Wine lovers like these Slovenia travel destinations

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Top travel destinations Slovenia

Mouthwatering Wine Tasting in Slovenia - Discover where you can find it

We visit top travel destinations Slovenia and Slovenia landmarks for wine lovers. We experience Malvasia wine and more Slovenian wines in the Vipava Valley Slovenia as well as in other wine regions of the country. Green hilly landscapes invite you to go on excursions. Winemakers open their cellars to wine lovers. wine Routes lure with landscapes and restaurants. You can even stay in the vineyard, There are many opportunities, Slovenia's wine regions to discover.




Wine barrel in the vineyard - Slovenia Sightseeing in the wine regions
Top travel destinations Slovenia for wine lovers

Experience Wine in Slovenia

There are three winegrowing regions in Slovenia. These can be divided into 14 smaller centers. The first of these is Primorye in south-western Slovenia. It extends from the coast along the border with Italy to the area around Dobrovo. The other two wine regions of Slovenia border directly on each other. They are located in the east of the country. The Posavje winegrowing region stretches across the Sava river basin to the southeast. The third winegrowing area is Podravje along the river Drava in Styria, Slovenia. We visited two of them on our trip:



Skatlar vineyard hut near Otocec - wine lovers feel at home here
Vineyard hut Skatlar near Otocec - Top travel destinations Slovenia

The Dolenjska Wine Region - Slovenia Wine Tours

The Dolenjska region belongs to the Posavje wine region and attracts with forests. Rivers such as the Krka, Mirna, Kolpa and Lahinja make their way here. Grapes ripen in the sun on the valley slopes. Among them are grape varieties from Slovenia as well as Welschriesling and Blaufränkisch.

Staying in a Vineyard

If, like us, you like to combine wine trips with experiences, then we have a treat for you. Skatlar Vineyard Cottage is one of Slovenia's wine lover's destinations. Here you can spend the night in the middle of the vineyard. Imagine waking up in the morning to the chirping of birds and looking at grapevines in front of the house. Sounds tempting, right? If there is also the possibility to help yourself from the wine cellar of the house - what more could you ask for? In summer you can also use the vegetable garden. Tomatoes and peppers grow on the doorstep. Fruit is available directly from the fruit trees on the premises.

Simple Vineyard Huts

These are vineyard huts in the hills above Otocec. The cabins are simply equipped. We visit the wine hut of Skatlar. Matjaz Pavlin lovingly restored it. If you are looking for silence and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you will find everything you need here. The vineyard cottages are not luxuriously equipped. They are covered with a straw roof. But they offer everything you need for everyday life. Dishwasher and washing machine are available as well as a massage shower and satellite TV. The furniture reminds me of my grandparents' house. In any case, they offer an experience that is not often found today.


View of the wine region
View of the wine region - top travel destinations Slovenia


Relax in the Vineyard

Treat yourself to a glass of wine from the cellar in the evening after a day full of experiences. Enjoy the view of the castle of Otocec, the Krka valley and the hills of Gorjanci. All in the privacy of a little house in the vineyard - what more could you want? If you are staying in a cabin for more than three nights, you will be invited to dinner with Slovenia specialties and for wine tasting in the house of Matjaz Pavlin. You will have the opportunity to get to know Slovenian wine, people, their culture, their music and life in the region up close.

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Wine tasting in the Wine House Frelih in Sentrupert

Of course there are also winegrowers in this region where you can taste wines. We were at Wine house Frelih in Sentrupert. Its history began in 1892 when Joseph Frelih moved here. Before that, phylloxera had destroyed the vines in his homeland. He was one of the first to plant vines from America here. These were resistant to the pest. Today Veronika Frelih manages the winery. She introduces us to her wines from Slovenia. Cvicek, Penina, Sentruperska Penina, Modra Frankinja Barrique, Penina Kappelman and Zeleni Silvaner are just a few of them.



Experience Malvasia wine and more in the Vipava Valley Slovenia
Experience Malvasia wine and more in the Vipava Valley Slovenia


The Primorska Wine Region - Slovenia Wine Tours

The Primorska wine region is located in southwestern Slovenia. It stretches north from the coast along the border with Italy. This makes it easy to reach. The Autobahn quickly connects them to the capital and the sea.



