Rijeka Beach: The top beaches you shouldn't miss

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Rijeka beach

Rijeka is a vibrant port city on the Adriatic coast Croatia. It is more than just a gateway to the country's islands. The city offers a fascinating mix of culture, history and natural beaches. If you think that Rijeka is just a stopover on the way to other Croatian hotspots, you're wrong. The beaches here are worth visiting. They offer a variety of experiences, from quiet coves to lively beach bars. They are also less crowded than the famous beaches in Dalmatia or Istria. Here we will introduce you to which Rijeka beach in Croatia is worth visiting.


Pebble beaches in Croatia
Pebble beaches can often be found in Croatia, not only in Rijeka


Which Rijeka beach? An overview

Rijeka is located on the northwestern Adriatic coast of Croatia and is the third largest city in the country. It is not only an important port, but also a attractive travel destination with a number of beaches. The climate here is Mediterranean, meaning you can expect warm, dry summers and mild winters. So ideal for a beach holiday.

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The beaches in Rijeka are diverse. Some beaches are pebbly, others rocky. This gives you the opportunity to experience something new every day. There are beaches that are perfect for families and those that are better for a relaxing day with friends.

If you don't visit a beach in Rijeka in the summer months, you will also find more space on the beach here than in other regions of Croatia. Before and after the high season in June, July and August, the beaches are less crowded than in other parts of Croatia. This makes them particularly attractive for travelers who are looking for peace and quiet but don't want to miss out on the amenities of an urban environment. Rijeka is also easily accessible, both by car and public transport, making planning your beach day easier.


Kostrena Rijeka beach
The Kostrena Rijeka beach photo: Antonio199cro, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


There is no sandy beach in Rijeka

If you are looking for a sandy beach in Rijeka, then we will have to disappoint you. You won't find a sandy beach in Rijeka. However, there are Rijeka beaches with small pebbles and concrete slabs that make access to the sea easier.

One of the most famous is certainly this Ploče beach in Rijeka. This beach is particularly family-friendly as the water here is shallow and suitable for children. There are also playgrounds and even a small café where you can buy snacks and drinks.

Another popular Rijeka Beach is Kostrena. This beach is particularly popular among young people and students. Here you will find beach volleyball courts and pedal boats for rent. There are also a few bars and restaurants nearby, so your physical well-being is taken care of.

What makes these beaches special is the combination of easy accessibility and diverse activities. Both beaches are easy to reach by car or public transport. Parking spaces are usually also available. The beaches offer more than just a place to sunbathe. You can swim, play beach volleyball or just enjoy the sun while reading a book.

In terms of amenities, showers and changing rooms are available on both beaches. There are even sun loungers and parasols for rent on Ploče Beach. This way you can enjoy your day at the beach to the fullest without having to worry about such details.


Rijeka beach
Glavanovo Beach Rijeka Photo: Silverije, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Insider tips for beaches in Rijeka

If you want to explore the beaches in Rijeka off the beaten path, there are some lesser-known places you should visit. One of them is this Kantrida beach, which is hidden between high cliffs. This beach is often less crowded and offers more privacy. Another insider tip is this Glavanovo beach in Rijeka, which is characterized by its calm atmosphere and clear waters.

These beaches are worth visiting mainly because they offer you a more authentic experience. Here you can enjoy nature. In addition, these beaches are often cleaner and the water is clearer because they are less busy.

To get to Kantrida Beach you can take bus number 1 from the city center. Glavanovo Beach is best reached by car as it is a bit more remote. In both cases, however, getting there is relatively easy and uncomplicated.

Both beaches offer basic amenities such as showers and small kiosks where you can purchase refreshments. But remember to bring your own towels, umbrellas and snacks as selections may be limited on site.


Hotel Jadran bathing platform
The bathing platform at Hotel Jadran is like your own beach in Rijeka Croatia


Beach hotel in Rijeka

If you are looking for a hotel that is not only close to the beach but also has direct access to the sea, this is it Hotel Jadran an excellent choice. One of the highlights of this hotel is the bathing platform with the hotel's own loungers. This platform is easily accessible via elevator, making access to the sea incredibly easy.

When we were guests at the Hotel Jadran at the end of September, we noticed that only a few guests were taking advantage of this great offer. This is surprising because the bathing platform offers an exclusive way to enjoy the Adriatic Sea without having to worry about crowded beaches. It's almost like having a private beach area that is only accessible to hotel guests.

