Quebec Attractions

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Undercity in Quebec City

Quebec Attractions

Discover what Quebec attractions Canada has to offer in this Quebec travel guide. The province doesn't just consist of the highlights in Montreal or the Quebec City sights. It's also worth taking a look at the regions off the beaten tourist path. There is a lot to discover. Do you like villages that have the charm of history? There are a few of them. A road trip along the St. Lawrence River shows you the maritime side of the province. Québec's cuisine is also exciting. Both French and English influences play a role here. The cuisine of the First Nations is also interesting. There are taste experiences that you should get to know. Discover here what Quebec attractions Canada has to offer.

Quebec City Attractions

Discover Quebec City sights

The Quebec City Attractions Which Quebec City Attractions are worth it? Are there Quebec City sights that not everyone knows about? Yes, they exist and they are impressive. In our articles about Quebec City, we not only present the city's most famous sights, but also go through...
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Poutine, specialty from Quebec

Poutine, the Quebec specialty In Quebec I really wanted to try poutine. I had heard a lot about this dish, but I had never tried it before: some describe it quite ungalant as potato mush with sauce, others are almost offended because they are outside of Quebec ...
Bakery at Sankt Lorenz

Romantic bakery at St Lawrence

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Discover local culture in Quebec

Local culture in the province of Quebec is an intriguing mix of French and Canadian influences. Here you can feel the passion for art, music and good food on every corner. In cities like Montreal and Quebec City you will find numerous galleries in which local artists present their works. The music scene is also diverse. From jazz festivals to traditional fiddle shows, there's plenty to choose from.

Language is another important aspect of culture. French is the official language, but many people also speak English. This leads to an interesting mix of languages, which is also reflected in literature and theatre. There are numerous bookstores and theaters in Quebec that offer works in both French and English.

Traditional festivals and celebrations are also part of the culture. The Quebec Carnival, held in winter, is one of the largest winter festivals in the world. Here you can, for example, admire ice sculptures, go sledding and enjoy the local hospitality.


Cheeses from Quebec - Specialties Quebec
Cheeses from Quebec - Specialties Quebec


Food and drink in the province of Quebec

Eating and drinking in the province of Quebec is a real treat for the senses. The cuisine here is a mix of French and Canadian influences. One of the most famous dishes is poutine. These are french fries served with cheese and gravy. It's a simple yet delicious dish that you should definitely try.

Maple syrup and matching Quebec landmarks

Maple syrup is another highlight. Maple syrup is produced in Quebec and can be found in many dishes. Whether on pancakes or as an ingredient in savory dishes, the sweet syrup is everywhere. Many farms even offer tours where you can learn about the manufacturing process. These are Quebec sights where you can experience the country and its people authentically.

Breweries and wineries are exciting Quebec attractions

But the beverage culture is also diverse. There are numerous breweries and wineries in Montreal and Quebec City. Here you can taste local beers and wines, made with great attention to detail. The terraces of the cafés and restaurants are particularly popular in summer. There you can enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine.

Quebec also has a lot to offer for coffee lovers. Many cafés serve special types of coffee that are roasted on site. There are often homemade cakes and pastries that go perfectly with the coffee.

You can learn more about seafood at certain Quebec attractions

If you like fish and seafood, you are also in good hands in Quebec. The province has a long coastline and fresh fish is always easy to find. From salmon to lobster, there's plenty to choose from. There are also Quebec attractions that deal with this topic.

Quebec things to see and do for every season

In the province of Quebec, there are things to see and do for every season that you won't want to miss. In winter, the ski areas such as Mont Tremblant and Le Massif lure with their slopes. But also skating on the frozen Rideau Canal is a real highlight. If you like it quieter, there are also snowshoe hikes through the snowy forests.

With spring comes the season of blossoms and maple syrup. Many farms then open their doors to visitors who want to experience the syrup-making process. In addition, the first outdoor festivals begin, where local artists and musicians perform.

Summer is ideal for water activities. From kayaking on the St. Lawrence River to hiking in national parks like Forillon and La Mauricie, the options are endless. The cities of Montreal and Quebec City also offer numerous cultural events. From music festivals to art exhibitions, there's always something going on here.

Autumn in Quebec is known for its colorful foliage. A trip along the rivers and through the forests is a real experience. Many people also use this time for mushroom hikes or to observe the wildlife.


