30000 Islands Canada in Georgian Bay in Ontario

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Seaplane on the 30000 islands

The 30000 islands in Ontario, Canada

30000 islands in Canada are said to be located in the southeast half of Georgian Bay of Lake Huron in Ontario form an archipelago landscape. Among them are rocks as well as large islands overgrown by dense forest. Every now and then, luxury properties with a tennis court and swimming pool nestle in it. However, these tend to be among the accommodations on the islands of this region, which are rare on the islands. Metropolitan residents from Toronto or Montreal have built their cottages on the 30000 Islands. Sometimes with a power connection, sometimes without. Then you sit by candlelight in front of the fireplace in the evening and enjoy the silence of the island world.



To the island by seaplane

The easiest and fastest way to reach such an island is with the seaplane. At Parry Sound, Georgian Bay Airways offers a fleet of seaplanes for private charters as well as sightseeing flights over the islands off the east coast of Georgian Bay. City dwellers like to come to this region in the summer months. Here they spend the weekend or their summer holidays in their cottages.

This is how passengers and supplies come to the islands


Monika on the way to the 30000 islands in Canada
Monika on the way to the 30000 islands in Canada


Anyone planning a stay on one of these islands has to plan carefully. Because once you are on your island, the supermarket is not just around the corner. The quickest way to get there is by seaplane. Unless you own a boat. This takes you to Parry Sound, where the nearest supermarket is located. Many visitors therefore stock up on everything they need for their stay before arriving and stow it in the seaplane. This transports the supplies to the island together with the vacationers. If you have forgotten something, it often means waiting until the agreed time when the seaplane brings new supplies. Or you can take care of yourself on site - many cottage owners use the time to cast a line from the shores of their islands and catch fish for dinner.


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A life close to nature on the 30000 islands

Living on one of the 30000 islands in Canada means doing without amenities such as electricity, tap water and telephone connections. Here the stoves are fired with wood. The water for brushing your teeth or for the bath or shower is heated on the stove or laboriously collected in the tub. Telephone connections are only available to those who live near a cell phone mast. Electricity is generated by generators. However, there is no guarantee that these will work reliably. Then you have to know how to help. Do-it-yourself is popular! When the generator goes on strike, the fish from the lake simply ends up on the grill in front of the house instead of in the frying pan.


That belongs in the suitcase

  • In Georgian Bay you will find numerous places where you can swim in the lake. Our Checklist for a beach holiday is helpful so that you don't forget anything.


By seaplane to a restaurant on the 30000 islands in Canada
By seaplane to a restaurant on the 30000 islands in Canada


Back to nature on the 30000 islands in Canada

This life close to nature, however, is what many are looking for who can afford a cottage here. Fatigue from civilization and the search for an existence without the hustle and bustle of the big city lead many Canadians to create an oasis of calm on their island. You can see that they like this life on a trip through the archipelago of the 30000 islands: friendly waving summer visitors who relax on the terraces in front of their wooden houses or sunbathe on wooden chairs on the jetties on their islands definitely show that they are enjoying themselves feel good on your island.


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30000 Islands Canada
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30000 Islands Canada in Georgian Bay in Ontario

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