In terms of price it is Hotel Jadran in the higher segment, but amenities like the swim platform, free Wi-Fi, and a breakfast buffet justify the price. So if you are looking for a special beach hotel experience in Rijeka, you should consider Hotel Jadran. It not only offers comfort and luxury, but also unique features that will make your stay unforgettable.


Lungomare in Opatija
Lungomare in Opatija invites you to take a walk on the beach near Rijeka Croatia


Beaches around Rijeka

If you are in Rijeka and want to explore the surrounding beaches, there are some interesting options. The city is just a short drive away Opatija, known for its elegant beaches and long seafront promenade. A little further south you will find Crikvenica, known for its child-friendly beaches and water sports.

These neighboring towns are definitely worth considering if you want to experience the diversity of the Croatian coast. Opatija offers a more upscale atmosphere, while Crikvenica offers a relaxed, family-friendly environment. Both places are easily accessible from Rijeka. Opatija is only about 20 minutes away by car, and you can get to Crikvenica in about 40 minutes.

If you're feeling adventurous, you could also explore the nearby islands like Neck or Cres visit. The ferries to these islands are well organized and offer a pleasant change from the mainland. Krk is known for its diverse beaches, from sand to pebbles, while Cres scores with its quiet bays.

Getting to these beaches is easy. For Opatija and Crikvenica you can either take the car or the bus. The islands of Krk and Cres are accessible by ferry, with departures being frequent and reliable.



What to do on the beach in Rijeka

A day at the beach in Rijeka offers more than just sunbathing and swimming. If you're looking for activities, there's plenty to do here. Water sports are one of the most popular ways to spend the day. For example, you can rent jet skis or try windsurfing. For those who prefer something a little quieter, there are opportunities for snorkeling and fishing.

In addition to water sports, Rijeka also hosts a number of events and festivals, often taking place near the beach. Music festivals and beach parties often take place in summer, creating a lively atmosphere. It's worth keeping an eye on the events calendar so you don't miss anything.

Rijeka also has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine, especially near the beach. Here you will find a variety of restaurants and cafés that offer local specialties. Fresh fish and seafood are often the focus, but you can also try traditional Croatian dishes like Cevapcici or try Peka. If you're feeling peckish every now and then, there are numerous kiosks that sell snacks such as ice cream or fried calamari.

Conclusion about the beaches in Rijeka Croatia

Rijeka offers a variety of beach experiences, ranging from quiet coves to lively beach bars. If you're looking for activities, there are plenty of water sports options such as jet skiing, windsurfing or snorkeling. For those who want to experience the local culture and cuisine, there are many restaurants and cafes near the beach offering fresh fish and traditional Croatian dishes.

Not to be forgotten are the lesser-known beaches and insider tips around Rijeka. Places like Opatija and Crikvenica or the islands of Krk and Cres are easily accessible and offer a welcome change. The Hotel Jadran with its exclusive bathing platform is ideal as a beach hotel.

My personal recommendations? If you are traveling with the family, Ploče beach is a good choice because of its shallow water and playgrounds. For a relaxing day I would recommend Kantrida Beach. From a culinary point of view, you should take the opportunity to try fresh fish in one of the many restaurants on the beach. And if you're looking for a hotel that offers a little more, check out Hotel Jadran, especially its little-used bathing platform.

Additional resources and links

If you are planning your beach holiday in Rijeka, you should definitely check out our map with the beaches. This map gives you a good overview of the location of the different beaches and helps you choose the beach that is right for you.

For current events and festivals near the beach, I recommend the website Rijeka tourist offices, where you can also find further information about activities and gastronomy. Another useful tool for your travel planning is the “Northern Croatia” travel guide from Michael Müller Verlag. This guide provides extensive information about the region and is particularly helpful if you want to learn more about the beaches, local culture and attractions.


Northern Croatia - Kvarner Bay

The best travel guide for the region

The Northern Croatia Travel Guide is the most detailed travel guide about the region from the Kvarner Bay through central Croatia to Slavonia. The author Lore Marr-Bieger has been traveling to the region since 1983 and has excellent knowledge of the region. This travel guide is therefore suitable for anyone who wants to get to know the region in detail. Not only will you get travel tips about tourist centers like Opatija, Rijeka, the Plitvice Lakes or the islands of Croatia, but also helpful information about the small places that are hardly mentioned in other travel guides. With this travel guide you are well prepared to plan trips to the small towns in the area. Order here*.

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Rijeka Croatia beach
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Rijeka Beach: The top beaches you shouldn't miss

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