Canada travel tips Hotel Tadoussac in Quebec
Impressive luxury hotel on the Sankt Lorenz river


Our personal experiences in the province of Quebec

Quebec is a province that never fails to amaze us. The versatility is simply impressive. From vibrant cities like Montreal, Quebec City and Gatineau to the stunning scenery along the St. Lawrence River, there's always something to explore. For example, we find the region of the Cantons de L'Est or Eastern Townships especially attractive as well as the pristine forest areas to the north. 

We love to travel off the beaten path. This is particularly worthwhile in Quebec. Small villages, local markets and hidden natural gems are just waiting to be discovered. Even after numerous visits, we still have the feeling that we haven't seen everything.

The province is worth visiting all year round. Spring is all about maple syrup. We have already visited some farms and witnessed the production process. A real highlight! Summer is perfect for nature experiences. Hiking, kayaking or just unwinding, the possibilities are endless.

Autumn in Quebec is a feast for the senses. The Indian Summer bathes the landscape in warm colors and the harvest season begins. We have often participated in wine tastings and enjoyed fresh products straight from the farm.

But winter also has its charm. City trips are then particularly suitable. The Christmas markets in Montreal and Quebec City are must-sees. There are also numerous winter festivals that provide variety. Ice skating, skiing or a dog sled ride, there is no chance of boredom here.

Practical tips for exploring the sights of Quebec

Quebec is a province that offers a variety of things to see and do. To ensure that your trip is a complete success, we have put together some practical travel tips for you.

  • Best travel time:

Quebec is worth a trip all year round. Outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking are popular in summer, while skiing and ice skating are popular in winter.

  • Transport:

Public transport is well developed, especially in the cities. For remote areas, however, we recommend booking a rental car.

  • Accommodation:

From luxurious hotels in the cities to cozy cottages in the woods, the choice is wide. Book in advance, especially in high season.



  • Language:

French is the official language, but English is widely understood. However, a basic knowledge of French can be helpful.

  • Gelder:

Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. However, cash is recommended for smaller shops and markets.

  • Safety:

Quebec is considered a safe travel destination. As everywhere, however, you should pay attention to your valuables and follow official travel advice.

  • Activities:

Plan your activities in advance, especially if you plan to attend festivals or special events. Tickets often sell out quickly.


Quebec activities you should reserve


  • Dress:

What needs to be in the suitcase? Pack for all weather conditions. The weather can change quickly, especially in the mountainous regions.

  • Travel insurance:

A good travel insurance*, which covers both illness and cancellations, is always a wise decision.

With these tips you will definitely be well prepared for your trip to Quebec.

Conclusion on the Quebec City attractions

Quebec is a province with a wealth of things to see and do. From bustling cities to stunning natural landscapes, there is definitely something for everyone here.

Highlights among the sights of Quebec

  • Montréal:

This city is a melting pot of cultures and offers a variety of museums, restaurants and festivals. A visit to the old town with its historic buildings is particularly recommended.

  • Quebec City Attractions:

The provincial capital is known for its well-preserved old town and impressive citadel. A walk through the narrow streets is like a journey into the past.

  • Saint Lawrence River:

This mighty river is not only an important traffic artery, but also a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

  • Cantons de L'Est:

This region is best known for its picturesque villages as well as the hilly landscape. A paradise for hikers and cyclists.

  • Nordic Forests:

In the north of the province you will find untouched nature that is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing or canoeing.

Don't miss this

  • poutine:

You have to try this traditional dish of fries, cheese and gravy. But there are other specialties.

  • maple syrup:

Visit a maple farm in spring and see how the famous maple syrup is made.

  • Festivals:

Quebec is also known for its numerous festivals. Whether music, film or art, there is always something going on here.

  • Outdoor Activities:

Be sure to take advantage of the diverse opportunities for outdoor activities. The ski areas are attractive in winter and the hiking trails in summer.

  • French and British heritage:

Get to know the French culture of the province, be it through the language, the food or the architecture. The English history of the province is also interesting.

Explore the sights of Quebec Canada

Quebec is a province of contrasts. This is where French flair and North American vastness meet. The mixture of culture and nature makes this region so appealing. Whether you're a city slicker looking to enjoy urban life, or a nature lover looking to explore the vastness of Canada, Quebec has something for everyone.


Quebec Attractions
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Quebec Attractions

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