Discover Montreal attractions for foodies

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This is how spring tastes on our Montreal City Tour for Foodies

Discover Montreal attractions for foodies

We are looking for the perfect one Montreal Sights for foodies. We know about ours Journeys through the Cantons de l'Est and through the Ile d'Orleans, Quebec is a real paradise for connoisseurs and gourmets. We experience the French-Canadian penchant for good food, excellent ingredients and extensive dining again and again on our travels through the province of Quebec. Anyone who comes here should take their time to eat, because you don't wolf down a meal quickly, but rather enjoy it at leisure. Preferably with family or friends. Hours often pass by. But they're worth it.


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The dishes are cooked from the products of the region, which have a variety and abundance, not to mention the taste sensations for the palate. On our Travel through the province We got to know producers and know how much love and enthusiasm they produce their products. The Wines and Ciders Quebecs can compete with the best in the world. The Ile d'Orleans has supplied the provincial capital of Quebec for centuries Fruits and vegetables, cassis or homemade chocolate, And the Sausage, cheese and chicken specialties in Quebec are unparalleled. We are therefore curious to see what the Montreal City Tour has to offer for foodies.


Breakfast at the market on the Montreal City Tour for Foodies on your own
Breakfast at the Market is one of our Montreal attractions for foodies


Montreal Tips for Culinary Travelers

We are on the go Ruby Roy, an expert on Montreal's culinary scene. As she tells us, she really enjoys cooking herself. To do this, she mainly shops in the city's markets. Ruby comes from one of Montreal's neighborhoods, away from the city center. These are the regions she wants to show us. We head to the Italian quarter below Mont Royal.

On our way there, Ruby points out the lampposts along the streets: “Look out for them! They look different after a few blocks. If you see new lampposts, it means you are leaving one neighborhood and moving on to the next. Very few Montrealers know that. The lampposts are my passion. Each of these districts is a unit in itself. Everywhere you will find a butcher, a baker, a confectionery or chocolate shop and restaurants that are typical of the district and the ethnic group that lives there.” That too vegan montreal There is, as Mostly Amélie reports.


Salsa de la Nonna
Salsa de la Nonna discovered on our tour of the Montreal attractions for foodies


Montreal Trip with a Look behind the Scenes

Anyone who lives here knows their neighbors and likes to have a chat with their baker while shopping. It's all about what new things the competitor is offering in the next quarter. In an article about Montreal attractions for foodies, I read about “the war between two bagel shops.” Ruby shows us these Boulangerie Fairmount Bagel. The huge selection of bagels proves the baker's inventiveness. There are bagels, with onions, with garlic, with sesame - all baked with dark flour, or with poppy seeds and light flour. There are New York-style pretzels, bagels with cinnamon, with blueberries or cranberries. The choice is almost endless. And always good.


This is where the "Salsa della Nonna" is created
This is where the “Salsa della Nonna” is created - one of the Montreal attractions for foodies


Eating in Montreal means to savor Quality

We don't see a supermarket, that sells everything, on our tour. "You can only find them in the big malls, but I don't go shopping there," Ruby says. "I know, what I like and what I want. I go to my charcuterie, where I get exactly the sausage I want. For the cheese, I love, I even drive through the whole city to Atwater Market on the other side of the city center.” Not a short way, as we find out ourselves. Who lives here, pays attention to what he cooks and which ingredients he uses.



Ruby takes us to “Bella Nonna”, where we meet the owner. She makes her own tomato sauces based on her grandmother's recipes. When we enter her shop, she is just pouring them into glasses. Handcrafted, just like my grandmother did. It smells of tomatoes and basil, the two main ingredients in her sauce. She also knows Ruby. As we look at the sauces on the shelves, she recounts recent events in her family.


In this shop, I could have rummaged for hours
I could have rummaged around for hours in this shop on our tour of the Montreal attractions for foodies


Souvenirs for Foodies from Montreal

Then Ruby shows us a shop in which I would have liked to spend my travel fund: Les Touilleurs, a shop where you get everything you need for the kitchen. From kitchen slicers to cake pans, rolling pins, cutting boards and even recipes. All this is so nice that I would like to equip my whole kitchen with it. The perfect Gift for Foodies. The owners are an institution among Montreal's must-see attractions for foodies. They organize kitchen parties at which they serve their guests cooked food.

If you feel like it, you can accompany them on gourmet trips to other regions of the world. They even have their own TV show: the Les Touilleurs TV show. In this, François Longpré and Sylvain Côté celebrate the food and the cultural aspects associated with their dishes. Each show is about one aspect of the gastronomic world, that a chef presents to his audience in the form of a cooking class. We enjoy this craving for food and cooking in every corner of the shop, until Ruby pushes us on to go on.


Residential district of Montreal
Residential districts of Montreal - here you will find the Montreal attractions for foodies


Montreal attractions for foodies

Again and again we pass the for Montreal typical residential streets. Wrought-iron banisters line the steep external stairs that lead into the apartment buildings. In front of it are small gardens, often only a few square meters in size. You can often tell from which origin the residents are: "If you see gardens with flowers and figures of saints, the residents usually come from Portugal." We cannot verify this statement, but we actually discover such gardens on our tour through the residential areas of Montreal.


One of the bistros on our Montreal City Tour for Foodies
One of the bistros on our Montreal attractions for foodies


Insights for Foodies on this Montreal Food Tour

The mixture of people we meet on the way is colorful. After our tour with Ruby we make our way through the residential areas of the city. We sit down in one of the bistros, we encounter on the way. We walked without paying attention to the city map, street names or our orientation. That's why we ask our waiter for directions. "How long does it take to get to the city center on foot?" At first he looks at us somewhat confused. Then he says: "I can't say that exactly. I mostly ride my bike.” At least he points us in the right direction and disappears in the kitchen. After a few minutes he returns and tells us, that it will take us about an hour.


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He keeps coming back and shows us the right way on the map. He also tells us, that he is originally from Romania and stayed in Montreal during a trip. I ask him, how he likes his life in Montreal. He laughs and points to the environment, that appears more small-town than metropolitan: “I feel good here and found my friends here. I am fine and don't want to leave Montreal. "

We can understand that well. We like Montreal off the beaten path, and we can well relate on how you feel at home here.


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Source Montreal places to visit for foodies: on-site research courtesy of Tourisme Montreal. However, our opinion remains our own.

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Discover Montreal attractions for foodies

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