Vipava, main Town in the Vipava valley

The second wine region of our trip is the Vipava Valley. It belongs to the Primorska wine region, the coastal region. The Vipava wine that we encounter there differs from those of the Dolenjska region. While grape varieties from Slovenia are mainly cultivated in that region, in the Primorska region we encounter grape varieties that we also know from other wine regions in the world. Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Riesling are popular, as are Malvasia and Ribolla. In the Vipava Valley there are also wines such as Zelen and Pinela.

Wineries and more to experience in the Vipava valley

It was the Romans, who brought the wines to the Vipava valley. Wines were their main crop. The Vipava Valley is only an hour from Ljubljana , the Adriatic, Postojna as well as the border to Austria. This makes it easy to reach. It takes its name from the Vipava River. Moreover, the town is in an environment that impresses with its beauty. The plateaus of Trnovski gozd, Hrusica and Nanos as well as the hills of Vipava border it to the north. In the south, the Vipava hills turn into the Karst region.


At the river in the Vipava valley Slovenia
The river in the Vipava valley Slovenia


Vipava Slovenia reminds me of small towns in Italy. You can drink an espresso or sip a glass of wine in its market place. We take a walk through the city and discover the springs that feed the Vipava river. Behind the palace of the Lanthieri family, bridges and pedestrian walkways cross the river. That is why Vipava is sometimes called the Venice of Slovenia. A little over the top, perhaps, as comparisons often are. In any case, the river and its bridges are worth seeing.

The Lanthieri Palace once belonged to the Counts of Gorizia and Vipava. Today it houses the wine school of the area. The Lanthieri family also once owned the hunting lodge Zemono outside the village. There we enjoy the best food of our trip.


Wine tasting in the winery Zorz in the Vipava valley Slovenia
Wine tasting in the winery Zorz in the Vipava valley Slovenia


Experience Malvasia Wine and others in the Vipava valley

We finish our walk through Vipava in the wine shop at the visitor center. There, winemakers from the area present their wines to visitors. In addition to Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, we taste wines from the region such as Pinela and Zelen, which excites me. I also notice a bottle with female forms. We are told that only the best Zelen wines can be bottled in these bottles. It is like a seal of approval for the quality of the wine it contains.


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Malvasia wine is a wine, which is particularly interesting. It is a white wine variety that is widely grown in this region. It is ancient and probably dates back to the Greeks. Although the grapes ripen late in the year, they provide good yields. The white wine that is made from it, is rich in alcohol. It also has a good aroma. In the region, this wine is called by different names. Malvasia Istriana is the most common name for the grape variety.


Antipasti in the Zorz winery in the Vipava valley
Antipasti in the winery Zorz in the Vipava valley Slovenia


Just a few kilometers outside of Vipava we visit the Zorz wine cellar in Slap. The Zorz family is originally from France. Their winery is one of the largest in the Vipava Valley. In addition to Zelen and Pinella wines, it also produces excellent red wines such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Barbera. There are also white wines such as Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat Blanc. The young generation is already in charge of this winery and produces excellent wines.


How Wine is cultivated in the wine-growing Regions in Slovenia

Viticulture process in Slovenia
Viticulture process in the Vipava valley Slovenia
  • The wine harvest in Slovenia travel destinations

The viticulture process begins with the harvest of the grapes in the Autumn. Determining the right date for the grape harvest is not easy. To do this, the winemaker must use scientific methods to determine the sugar content of the grapes. He also makes sure to use the right weather for the harvest.

  • Pressing the Wine

Depending on the size and importance of wine-growing in the respective winery, the pressing of the grapes can be carried out in a traditional or mechanical way. Traditionally this is done by crushing the grapes in a wooden tub with bare feet. Larger wineries have now mechanized this process and shred the grapes with machines. This is how Most is made.

  • Fermentation

The next step in winemaking is the fermentation of the must. Adding yeast, this process begins within 6 - 12 hours after the grape press. The fermentation lasts until the sugar turns completely into alcohol. The result is dry wine.

  • Clarification

Next, the wine must be cleaned of solid particles. To do this, the winemaker filters out dead yeast cells, tannins and proteins from the young wine.

  • Maturation & Bottling

The last step of wine making is the maturation process of the wine. This can be done both in the bottle and in the barrel. Some winegrowers immediately bottle their wine, in which they let it mature. Others fill the wine first in stainless steel tanks or in oak barrels made mostly of French oak, in which they mature their wine.

