carinthia shows what we missed.


Weissensee lake Carinthia Austria
Crystal clear and shallow - on the shores of Weissensee Lake Carinthia Austria. Is the Weissensee insider tip for bathers? I think so.


The lake is the fourth largest lake in Carinthia. It is located at an altitude of 930 m and its water is so clean that we can look down to its sandy bottom. In the crystal-clear water we can see the numerous fish that live in this alpine lake. The Weissensee is narrow and extends over a length of about eleven kilometers between the Gailtal Alps and the Latschur group. In summer, the water temperature at Weissensee warms up to 24 degrees. These are ideal temperatures for a beach holiday at the lake. In winter, a thick layer of ice forms on half of the lake - ideal for all kinds of winter sports.



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There are many houses right on Weissensee Lake Carinthia Austria
There are many houses right on the lake at Weissensee See in Carinthia



A hotel for connoisseurs at the Weißensee Carinthia

The Seehotel Enzian is located almost exactly halfway along the lake on its northern shore. Due to the shortness of our stay, we refrain from visiting the lido on Lake Weissensee in Carinthia. It doesn't have to be either. It's worth looking for accommodation that offers direct access to the lake. This hotel is one of them. But first we want to see more of the lake. The lake cannot be bypassed by car. You have to decide beforehand where you want to go: to the east or west bank. The only connection that exists between the two banks are the boats, which travel several times a day from May to October on Lake Weissensee in Austria. We don't need to be told that twice, as we like to travel by boat or ship.

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At the landing stage in Neusach am Weissensee Lake Carinthia Austria
At the landing stage in Neusach am Weissensee Lake Carinthia Austria


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By electric boat across the lake

We ask for Weissensee tips in the hotel. Our landlady explains to us that we only have to walk a few steps to get to the next landing stage for the boat. However, we don't find any signs indicating where that should be. So we decide to drive our car to the end of the road on the south bank of the lake. From the parking lot at the end of the tarred road we see the landing stage that extends out into the lake. Here, too, there is no sign on the road. But to reach the landing stage, we go back a few hundred meters down the tar road and turn off at the first inn on the lake shore. We walk past the beer garden and stand on the landing stage.

The tickets are on board and we buy tickets with which we can drive all over the lake. On the way we can get off as often as we want and can later go back with another boat. Although there is a timetable, but you better stand on the jetty, if you want to ride. The ship stops when you wave it or tell the boat staff where you want to get off. The whole thing is wonderfully uncomplicated, really relaxed and fits perfectly with the Weissensee.


boat detail
Boat detail - Carinthia Weissensee


By boat across the lake

We are on the way with the Alpenperle, Austria's first electric hybrid boat. Except that we cross it environmentally friendly across the lake, this ship has the advantage that it slides almost noiselessly on the water. A great experience! We let the wind blow around our nose and enjoy one of the beautiful late summer days that September has to offer. We first drive to Weissensee, the village that bears the same name as the lake. There, a low bridge prevents the approach to the west bank, and so the boat turns around and crosses the lake several times from one bank to another until we reach the eastern end of the lake, where a breathtaking view of the South Tyrolean Dolomites awaits us from the Austrian side ,


By boat across the lake
By boat across Lake Weissensee Carinthia Austria

A view from the eastern end of the lake to the Dolomites to South Tyrol

On the way we pass the small villages, which are located on the north shore. From time to time, there are some huts on the south bank, which the peasants use as barns for their hay or hikers to shelter in bad weather. Also in the north of the lake, the settlement is less and less until after the end of the tar road only isolated hikers on the lake are to be recognized. From time to time there are jetties where they can board.

In the tavern Ronacherfels, hikers can rest comfortably on their way from Neusach to the Dolomites view at the eastern end of the lake, or the boaters take a break on their journey across the lake. An idyllic place where you can find peace.



Chilling at Ronacherfels
Chilling at Weissensee Carinthia Austria at Ronacherfels


mountain hut
Mountain hut in Austria Weissensee


The Dolomites
Weissensee Carinthia Austria and the Dolomites

Look from the Weissensee in Carinthia to the Dolomites

We drive to the eastern end of the lake, curious to see what the view of the Dolomites will be like. We are lucky! In bright blue skies and sunshine, the Dolomites are clearly visible between the nearby mountain ranges. If you want, you can start from here for short walks along the lakeshore or for longer hikes over the steep slopes on the lakeshore.

Our time is limited, because we still want to try the lake sauna in the Seehotel Enzian, so we climb back into the Alpenperle and take it back to the starting point of our tour at the east end of Neusach. We were on the Weissensee Austria for almost two hours and enjoyed the trip across the lake, as did the anglers, canoeists, swimmers and hikers we met on our tour. The Weissensee is a quiet mountain lake with a breathtaking view and many beautiful hiking trails. A real insider tip for everyone who likes to enjoy actively. A highlight in our Weissensee Carinthia experience. 


Hiking at the Weissensee Carinthia is fun

Am Weissensee Austria Hiking is fun. There are hiking trails that run relatively flat along the lake. For those of you who prefer to go uphill, there are also opportunities.

Hiking trails on Lake Weissensee in Carinthia

You can find some suggestions for where you can hike at Weissensee Carinthia here:

  • The North bank path from Neusach is moderately difficult. It takes about 2,5 hours, is 8,3 km long and climbs a gradient of 394 m. Details can be found here.
  • The hike from Weissensee to the Hermagor Bodenalm is easy. It's best to plan one right away Snack on the Alm with a. Tour details.
  • The hike from Weißbriach over the Kreuzberg to the Weissensee is easy. It takes about two and a half hours and is well over 7 km long. In doing so you overcome a height difference of 307 m. Information about the tour can be found here.


What you need for a pleasure trip to the Weissensee in Carinthia

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For example, book yours here Arrival by plane, bus or train*. The nearest airport is definitely Salzburg. From there you can then travel by rental car or your own car. Travel time from Salzburg to Carinthia's Weissensee is around 2 hours 10 minutes. From Munich, on the other hand, it takes 3 hours 15 minutes, from Vienna it takes around 4,5 hours and from Graz 2 hours 45 minutes.

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Hiking on the lake
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Source: own research on site. We would definitely like to thank Genuss Reisen Austria and the Seehotel Enzian am Weissensee for inviting us to this stay at Weissensee Carinthia. However, our opinions remain our own.

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Enjoyment days at Lake Weissensee in Carinthia

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