Three Slovenian attractions off the coast

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The Haystack by Dezela kozolcev

Slovenia landmarks

We recently got to know three Slovenia sights away from the coast. We heard on our trip that most visitors to Slovenia are immediately drawn to the sea. To our shame, I have to admit that until a few years ago we didn't think otherwise. No wonder! It takes just over five hours by car from Munich to Ankaran.


Three Slovenia sights
White hall,, Photographer: Miha Krivic


But I always wondered what to do off the motorway. That's why we've been traveling more inland in recent years. Ptuj and the surroundings of Kamnik we've already gotten to know each other. This time our trip took us to different regions of Slovenia. Again we discovered interesting places for Slow Traveler and above all the good cuisine Slovenia.



There are many reasons why you should take your time traveling through this small country. This includes

three Slovenia attractions off the coast.

There is much more. But these three sights are particularly remembered from our last trip. Here we introduce you to them:


Castle Zuzemberk
Slovenia Attractions - Zuzemberk Castle


The castle of Zuzemberk

The small Place Zuzemberk is located near the Dolenjska wine region in the east of the country. From Otocec we need about an hour to Zuzemberg by car. The market is currently taking place in the town. It mainly sells clothes and knickknacks. However, we hardly see fresh fruit. Instead, just behind the market square rises the castle wall of the medieval fortress. The castle was badly damaged during the Second World War, but is now rebuilt in large parts. It belonged to the noble family Auersperg for centuries. It was heavily under the Turkish invasion of the 16. Century to suffer. After all, Andreas von Auersperg was responsible for the decisive defeat of the Turks. At the Battle of Sissek on the Kupa his 5000 man strong troop beat an allegedly four times as strong Turkish army.


Pillory in the castle Zuzemberk
Castle Zuzemberk


Medieval festivals and culture in the castle

Today, the castle serves primarily as a venue for medieval festivals, plays and concerts. For visitors it is open all year round. Admission is free. You can see them on your own. We too do that. I particularly like the view from the castle tower on the city and the surroundings. Below the castle, the river Krka flows through the valley. There you can go fishing well in summer.

Only half an hour away, we visit then in Sentrupert


The Haystack by Dezela kozolcev
Slovenia Attractions - Dezela kozolcev hay barn


the Haystack of Dezela kozolcev

We had already seen such hay racks on our trip to Kamnik. Back then we wanted to learn more about it. Therefore, we were delighted to visit “Land of the hay barn" most notably. These wooden scaffolds stand out when driving overland through Slovenia. However, it is only in this open-air museum that we realize how different they can be in their form. In the course of time, real masterpieces made of wood were created from simple branch forks that were stuck into the ground. Everything from cereals to hay, grain, flax, hemp, vegetables and ferns was dried on it. If the hay barn was larger, agricultural machinery was also placed in it.


Haystack big and small farmers


Haystack Museum

Rupert Gole, architect and mayor of Sentrupert, is fascinated by these wooden structures. He therefore committed himself to preserving them. A total of 19 of these drying frames are in the Sentrupert Hay Barn Museum. “They show the development of these frameworks over time,” explains Rupert Gole. He points to various examples: “You can easily see which belonged to simple farmers and wealthy landowners.” He is right. Some of the scaffolding is simple. Others are beautifully carved. This makes it easy to see what social class the owner belonged to. In any case, they are part of the image of Slovenia today. After all, you see them everywhere in the country.

The third Slovenian sight we present to you is one of the highlights of the country:


Postojna cave entrance - Slovenia sightseeing
Postojna cave entrance,, Photographer: Miha Krivic


Postojna Caves - one of the top Slovenia attractions

We look at the caves the next day. They are Slovenia landmarks that one should know about. This time we stay at the Hotel Convent in Ankaran * Directly at the sea. From there we drive a good hour inland. You can see immediately that this is one of the main attractions of the country. We meet one tour group after the other. Almost everyone speaks a different language. From Scandinavian to Chinese I hear everything during our stay. I am glad that access to the caves is limited. The visitors drive at fixed times only with a train in the caves. From there it goes on foot into the cave system.


By train to the Postojna Cave - sights of Slovenia
Train ride through Postojna cave - Slovenia sights,


Adelsberg Caves, one of the sights of Slovenia

The Postojna caves are also called the Adelsberg caves. They are the second largest stalactite caves in the world open to visitors. (The largest are in Lebanon.) The caves extend more than twenty kilometers into the karst. The large halls and lime sinter curtains that grow downwards from the cave ceiling are worth seeing. An impressive example of what nature creates. The caves are one of the Slovenia attractions that you should not miss.


Postojna - Slovenia sightseeing
Highlights of Slovenia attractions. Postojna limestone formations,, Photographer: D. Mladenovič

Further information about opening times and current admission prices can be found on the Postojna website.



In any case, there are more than our three Slovenia attractions away from the coast. You can find some of them in our other Slovenia blog posts. Or in other blogs, such as B. on this one Mini road trip through Slovenia from Kids Adventure & More.

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Source: own research on site. We would definitely like to thank Best Press Story for supporting this journey. However, as always, our opinions remain our own.

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Three Slovenian attractions off the coast

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