Summer vacation on the Aland archipelago

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Summer night in the Aland archipelago

Aland Islands

Advertisement - Have you ever thought about a summer vacation on the Aland Islands? We do. Very intense even. The Aland Archipelago is one of our dream destinations: the sea is omnipresent. The world of the Finnish archipelago offers exactly what we are looking for an unforgettable holiday: a lot of nature, good food, silence and seclusion. And the sea on the doorstep.

Last year we put on our Mini cruise through the Baltic Sea in Mariehamn, the capital of the Aland archipelago. Since then, the idea of ​​island hopping on the Aland Islands haunts our heads. 6700 islands are available - some big enough to house a town of almost 11.000 residents, others so small it's just a rock in the sea. With a total of well 26.000 inhabitants in this archipelago of Finland remain for the remaining islands of Aland not many people left. So why not explore the islands of Aland?


Viking Line in front of the Aland Islands
Viking Line in front of the Aland Islands © Copyright Timo Nieminen


What attracts us to a holiday in the Aland Archipelago

Places to breathe

Whether you watch the ships on the Mariehamn waterfront or feel the touch of history in medieval monastic or fortress ruins. Or listen to the rocky seagulls and the cluck of the water on bare rocks. Or watch Alan's longest sandy beach flood as it wipes its own footprints. Places like these invite you to recover from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And what could be better than waking up in the morning with a view of the sea? You can even do this on your own little private island in a hermit hut without electricity - but with direct access to the sea and a private sauna just steps from the cottage. For those who do not like the rustic feel, holiday apartments and holiday homes, bed and breakfast and hotels are available.


Near the sea
By the sea © Copyright Julia Kivelä


Enjoy the nature and the sea

For hiking, the Aland Archipelago offers many possibilities. There are trails with a length between 10 and 60 kilometers. There are countless opportunities for short walks. The sea, the archipelago and its beaches and bays invite you to swim or kayak and canoe trips along the island shores. If you like collecting or catching your own food, you can do so in the woods and on the coast. Here everyone's right: as long as you do not bother anyone and nothing destroyed, you can collect berries or mushrooms in the forest. With the right license you can even catch your fish for dinner yourself.


Pancakes after Aland Art
Pancakes after Aland Art © Copyright Vastavalo / Minna Suhonen


Exciting regional cuisine

Handmade goat cheese, fried algae, air-dried meat, raw sausage, blueberry beer and grape jelly are among the specialties of the Aland Islands. There is also the "Wild Kitchen", which gets its ingredients directly and almost exclusively from the nature of the islands. "Only salt should be brought along," says an article about it. Juniper, reindeer moss, berries, herbs and mushrooms can be found everywhere in the forest. There is something interesting for the palate to discover.

In any case, the Aland Islands are very high up in our travel wishlist. And with you?



How to get there

The Aland Islands can be reached by ferry companies such as Tallink Silja, Viking Line, Eckerö Linjen, Finnlines and Alandtrafiken from Stockholm, Turku, Tallinn, Helsinki and some smaller ferry ports on the Baltic Sea. By plane you can reach Mariehamn from Stockholm, Helsinki or Turku.


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Summer vacation on the Aland archipelago

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