Top Restaurant am Weissensee Carinthia

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Gailtaler bacon in Biedermeierschloessl

Top Restaurant am Weissensee Carinthia

Which restaurant on Weissensee Carinthia promises special enjoyment? The answer to this is especially interesting for those who are planning a weekend or a longer stay at the Weissensee. We were impressed by the Weissensee in Carinthia. Not only because he showed himself from his most beautiful side, but also because we found peace and relaxation there. Its hidden location makes it a travel destination that you have to choose specifically. A short detour from the autobahn is hardly an option. Depending on where you leave the autobahn, you need between 45 minutes and an hour to reach the Weissensee. For a short detour on the way south, the Ossiacher See, the Millstätter See or the Wörthersee are more suitable. They can be reached more quickly from the motorway. Those who go to Weissensee usually do so in order to stay there for a few days or more.


Homemade lemonade - Restaurant Weissensee Carinthia
Homemade lemonade


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Weissensee from the boat
Weissensee from the boat


We went in search of restaurants and pubs that please connoisseurs. For us as foodies and pleasure travelers, this is an important criterion when choosing our travel destinations and often decides whether and how long we are in a region. So we started looking for a good restaurant on Lake Weissensee Carinthia. These are the restaurants that we discovered.

Discover your top restaurant on the Weissensee

We recommend some of the mentioned restaurants from our own experience. However, we were not able to personally test all of them. Therefore, we have reviewed the reviews of these restaurants on independent platforms such as tripadvisor very closely. On another trip to the Weissensee we would try the previously unknown restaurants to get to know them. Have you already tried one of them? Then tell us your experiences in the comments to this article.


Top Restaurant Weissensee Carinthia - The Forelle © Copyright Ferdinand Neumüller
Top Restaurant Weissensee Carinthia - The Trout © Copyright Ferdinand Neumüller


The trout in Techendorf

A restaurant that we do not know personally, but is at the top of our restaurant list, is the trout in Techendorf. The reason for this is that we see some well-known names on the list of producers of ingredients for the kitchen. These include the Essigmanufaktur Gölles and the Chocolate producer Zotter as well as Edelgreissler Herwig Ertl from the neighboring Gailtal. I also like that many products come from the immediate vicinity of the restaurant. This includes the fish from the local lake, fished by Martin Müller, This is Slow Food, as it is hardly possible. It makes you curious about the food that is served there.

The restaurant is open Tuesday to Saturday from 18.00 for the general public. On Sunday and Monday is cooked only for the hotel guests. At noon, the kitchen remains closed. A reservation is recommended.

Gourmet hotel The trout
Tech Village 80
9762 Weissensee

Phone: + 43 4713 2356

You can also spend a pleasant night at the Geniesserhotel Die Trout. Further information and booking options can be found here *.

Hotel Regitnig – A la carte & lake view terrace in this restaurant on Lake Weissensee in Carinthia

Freshly caught fish from the lake, potato dumplings with local ingredients or game from the forests around Lake Weissensee. The whole with ingredients from predominantly organic cultivation sounds appetizing. The almost perfect rating on tripadvisor. This is a restaurant that we like to try.

Warm meals from 12.00 p.m. to 20.30 p.m. There is a limited menu between 14.00 p.m. and 18.00 p.m. Tuesdays are only cooked for hotel guests.

Restaurant Regitnig am Weissensee
Tech Village 33
9762 Weissensee | Austria

Tel. +43 4713 2225

Again, you can stay overnight. Further information about the hotel Regitnig am Weissensee with booking possibilities you can find here *.


Reeds on the Weissensee
Reeds on the Weissensee


Hotel Weissenseerhof – Eat vegetarian in this restaurant on Lake Weissensee in Carinthia

You won't find any fish or meat on the menu of the vegetarian restaurant in the Hotel Weissenseerhof. Chef Florian Klinger has been cooking exclusively vegetarian / vegan since 2018. You have to like that. We are not vegetarians or vegans, but from time to time it tastes very good. Especially when this cuisine has won as many prizes as those in the Weissenseerhof restaurant. A La Carte calls it one of the best restaurants Austria. Falstaff awards 85 points and 2 forks. Gault Millau awards the chef with 14 toques.

Restaurant Liebstöckl in the Weissenseerhof
À la carte restaurant open daily
Vegetarian lunch card from 12.00 o'clock - 15.30 o'clock
Enjoyment Dinner Menu from 18.30 Watch - 20.30 Watch

Tel. +43 4713 2219

If you want to stay overnight at Hotel Weissenseerhof, you will find it here further information and booking options*.


Biedermeierschloessl Lerchenhof in Hermagor - Restaurant Weissensee Carinthia
Biedermeierschloessl Lerchenhof in Hermagor


Hotel Schloss Lerchenhof in Untermosbach near Hermagor

If you do not shudder a car ride of half an hour, we recommend a visit to the restaurant of the castle Lerchenhof in Hermagor. We have come to know and appreciate this restaurant during our visit to the Slow Food Travel Region of Carinthia, The castle owner produces Gailtaler bacon and other delicious ham varieties of pigs, which he breeds. We especially liked the Castello Vino. This is bacon, which is made in wine from the Lavanttal. We recommend the bacon plate of the house, where you can taste the different types of bacon of the house. It fits perfectly as a lunch snack for a day trip to the Gailtal.

Biedermeierschlössl Lerchenhof in the Gailtal
Submits 8
9620 Hermagor

Phone + 43 4282 / 2100

An Overnight stay at Schloss Lerchenhof * you can book here.


Gailtaler Speck in the Biedermeierschloessl, a top restaurant Weissensee Carinthia
Gailtaler Speck in the Biedermeierschloessl, a top restaurant Weissensee Carinthia


For a region as small as Weissensee in Austria, this range of outstanding restaurants is definitely amazing. Culinary art plays an important role in this part of Carinthia.


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Eat well at Weissensee.
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Top Restaurant am Weissensee Carinthia

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