Beach vacation checklist - what needs to be in the suitcase?

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Checklist beach vacation

Beach vacation checklist - what needs to be in the suitcase?

A vacation checklist for the beach vacation is useful because it helps you to organize everything. In these articles you will find everything you need for a beach holiday by the sea or a lake. You can also conveniently order your equipment for the beach online here. Put together everything you need for your holiday on the coast or on a lake. With the packing list you can check whether you have packed everything you should have with you.


packing list for a beach vacation

Packing list beach vacation - what has to be in the suitcase?

Beach holiday packing list What you need for a beach holiday by the sea can be found in our beach holiday packing list. It makes a difference where your beach vacation goes. In this beach holiday packing list, we put together the things you need for a beach holiday where you want to go on a beach holiday in warm regions. What you need for other trips to the sea, we put together for you in another packing list ...
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Reading material for the beach vacation

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The beach holiday checklist will help with this

Is your beach vacation coming up and you want to make sure you don't forget anything important? Then a beach vacation checklist is for you! In this article I will show you everything you need for your beach holiday by the sea or a lake.

bathing suits

First of all, you should think about your swimwear. Swimming trunks, bikini or swimsuit - it's a question of taste. But don't forget to also pack a towel or beach mat to make yourself comfortable on the beach.

Sun protection and bathing gear

If you like snorkeling or diving, you should also think about diving goggles and fins. In case you are traveling in areas with strong sunshine, you should also think about sunscreen with a high SPF to protect yourself from sunburn. We list a few in our beach vacation checklist.

When it comes to food, you should plan enough water, snacks and maybe even a picnic. A cooler bag can help keep your drinks and food cool and fresh.

Don't forget things like a beach ball, frisbee or other games to keep you and your friends entertained. And if you like to read, think of a good book title, too. Check out our beach vacation checklist for suggestions.

So a beach vacation checklist definitely comes in handy to make sure you have everything you need. Plan ahead and enjoy your beach vacation with no worries!



Vacation Checklist Beach Vacation
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Beach vacation checklist - what needs to be in the suitcase?

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