This is how Slovenian food tastes

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This is how Slovenian food tastes

Slovenian food

Discovering Europe while traveling also means trying the specialties on site. Slovenian food was one of the themes of our trip from the Alps to the Adriatic. We were curious and wanted to know more about it. We had already gathered impressions on ours in spring Travel to Kamnik. This time we also wanted the kitchen Slovenia discover. It quickly became clear that Slovenian food is influenced by many nations. No wonder! After all, Italians, Austrians, Hungarians and Croats played a major role in the country's history. They all left their mark on Slovenian cooking pots, and not just in them Ljubljana's kitchens. These specialties can also be found in the country, and even in the kitchens of Star chefs.


Slovenian food is farm food

Typical Slovenian food is farmer's food. In any case, this is on the table in country inns. Therefore, in Gostilnas, the inns in the country, one often eats best. We got to know several on our trip. We can therefore recommend these from our own experience:


This is how Slovenian food tastes at Gostilna Avsenik in Begunje
Gostilna Avsenik in Begunje


The Gostilna Avsenik in Begunje na Gorenjskem

The inn in Begunje na Gorenjskem belongs to the descendants of Slavko Avsenik. This is where he started his music career. This became a worldwide success. Even if his music doesn't correspond to our taste in music, his successes are impressive. After all, he has sold more than 40.000.000 (40 million!) records around the world. However, we went there to try Slovenian food. And it sure is delicious. The pumpkin soup could not deny its Styrian influences. Just as little as the cheese strudel with the pork fillet. The fig sauce made from regional fruits tasted particularly good. By the way, strudels are an integral part of Slovenian cuisine. They come in all variations, from sweet to savory. Once again, culinary influences from neighboring Austria play a role. For dessert we were served a strudel made from buckwheat flour. Together with the nut filling, this is a hearty dessert. There was also a piece of apple pie.

After this meal we are more than fed up. In general, the amount of food in Slovenian inns is not saved. Nobody stands here hungry from the table. That may be because the food was meant for farmers. The hard work in the field calls for strong food. In any case, you should expect large portions.

Gostilna Avsenik *

Begunje 21
4275 Begunje na Gorenjskem


Gostilna Javornik in Sentrupert
Gostilna Javornik in Sentrupert - homemade Slovenian food


Gostilna Javornik in Šentrupert - homemade Slovenian food

Admittedly, the Javornik restaurant in Šentrupert doesn't look very much. This is the case with many inns in Slovenia. Most of them are simple inns. But the Slovenian food we are served there is quite impressive. Domaca kuhinja, “local cuisine”, that's what this is all about. It starts with home-baked sesame bread. This perfectly complements the chicken pie, ox meat salad and fish salad. The second course is homemade pasta with langostino, shrimp and fried octopus. A poem! I especially like the octopus. This is followed by a buttery Angus beef steak with gnocchi, pork with fried potatoes and potato gratin. Since the portions are again large here, we forego dessert this time. Mediterranean and Italian influences are mainly represented at this meal.

Gostilna Javornik

Goran Pevec sp
Rakovnik 6
8232 Šentrupert
Phone: +386 (0) 7 34 34 534

Hotel Restaurant Convent in Ankaran
Hotel Restaurant Convent in Ankaran


Restaurant Convent in Ankaran

The Slovenian food at the Convent restaurant in Ankaran is Mediterranean-Italian-inspired. Unlike the first two restaurants, this is a hotel restaurant in a former Benedictine monastery. The hotel is just a few steps from the sea. Therefore, fish dishes and seafood are ideal. An octopus salad as a starter gets you in the mood for the fish meal. This is followed by Italian-Slovenian gnocchi in fish sauce. The gnocchi are slightly larger than their Italian cousins. The main course is sea bass with potatoes and vegetables. And finally a berry cake. This restaurant is only two kilometers from the Italian border. The Italian influences are therefore hardly surprising. Scampi, mussels or sea bass are also often found on the menu here.

Incidentally, you can spend the night at the Hotel Convent. The rooms in the historical part are on the first floor (without elevator). The annex has modern accommodation. In addition, it is possible to sleep in small holiday homes by the sea. Or you can use the beautifully situated campsite with the camper. You can book via our partner

Hotel Convent Ankaran - Hotel & Resort Adria Ankaran *

Jadranska c. 25
6280 Ankaran
By the way, during our trip through Slovenia we never met Cevapcici or Raznici. Minced sausages and pork skewers from southern Yugoslavia are now being offered less and less frequently. In contrast, we also have an insight into the fine cuisine of Slovenia receive. However, we present these in a second article. Because it is worth it that we report in detail about it. Gourmets can also be pampered wonderfully in Slovenia.



In her article "Lisa explains how you can experience Slovenian food in Ljubljana"What to Eat in Slovenia" in front. There are great tips. It's worth a look. Further Enjoyment tips for travelers here.


Slovenian cuisine
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Source: own research on site. We would like to thank Best Press Story for inviting us to this trip. Nevertheless, our opinion remains our own as always.

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This is how Slovenian food tastes

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  1. Hui, I do not see anything for vegans. Even if I go out and talk a lot about traveling because my vegan lifestyle is healthier than ethical, I know after such a meal my body would have a hard time fighting. But what about salads and soups, I'm almost always there.

    1. Here I introduce dishes that are mainly served in Slovenian inns, Stephie. There is also the upscale Slovenian cuisine, and certainly offers something for vegans.

  2. Hmmm, it all looks so delicious! The next time I'm in Styria, it's definitely worth the trip across the border to enjoy! :)

  3. Hello you two,

    God, now you've made me hungry. For me, the food is also at the top of the ToDos when traveling.

    Slovenian cuisine is very hearty. And vegetarians and calorie-conscious people do not have it easy as it looks.

    But it looks so damn delicious.

    Greetings from Berlin

    1. Hello Daniela,

      For some years now, we have been searching for typical regional food on our travels. We noticed how different they are. This is a very exciting way of traveling. Once, of course, it's pure pleasure, but on the other hand, I see it as a great way to gain access to regional cultures. However, as a vegetarian or vegan you should not make this topic :). In many countries, one might find it difficult to find the right food.

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        1. And not only because of the good food, Daniela :) What we like best is that we get closer to the country and people and get to know them more intensively.

  4. Although I am a vegetarian, I also discovered a few delicacies here. At the latest at the word "cheese strudel" you had my attention. Haha! Great article :)
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    1. There's sure to be one or the other you like, Janett. Coming soon is an article about the fine cuisine in Slovenia, and there is something here that is interesting for you: ayurvedic cuisine :)

  5. Wow, I would not have appreciated the Slovenian cuisine that much. Sounds really great. And that the strudel is a classic in the Slovenian menu is argument enough for me to try it sometimes :) Maybe I even find a good restaurant in Berlin, the original cooking, let's see. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    1. I was also surprised by the Slovenian cuisine, Nicole. The farmer's dinner in the restaurants in the country was great! And then the gourmet kitchen. I have another article in the pipeline.

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    Very handy, thank you for the suggestions! Drive to Slovenia in a few weeks, because your contribution is very convenient!
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    1. I'm glad, Kerstin. Where do we want to go? I still have some articles in the pipeline. Maybe there is a topic that is interesting for you? Then I prefer the article. LG, Monica

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