Tenerife belongs to the Canary Islands, which lie off West Africa's coast in the Atlantic Ocean. Climatically favored one designates the islands often as islands of the Ewigen spring. Tenerife is one of the largest islands of this archipelago and has the Teide, the highest mountain in Spain. Tenerife, like the other islands of the archipelago, is a popular summer and winter destination. However, you should know where the weather is best at which time of year, otherwise you can experience a nasty surprise during your holiday on this Canary Island. Eternal spring does not mean constant sunshine. Again, especially in winter on the north coast, there is rain. In the dry south, there are almost desert-like areas instead. A good information before choosing the right resort for the season is therefore advised.

The best way to get the picture atlas Tenerife of MAIRDUMONT, the island - and their neighbor islands La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro - in beautiful photos and recommendations, where you can spend the night well imagines. You will learn interesting facts about the larger cities of the island, about the culinary specialties that it has to offer, and about how good the wines of the island meanwhile are. There are also tips on where to find the best markets and what else to do as a guest on the islands and their neighbors.
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Play golf in Tenerife south

"Island of Eternal Spring": Tenerife's climate at a glance Tenerife is probably rightly called the "Island of Eternal Spring" because it lies in the transition area between the subtropics and the temperate zone. The average annual temperatures in Tenerife are a pleasant 23 degrees Celsius and vary only slightly over the year. Tenerife owes this to[…]