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Esterházy Castle in Eisenstadt - Excursion destinations Burgenland

Excursion destinations Burgenland for slow travelers and connoisseurs

In these articles, we present which excursion destinations Burgenland has for slow travelers and connoisseurs. This begins in the capital city of Eisenstadt, where the castle dominates the center of the city. Enjoy the castle park. In the city's restaurants you can try the regional products. The locations on Lake Neusiedl invite you to relax. Taste the wines that grow in these regions. Or the cherries from the area's orchards. Culture and art await you in the castles. There is a lot to discover in Burgenland.

Scene from Anatevka

Two open air festivals in Burgenland

Are you interested in events and festivals in Burgenland? Summer is festival time in Burgenland. We were able to experience this ourselves in August on our cultural tour through Burgenland, which also brought us closer to the country's borders. Events and festivals in Burgenland at Tabor Castle Our journey began in the town...
Enjoyment travel - cold plates and our own wine in the wine tavern

Heuriger or Buschenschank - what is what?

Heuriger or Buschenschank? Not so easy to be familiar with the terminology of Austrian gastronomy. We have experienced this on our Austria trips to the wine regions of Lower Austria, Burgenland and Styria in recent years. Well, we were familiar with the term "Heuriger". I associated the idea that ...

Blueprint in the Koó blueprint in Steinberg

Creative craft in Burgenland I can still remember well. My grandmother liked to wear blue-print aprons when she was working in her kitchen. For me, these blue fabrics and the scent of fresh pastries are among my earliest childhood memories. The aprons were made of durable cotton. They grew older ...
Castle Lockenhaus

Knight's dinner in the castle Lockenhaus

Knight's dinner at Lockenhaus Castle in Burgenland We are invited to a knight's dinner at Lockenhaus Castle in Burgenland, a special kind of pleasure trip. The castle towers conspicuously above the small town of the same name. We also spend the night in the castle. Part of the formerly dilapidated castle has been prepared for overnight guests. We are ...
Red vine leaf

Autumn and wine in Burgenland

Autumn with Burgenland wine You experience Burgenland wine intensively in autumn. We like wine and wine regions. Petar grew up in a wine region. He knows that. But for me, our stay at Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland is something special. We are here in autumn and the vine leaves are changing color by day...
Green bowl made of precious turpentine by Otto Potsch

Arts and crafts in Burgenland

Arts and crafts in Burgenland: beautiful things made of precious serpentine Admittedly, we hadn't heard of precious serpentine until our visit to the rock museum in Bernstein in Burgenland. And we didn't even know that it is a semi-precious stone and what beautiful things you can make from it. During our trip to...
Painted easter eggs - Easter tradition in Burgenland

Easter Tradition in Burgenland: Easter Eggs Scratching

Easter tradition in Burgenland We got to know an Easter tradition in Burgenland - scratching Easter eggs. Ostrich eggs in all colors whirl through the air on the wheel. Eggs dangle in the wind on the forsythia. Easter bunnies peek out from between the flower beds in the Stipsits family's front yard. It's Easter time in Stinatz. The perfect time for...
Very special Easter eggs

Easter customs all over the world

A few more weeks until Easter. Reason enough to think about how you want to spend the time around the Easter holidays. Why not experience the Easter traditions around the world? We looked into it and found that even in Germany there are customs that apply to regions ...
The perfect roast goose as a Christmas dinner

Everything for the Christmas goose – shopping tour for goose food

Hardly anything is as typical as the Christmas goose on the holidays. A Christmas goose brings back memories of childhood. Christmas parties with parents and grandparents. Eating goose was a tradition with us. Even today it is part of Christmas with us. You can prepare it yourself. Or enjoy in the restaurant. But first ...
Fish plate in Salzburg

Snack, snack, Marende - this is how it becomes a good snack

What are snacks? Snacks whet your appetite, right? If you go on holiday to Austria's wine-growing regions, these are an essential part of it. My mouth is watering every time I see the wooden boards, slates or porcelain plates and platters on which are meat, ham and sausages, tomato and cucumber slices, pickles, ...


Excursion destinations Burgenland
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Excursion destinations Burgenland

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