Three days in Stendal, Tangermünde and Tangerhütte

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Castle in Tangermünde

Three cities in the Altmark

Stendal Tangermünde and Tangerhütte are on the program of our three-day trip through the Altmark in Sachsen-Anhalt. The first thing we notice are the thick, gnarled trees that stand all over the meadows. With every tree I see, I wonder how old it may be. The second is the unmistakable silence of the region. I hadn't expected such silence in Europe. I only know this from the north so far Canada or Alaska. This silence has something reassuring. Something decelerating. She accompanies us on our entire journey through the Altmark.


Elbauen in the Altmark near Stendal Tangermünde and Tangerhütte
Elbauen near Stendal Tangermünde and Tangerhütte



Ottersburg manor in the Altmark
Gutshof Ottersburg


Silence and park landscapes around Stendal Tangermünde and Tangerhütte

Maybe it's because we spend the night in hotels and estates outside the cities during our trip? Our accommodations are located in tiny villages. Either they are surrounded by parks that have already planted the ancestors of the current owners many centuries ago. Or they are located on the edge of the village and allow us a view of the green expanse of the Altmark. In any case, we are very close to nature. So close that on the last morning of our stay in the Altmark, I am even awakened by the sound of the wind in the treetops in front of our bedroom window. Stendal Tangermünde and Tangerhütte are never far from our places of accommodation. Nevertheless, we enjoy this closeness to nature very much.



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Ottersburg in the Altmark


Three days in and around Stendal Tangermünde and Tangerhütte

These three cities are the largest places in the southeastern Altmark. From Magdeburg it takes less than an hour by car. From Berlin, the journey takes just under an hour longer. From Wolfsburg or Hannover you need about an hour by car. The train is even faster. But you will not notice that in the villages and towns of the region. Life is quiet and contemplative here. Only in Tangermünde is something more going on during our visit. Reason is this year's light run. This takes place for the fourth time.


In the park of Ottersburg in the Altmark
Park of Ottersburg


We start our tour through the Altmark at the Gutshof Ottersburg. Its owner Eberhard Kobe bought after the turn of the majority of the estate of his ancestors back and builds it out to a hunting school. He also rents part of the buildings as holiday homes. The farm is located in a park with ancient trees.

Digital detox in the Altmark

We can forget our usual online ritual in this region. Access to the Internet is rare. Unless we are in one of the cities. Or our hosts have their own Wi-Fi connection. But this also contributes to a peaceful stay in the Altmark. Here, there is nothing to distract you from the beauties of nature or the cultural heritage that is currently being restored or has already been restored.

Our route in the Altmark


Marienkirche in Stendal in the Altmark
St. Mary's Church in Stendal

Stendal in the Altmark

From Ottersburg we drive to the largest town in the region Stendal, The former Hanseatic city has preserved part of its medieval cityscape. Two city gates stand on driveways to the city. Impressive we also find the Marienkirche. She watches over the market square of the city as a fine example of brick Gothic together with the Roland statue.


Town Hall of Tangermünde
Town Hall of Tangermünde



From food bars to cow tail beer

In Tangermünde we get to know the sights as well as culinary specialties in the pastry shop Stehwien. As in the GDR era, nutrient bars are produced there. In addition, there are Fairtrade chocolates in different flavors. The original Magdeburg balls also come from here. "We kept the name 'nutrient bar' because it sounds so weird," laughs Olaf Stehwien, the managing director.




Culinary continues in the restaurant Exempel. There we try the cow tail beer. Supposedly, this has been around since the Middle Ages. At least that's how the landlady tells us in an example. Before you started brewing beer, you drove the cattle away from the banks of the Elbe. Only one cow was allowed to keep her tail in the water that day. But she can not tell us if that's how it was. Instead, I try the cow's tail beer for lunch. However, I prefer the beer in the glass. The beer goulash meets less my taste.


Manor house wave
Manor house wave


On the way to Bismarck's Land

After a tour through Tangermünde, the journey continues to the Gutshaus Welle. This, like many of the mansions in the region, belongs to the Bismarck family. There we are expected by the owners who are preparing a family celebration. A wedding is imminent. It is celebrated according to the standards in the Gutshof Welle.

Dr. Brita von Götz-Mohr, the current owner, tells us that the original line of the Bismarck fell into three parts, as Spa Prince Johann Georg von Brandenburg in 16. Century the master castle of the Bismarcks in Burgstall demanded back. Instead, Frederick I received from Bismarck goods that took over his descendants: Krevese, to which Briest and wave were added later, and Schönhausen. Otto von Bismarck, the first German Chancellor, came from the Schönhauser line.