With a little luck, you can watch one of these processes while visiting a winemaker. In any case, it is worthwhile to visit the winegrowers. A guided tour is offered in many wineries. Often there are Slovenian specialties and antipasti. Moreover, such a visit is always interesting, because it offers an opportunity to meet the people who produce the specialties of the region.

Slovenia travel destinations and their wine routes

There are four Wine roads in Slovenia:

  • the Brda Wine Route
  • the Vipava wine route
  • the karst wine route
  • and the Istrian wine route

Slovenia Wine Tours - our Conclusion

We got an insight into the wine regions of Slovenia on this trip. Slovenia There are many things to discover for wine lovers. Experiencing Malvasia wine in the Vipava valley in Slovenia and in the other regions of the country is a great experience. The local grape varieties surprised us. We had never heard of many before. Some wines did not correspond to our wine taste at all. Others have convinced us. We especially liked the Zelen grape in the Vipava Valley. At Weinhaus Frelih we liked the Penina Kappelman and the Zeleni Silvaner. The Sauvignon Blanc from Zorz was excellent. However, wine is always a matter of taste. We therefore recommend you: go on a discovery tour of Slovenian wines. Worth it. There is a lot to discover. Definitely makes Slovenian Experience wines a lot of fun.



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Wine lovers like these Slovenia travel destinations

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  1. At Frelih and Matjas we were also on the weekend on our press trip. And what do you think of the Cvicek? We were there very divided opinion;)

    1. Looks like it was the same trip. Cvicek will not be our favorite wine. Since the wines in the Vipava valley tasted much better.

  2. Slovenia has beautiful natural landscapes and mountains. That there are also wine regions there is new to me. Your blog and your photos make me curious about more. Maybe I'll come to Slovenia again.

    1. We really enjoyed the trip through Slovenia. Wine aficionados will not find everywhere the wines that they are used to elsewhere. For the Slovenian wine taste is a bit too exotic. However, we met some very good winemakers on our trip, whose wines really convinced us.

  3. I was 2008 on wine tour in Styria and in Slovenia. At that time, there were only a handful of winemakers whose wines I liked well. Meanwhile, really good wines come from there, especially the white wines convince. And wine tourism seems to have quite developed the whole thing. I should go back, I think.

    1. I think there will be a lot of things to do in the next few years, Antje. The Slovenian wines do not convince everyone. I will probably never befriend the Cvicek. The zelen, however, I liked. And then, of course, Sauvignon Blanc and other internationally known varieties. This is going to be exciting!

    1. Not really. I have to admit, not all Slovenian wines tasted good. The Cvicek is certainly not my favorite wine. For me the zelen tasted good again. But when it comes to wines, it's like eating: what one person tastes does not have to taste the other for a long time :) It's best to try that out for yourself.

    1. Oh, there are some things that are interesting for you. Search the Soca Valley. There are some things for outdoor friends to do. I think that the Krka Valley should be interesting for you.

  4. Around the year 2000, I was in Southern Styria more often, which is also known as the wine region. At that time, I took a short trip to the neighboring Slovenian wine region, and at that time the wines were a bit too flat and sweet. The Austrians said that was just the taste, the people in Slovenia like that, they said. And as you say, wine is a matter of taste. The area and the idea to stay in the cabins, that reads very interesting. Thanks for the nice pictures and the great, as always well researched and detailed report!

    1. Hello Barbara,

      yes, as far as the wines are concerned, we did not all like it. For example, we could not make friends with the Cvicek. There were, however, some of them, which tasted good to us. It's true, everyone tastes a different wine. That's what a winemaker in southern Africa once told me, who won one prize after another for his wines. It always depends on what a wine is served for. It would be interesting to look more closely at food pairings. However, we really liked the Slovenian wine regions.

      Best regards,
      Monika and Petar

    1. Hello Alexandra,

      "Only" I wouldn't say Ljubljana now because the city really impressed me in the short time we were there. But the country really offers more than just the capital, Bled and Portoroz and Piran. We have been there several times in the past two years and since then we have been real fans of the hidden mountain valleys, the great hilly landscapes, the pretty villages. Slovenia is worth discovering in detail. Maybe we'll be on the next trip together?

      Best regards,

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