You need that for hiking in the Altmark

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  • A pair of backpack is definitely practical for everything you need on the go.
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Kunsthof Dahrenstedt
Kunsthof Dahrenstedt


From Welle we drive on to Dahrenstedt, where we live in an artistic ambience in the Kunsthof of Dr. med. Hejo Heussen and Monika von Puttkamer stay overnight. Several years ago the two bought a square farm in Dahrenstedt, which they converted into a scholarship house, a gallery and an art garden. They also rent holiday apartments and rooms in one of the former farm buildings. Here we spend our second night on the journey with a view of the green expanse of the Altmark. Again, we enjoy the silence of the countryside again.


New castle in Tangerhütte
New castle in Tangerhütte


New castle and garden dream park in Tangerhütte

We begin the third day of our trip to the surroundings of Stendal Tangermünde and Tangerhütte with a visit to the New Castle and the garden dream park of Tangerhütte. "Actually this is not a castle," explains Andreas Brohm. “Turf iron ore was found here at the beginning of the 19th century. The entrepreneur built a mansion for himself. ”On a walk through the park we discover indications of the wealth of this region. Today the site is working on the revitalization of the park and the New Palace. There are also plans to restore the industrial ruins and the old castle. The park and the castles are definitely worth a visit.


Garden dream park in Tangerhütte
Garden dream park in Tangerhütte


Back in Bismarck's country in the manor Briest

In the Briest manor, Maren von Bismarck shows us how far the restoration work on the mansion and the Alte Brauerei has progressed. A mammoth task that has to be mastered. However, the garden already shows the beauty of this country estate. In the rooms of the manor house and in the brewery is currently being diligently restored. You can already visit both buildings, and we suspect what they will look like. There are also large societies, lectures, concerts, theater and readings in it. The brewery will be open to the public again from November. A walk through the park is possible free of charge. There is also the first Protestant chapel on the site, which is used for events and church services.


Manor house Briest
Manor house Briest


The post windmill in Grieben

After a leisurely lunch break at the Landgasthof in Grieben, we finally visit the windmill of the village. It is a special kind of windmill. It is designed so that you could turn your wings into the wind. Meanwhile, however, their wings are moving with the help of electricity. Seemingly weightless and without wind power, they circle in circles for interested visitors. However, they no longer grind grain.


Post windmill in Grieben
Post windmill in Grieben


Perfect destinations for cycling on the Elbe Cycle Route

Again and again cyclists drive past the mill. We are here very close to the Elbe Cycle Route. This is one of the most popular bike paths in Germany. It leads over hundreds of kilometers to the mouth of the Elbe in the North Sea. In Grieben cyclists can also opt for a round on the Altmarkrundweg. However, the next destination of our trip is again on the Elbe Cycle Route.


Hope window in the church in Schönwalde
Hope window in the church in Schönwalde


The Art Gallery and Church of Schönwalde

In this small village you have embellished the village church. Painted with stencil patterns, the interior of the church shines in bold colors. The impression is reinforced by the windows of hope. These are made to designs by local artists. One of them is Horst Menzel, a painter. He also looks after the art gallery of Schönwalde today. This is right next to the church. You should not miss a visit. It is worth it!


Pictures by Horst Menzel
Pictures by Horst Menzel


Gutshaus Birkholz and the Altmark Festival

The last stop of our journey through the Altmark is the Gutshof Birkholz. This already shines again in old splendor. Only a part of the interiors needs to be restored. The park with its ancient trees invites you for a walk. Mr. and Mrs. von Gehren warmly welcome you to their home. We are invited to the Altmark Festival. These offer culture throughout the year in special locations. These can be readings, but also plays, cabaret or concerts. After all, we are lucky enough to experience the Dresden Harmonists. This group of five singers and a pianist revives the music of the 1930's Comedian Harmonists. A perfect end to our trip through the region Stendal Tangermünde and Tangerhütte, which led us to many interesting places.


The Dresden Harmonists at the Altmark Festival in Gut Birkholz
The Dresden Harmonists at the Altmark Festival in Gut Birkholz



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Our accommodations in the Altmark:

Gutshof Ottersburg *  Click here for a map
Ottersburg Manor 1
Holiday sheepfold
39517 Ottersburg

Pension Kunsthof Dahrenstedt * Click here for a map
Dahrenstedter Dorfstr. 6
39576 Dahrenstedt

Bismarcksche Landgut Welle (there is a holiday apartment in which we did not live) Click here for a map
Weller Dorfstrasse 21 - 25
39576 Stendal OT wave

Manor house Birkholz Click here for a map
Holiday home
Birkholzer Schulstrasse 5
39517 Tangerhütte



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Three days in Stendal, Tangermünde and Tangerhütte

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